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OFTDs and dental visit

Posted on: July 4, 2012

On Mon, I met MH after work to collect the LB Hollace Tee that I bought from her! So sweet of her to meet me. =) Bought dinner for myself and went to Dad’s house after that to wait for Mr Toh. Stayed till around 10pm plus and we went home shortly.

Took half a day’s leave yesterday morning to go for my dental appointment because Dr Djeng is very busy this month. His appointment for this Sat is full and he won’t be in Singapore for the next 2 Saturdays. So I had no choice but to take leave.
This time, he didn’t change any wires, he just changed the bands and used a different band this time I think. My left teeth are killing me! So super duper sore!!! Hope they move faster to close the gap!!

Before going to Dr Djeng’s clinic, I went to Triumph’s office at Marymount first to collect the movie tickets I redeemed! 2 free Cathay movie tickets! Wee! Gonna try to utilise them this weekend. =D

Walked over to Somerset after the appointment when it started to drizzle. Luckily 313 Somerset is connected to the MRT! If not, I die!

Decided to have my lunch at The Coffee Club. Garlic Prawn Pasta and Mocha Java. The pasta was awesome but the coffee was meh. It started raining really heavily during my lunch so I faster finished my meal and ran in to 313.

Initially I wanted to call him to accompany me for lunch but seeing as he was still asleep and it was about to rain, I didn’t lah. But I received a call from him after finishing my lunch. Made me smile. =)

I forgot that I only had to be back at the office at 2pm…I thought it was 1pm so I reached at around 12pm plus. Hahahaha, so early. Even Mr Toh laughed at me when I told him. T_T

What I wore yesterday. Washed and wore the LB tee immediately the next day. Muahaha! I really like the tee! Very unique and comfy! Not tight fitting too & fits me well. =] Awesome buy~~ So thankful to MH for selling to me so that I don’t need to wait for BO! Wee!

Went for hot yoga after work. I realised I am a tiny bit more flexible and can reach further already! Woohoo!

Met Mr Toh for dinner at 212 after that. He noticed my shirt and asked when I bought it and why it arrived so fast! Hehe, he initially thought I joined BO. Not bad ah, he’s paying more attention to me nowadays. =X

OFTD for today! Weather was chill and I was feeling very slack so I wore shorts. =X



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