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KTV / Genki Sushi

Posted on: July 10, 2012

MY OFTD on Friday! Wore my new TCL denim shorts. But there is no TCL label because the item was from their earlier collections I think.

The shorts were a tad too short for my liking and the fitting was weird, there was an ugly bulge at the crotch area. Most likely won’t be wearing it again. =X

After work, I met Mr Toh at Braddell..who came over to fetch me from the MRT station to bring me to this restaurant for dinner. I originally wanted to have duck rice at Thomson but his friends suggested this place.

It was under a HDB block and it occupied a shop by itself, as in it was not in a coffeeshop. We had their chicken rice/noodles / dumpling soup / baby kailan. The chicken was yummy and so was the kailan. I love their sauces! I have no idea what the shop is called nor where it was. =X I only know we walked for about 5 – 10 mins from Braddell MRT. T_T

After dinner, the night was still young, quoted from one of his friends, so he suggested to go KTV at Teo Heng! Hence, we went down to their branch at NTU Alumni. Super cheap rate at $16/hr for a mid size room! Forgot how many hours we took. I was mainly there for a concert because I don’t really sing. Towards the end, I did choose one song because Mr Toh said I used to sing that and he wanted to hear that song. I wanted to on the analog but his friend said No! But he did guide me along and he was very encouraging but I still sang like shit lah. LOL. =X

We headed home after Mr Toh bought soya beancurd for dessert. I was feeling so sleepy by then.

On Saturday, we only woke up at around 3pm plus. =X We headed to Orchard as I wanted to bring Mr Toh to try Genki Sushi!

His first words when he saw the ipad was “Let’s go. I don’t want to eat here liao.” LOL!! I had forgotten about using ipads to order.

Him trying out the ordering system. I love their ordering system btw, very convenient!

Also like how their green tea is in powder form and you can put however much you want!

Some of the items we ordered.

Sadly, Mr Toh didn’t like the food. He said the soya sauce was too salty and the wasabi wasn’t hot enough. His salmon wasn’t that nice and the unagi was bad too. He kept spitting out bits of the skin. Sorry to sound so gross but the truth is, he won’t go back again. I might but only for 1 or 2 items.

Something funny happened that day too, we went to the toilets at ION Orchard and Mr Toh said his tummy wasn’t feeling well, when I came out, I thought he was still inside so I sat at the bench outside waiting for him. I think I waited for a good 5 minutes when he called me asking where am I….turns out he was waiting outside at the shops for me…LOL!!

After eating, we went window shopping. I didn’t buy anything at all. xD I was looking for a tank, sports bra and water bottle but nothing caught my eye. T_T

Mr Toh bought something though, a Polar heart rate monitor @ Wisma. We left Orchard at around 8pm plus to meet his friends at AMK. Had dinner together, they chatted for a while and we left for home. Was thinking of going jogging on Sunday but I couldn’t wake up in time. LOL. =X


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