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On the train home now and butt damn pain sitting on the seat. ๐Ÿ˜ข
No thanks to yesterday’s lesson that over ran while I had to sit in the uncomfortable chair. Pelvic damn pain after the lesson.

Week 37 Bumpfie!

25 Nov
Dr Chua appointment day! Took the bus from my workplace to Gleneagles and waited for Mr Toh at the clinic. Poor thing not feeling well but still wanted to accompany me. Thankful. ๐Ÿ˜‡

BB still growing well~~~ 2.9kgs now! Wow! And I gained about 2kgs as well. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ 62.2kgs now. Never been so heavy before. ๐Ÿ˜จ

Recently discovered a lump in my armpit and got really worried so I asked Dr Chua and yes, again, it is normal. ๐Ÿ˜ง Cause of the excess breast tissue. *sigh* Sure hope everything will return to normal after BB is out.
Also did a vaginal swab for some bacteria test, just got the phone call earlier today and it was negative~ Means no need eat antibiotics. Yay~

Submitted the pre admission form and also was given the medicines for after birth. Quite a few different medicines….shit, kinda forgot the instructions for it. Hope Mr Toh remember. ๐Ÿ˜…

I then brought Mr Toh to try Ramen Bari Uma at Tanglin Shopping Centre after seeing good reviews on edmw. ^^

Set lunch menu.

Nori-Uma for him.

Ajitama-Uma for me.


Though we prefer miso soup base, I find the shoyu base soup here thick and flavourful, really nice. Apparently their soup base is tonkotsu shoyu. No wonder so thick~
Noodles were springy too. The char siew was great, super yummy! Tamago was also nicely cooked and runny, just the way I like it. Gyoza was ok, normal, nothing special.

Service was good, very polite.

Overall, we were quite pleased with the ramen here, had a satisfying meal. Happy to find another nice ramen place!

We then went to UOB to close my account, as we realised I don’t actually need it. Withdrew the money and we headed to OCBC at Orchard Gateway to deposit it into our joint account~

Walked over to Paragon and bought a pair of pink Birkenstock Madrid for me~ Yay! Loving the pink color. They’re so comfy now though I forgot how my feet will hurt for the first few days.

We then went Metro to shop and bought a set of bedsheets and mattress protector for CNY~ Realised we only have 2 sets and they’re getting too old le.
Cabbed home after that and had dinner at home for a change. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Same thing, watched Empress Ki with Mr Toh and had a Daim ice cream. ๐Ÿฆ


26 Nov

Having labour class today! Took an hour time off and Mr Toh cabbed over to fetch me before we headed to Mt Alvernia.

Lesson was ok, just that the lady lecturing was way too lor soh. Very very very long winded and says a lot of unnecessary stuff. Zzzzzzz. Whole thing only ended at almost 9:30pm and we haven’t had dinner plus we have work tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜ค Sit until butt damn pain.
Too bad no feedback form for this lesson, I’d have written lots of stuff. Tsk.

We then cabbed over to Central @ Clarke Quay as Mr Toh wanted to eat Santouka but they were closed by the time we got there. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Walked over to Clarke Quay and I wanted to try Hai Di Lao. We had to wait though even though it was like 10pm plus.

At the waiting area, they changed my chair for me as they said the stool was not stable enough. Bo wei gong…service is tip top. ๐Ÿ‘

Tidbits & fruits while waiting~ quite yummy.

Waited for about 15 mins I think? Quite fast actually.

Upon sitting down at our table, they gave me this apron thingy, saying it’s for blocking radiation. Looked around and no one else has it, only for preggies I think. Seriously?! They even think of this?

Then they put this backrest at my chair, again, only preggy me have it, really quite comfy. Service jin ho!!! Their actions very fast, it was on my chair before I realised what was going on.

They gave me a ziplock bag for my phone cause I left it on the table, then they gave us each one piece of a wipe for either our phone or specs I think. Very thoughtful.

Black pork, chicken and pork ball was yummy~

Excellent service, average food. Maybe will go back if feeling rich and wanna be pampered. ๐Ÿ˜

28 Nov
Met the girls for brunch~ last meetup before I pop!

Cafe Melba. It was at this really inaccessible place inside a school or something. Luckily we had Gary who drove. ^^ Pictures courtesy of Char & Chris~

I had the full breakfast, it was not bad luh. The veggie rosti were yums!

Pretty collage done by Chris~

Jia bought pressies for us! So sweet! Mini speaker for phones. ^^

After brunch, we went to this shop at Geylang to see see look look @ Xmas trees.

Loved this one! Kinda traditional.

Char saw this pretty walkway and so photo taking time~ Haha.

As it was still early, we went to Mind cafe, we were there for almost 4 hours? Had so much fun~~ Love you gals sooo much!! ^^

Char left after that while the rest of us headed to Sunshine Plaza for wanton noodles! YUMMEH~~~ Gary sent us home after that, so nice of him. Thank you!

29 Nov
Woke up late, went for lunch at ๅง‘ๅง‘’s shop area, got a pillow, blanket and bedsheets for the helper and then ๅง‘ไธˆ drove us to Hougang Green to fetch the helper and then sent us home. Seriously really very thankful for ๅง‘ๅง‘ and ๅง‘ไธˆ. ๐Ÿ˜

Because our house very messy, so straightaway we had the helper to clean up. Also taught her where we put the cleaning stuffs. Quite kelian hor. =X

Asked if she can cook, she said simple Chinese food so we wanted to bring her out for dinner as well as grocery shopping so she can cook tomorrow but she was having a headache so we left her at home with mum.

End up Mr Toh and me just went to the coffeeshop nearby for zi char dinner. ^^
We went to stock up on bread and biscuits for home so at least she have something to snack on.

Hope she is good lah. *fingers crossed*


Week 36
Woke up to AWESOME weather! Apparently it was raining through the night but I didn’t realise it even though I kept waking up to go to the toilet.

Belly button starting to protrude a bit! Such a weird feeling~~

BB’s movments feeling a bit different the past few days, kinda like all over the place and also getting stronger! T_T But still can tahan and for obvious reasons, I don’t mind the kicking. ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s moving away even as I type this. ๐Ÿ˜€

Bumpfie of the week~~ Hi BB~~~

Mr Toh was off on Saturday and we went gaigai~ Headed to ๅง‘ๅง‘’s shop area to buy the lights for praying then we remembered we haven’t ate lunch yet after smelling the fries from McD. ๐Ÿ˜‚ 2 sotongs. Had McD for lunch and we cabbed over to Chinatown to collect the herbs for my confinement. So many packets, so heavy. Guess that’s what $1500 buys you. T.T

Cabbed home to put the stuff in the fridge and we headed out again to National Stadium for the Castlewood Battle of The Reds – Liverpool Masters vs Manchester United Masters. โšฝ

Yay~ We are here~

1st time at the newly renovated stadium. Looks nice enough but the pitch looks patchy.

But we didn’t bring any cash with us and there was no ATM inside so we couldn’t buy the match program. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I like Mr Toh’s smile in this picture! A rare smile! Don’t know where I looking though. Haha.

BB’s 1st football match! Most likely the last since the Daddy isn’t very into football. Hahaha. I foresee more basketball matches in his future.
” alt=”” />

Manchester United Masters lineup.

Liverpool Masters lineup

Oooh match is starting~

But first, a moment of silence for the tragedy in Paris.

The match was OK but the guy in charge of the sound system very irritating… I know there’s no commentating so he kept playing music during the match but then he kept abruptly shutting it off. Very weird lah. Felt like hitting him.

Some action on our side of the pitch.

1st goal by Liverpool, we missed this goal cause we were busy talking. LOL.

Trying to capture the Kallang Wave in our section. Haha.

Lots of people wearing red.

Silly Mr Toh, heehee.

Mr Toh felt there were more Man U fans judging by the nunber of people wearing their jerseys but I thought there were more Liverpool fans as they were louder.
In the end, Manchester United lost 2-0. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

End of match. 2 – 0 to Liverpool. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I think Liverpool had better players, I recognised more names on the Liverpool side than the Manchester United side.

Mr Toh very smiley today in photos. โค โค โค

Went for dinner at Kallang Leisure Park after the match, finally had our Akashabu again! But standard drop like dunno what. The meat wasn’t very nice and portion very little. Their sauce was still good though, only that it’s chargable this time. Tsk.

Walked around a little before we headed to Serangoon to meet Vicky and her bf who was visiting her in SG.

Cabbed over to East Coast food village, but the taxi uncle wasn’t clear where it is…errr…you kidding me? But we managed to find the place after all.

I had my weekly coconut juice and we ordered satay, bbq stingray, sambal sotong and satay beehoon. Sadly, the food wasn’t very nice. Especially Mr Toh’s favourite satay beehoon, standard dropped liao. ๐Ÿ˜•

Chit chatted till 12 plus and we headed to the beach for a breather but the weather was horrible, no wind at all. Had some ice cream and we headed home after dropping them off at their place~
Continued our Empress Ki show! We watched it until 4am. ๐Ÿ˜

Spent Sunday resting at home~

Mr Toh was off again yesterday so I met him at Farrer Park to have our Soon Kee duck rice! So yummy! Also tried the popiah this time but it wasn’t very nice. Feeling tired after a heavy meal so we headed home~ Watched a bit of TV and Mr Toh did some packing for my hospital bag. โค โค โค Very thankful for him, although he likes to nag me and scold me for procrastinating. ๐Ÿ˜›

Oh yes, my taobao parcel was delivered on Saturday!! So happy! I ordered 4 casings & a screen protector for my new phone. Hahahaha kiasu much? =P Happy with all the items~~ can slowly use~~

Also ordered a few pairs of socks for use during confinement. Mr Toh very traditional in this sense as he believes it is for my own good, so I shall be a good girl and not whine………..much. ๐Ÿ˜›

The 1 item I was looking forward to the most! BB's cot mobile! Mr Toh fixed it up that night when we got home, it took him less than 10 minutes. But I kept it the next day, scared it will get dusty. ๐Ÿ˜€

After scouring Taobao for days, this was the nicest I could find. Hahaha.

It's super cute and I love the soft colors! Each toy can be detached when BB gets older, 2 can be used as rattles and 2 as soft toys. Have not tried the music box yet though, will try when BB arrives!

2nd Taobao order is currently on the way to the warehouse, think the shipping will take longer this time due to the 11.11 promotion. This time the order is my pajamas and Mr Toh’s HP casings. Hehe. Hope it arrives soon~~~

Went for the lesson on caring for newborns at Mt Alvernia on 13 Nov, had to go alone as Mr Toh couldn’t get off so last minute. =X Quite useful lesson though I’m sure we all will need more practice.

Hungry, luckily they provided sandwiches and hot drinks. ^^ With creepy baby boy doll in the background. Lol. =X

Whoa. On the train to work. BB just had a huge vertical movement on my left side, that my boob felt like it was kicked and his head was pushing on my groin. ๐Ÿ˜… That is if his position remains as per the last visit. We’ll know for sure today~ Have been telling him we’ll be seeing him later today. Hee. ๐Ÿ˜† Can’t wait to see his progress.
My belly’s button starting to pop out a little bit, a bit sore. Scary…haha.
Legs are still kinda swollen though slightly better after my pedicure treatment.

14 Oct
Saw the ICA letter addressed to me when I was leaving home in the morning.
Messaged Mr Toh later in the afternoon to help me burn that darn letter. ๐Ÿ˜‚
BB hiccuping in the evening while I was watching tv, so funny. Tummy kept having this movement like a tick.

15 Oct
Amazon parcel arrived~ Finally~ Shipping was very fast, reached me in less than 2 days. Items were OK, all received in good condition.
Had my prenatal massage after work, time was changed to 6:30pm as my regular masseuse wasn’t feeling well so I had to rush over after work.
The other masseuse was much gentler hence I fell asleep during the massage. Shiok~~~
It was 8pm when I was done. Went for dinner at Gyoza King and had their pork gyoza set with brinjal and mayo prawns as sides and vegetable soup. So yummy~

Costed me $18.70.

The staff and the guests at the table beside me were very nice and considerate too when they saw I was pregnant.
Went to look for Mr Toh after that and we went home together before he went to meet his friends.

16 Oct
Pre bday celebration with Mr Toh today~! Left work earlier at 4pm today and met him at Vivo. Went to Starbucks to chill and share a pear tart as he haven’t had anything to eat yet.

Yummy pear tart.

Grumpy Mr Toh

Walked around for a while before heading to Promenade. Since it was still early for our 7pm reservation, we headed to Marina Square, that place is kinda dead man. No more cinema too.

Saw Cathay Photo and we decided to go check out cameras. We were kinda assured by their shop reputation as they have been around for very long.
The sales attending to us was professional enough. We bought the Olympus EM 10 ๐Ÿ“ท in the end. $900 and we had the limited edition version with orange body and strap. It comes with an extra battery and a 16gb SD card. The salesman threw in an additional black strap when Mr Toh tried bargaining, lol. The black strap is for Mr Toh who doesn’t like the orange strap and said he wouldn’t use it.

We didn’t realise the time was already past 7pm so we went for our dinner first before heading back to pay and collect the camera later.

We were having our dinner at Colony @ Ritz Carlton~ Saw that they were newly opened, replacing Greenhouse and the place looks good.
We were given a comfy booth seat. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Selfie. xD

Mr Toh’s sashimi. Looks good enough but he complained that though the sashimi was fresh, the cut of the meat wasn’t good, it wasn’t like those he had at Ichiban. The texture of the sashimi here was tough and not enjoyable at all.

Fried rice – pretty good.
Chili crab bun – not much chili crab taste.
Sambal cod fish – tastes good but a tad overcooked. But unavoidable at buffets.
Broccoli – very normal.
Dumpling – normal.

Lobster – fresh but overcooked, hence a bit too chewy. Again, unavoidable.
Har gow – not bad~
Asparagus – no taste..

Their food was pretty OK though nothing really stood out with the exception of the winter melon chicken soup at the roast duck station. The soup was very flavourful and the winter melon was cooked really well. Mr Toh loved it. ๐Ÿ˜†

They had a juice section too where you could choose from a few juices or concoct your own. I had their freshly squeezed orange juice while Mr Toh chose to have his own flavours. But unfortunately the rock melon he added wasn’t very fresh so there was a weird taste. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

Roast meat platter with chicken rice and the awesome melon soup with the weird tasting juice. Roast meat platter and chicken nothing to shout about, chicken rice was also normal.

Lobster ball laksa. Lobster balls very meh but the laksa itself was quite good.

Pretty dessert section!

I loved their dessert section, there was a chef preparing fresh crepes, we had a nutella banana one each. There were a few varieties of small glasses of desserts too and cakes. Dessert spread was not bad. Kinda reminded me of my first time at Melt.

When the server for our table saw we were having desserts, she asked if we wanted any coffee or tea. Mr Toh had the English breakfast tea while she recommended the chamomile tea for preggie me saying it aids in sleep. Felt like telling her I don’t need help in sleeping, I need help in reducing my trips to the bathroom. ๐Ÿ˜‚ But it was nice of her.
Our tea was served in a pot, each.
My fruity camomile was served with a small pot of honey too. My tea was very nice, I loved it.

Ronnefeldt Fruity Camomile tea.

Mr Toh then tried his tea with my honey and came to the conclusion that it was the honey that was nice. But my tea was nice enough without the honey too.
Though the variety wasn’t a lot, the food quality was OK, not bad. The service was excellent.

We headed to Vivo for a movie~ Caught the new Thai movie, Heart Attack.
Omg. Please do not watch it. Movie was boring as hell! I kept falling asleep. The seat at GV was really uncomfortable for me too. I had such a miserable time. ๐Ÿ˜ซ

While in the cab on the way home, I asked Mr Toh where’s my cake, he said later go home give me. I thought he didn’t have time to buy it so I was kinda disappointed. I then replied him, “Mooncake ah?” since we still have leftovers. Little did I know…

I was preparing to go bathe when I saw him sneaking in from around the corner with a cake in one hand and trying to light the candle with the other hand. Gave me such a shock! He also got a shock as he didn’t expect me to be standing at the door. LOL. I got my birthday cake and my birthday song! Yay!! Hahahaha.

Very simple looking cake but so moist and tastes good!

Asked him how come got cake cause I couldn’t figure out when he had time to buy it.
It turns out that he got a shock that afternoon when I told him I was knocking off early. So he fasterly prepared to go out and cabbed over to Jalan Kayu to buy the cake before going home, running up to put the cake in the fridge and then rushing to Vivocity to meet me. Oops, made him so busy.

Awww. But I’m so touched. Hehe. So happy. Thank you my darling Mr Toh. *muacks*

Played around with our new camera, haven’t figured out how to upload photos using the wifi though. Haha.

Gorgeous finishing. A tad heavy but we love the fast shutter.

17 Oct
Red packet from Mom. =)

Woke early today to get ready to gai gai~ I was meeting Christina and Gary for brunch~
After Mr Toh left for work, I started getting ready.
They came over to fetch me, yay~ Super nice of them!

Went for dim sum brunch at Tunglok Orchard Central. Food was pretty good, especially their calamari with salted egg yolk. Yums! Thanks to Christina for the treat~
After brunch, we went for ice cream dessert at Cold Stone, my treat this time. Had fun just chatting and taking polaroids. ๐Ÿ˜€

My gorgeous BFF and me. So much love for this woman!

They were about to send me home when I suddenly felt like going for a mani & pedi. Hehe, fickle minded preggie here. Called up Snail The Nail Spa at Wheelock and they had an available slot right now so Gary dropped me off there. So thankful for awesome friends and their spouses. ๐Ÿ˜˜

Selfieeeee~ Pretty view~

Did my mani first. Mani station.

The lady, Xerra, attending to me was very friendly and being a mother of 2, she also shared some advice for preggie me. ๐Ÿ˜
After my mani was done, we moved over to the pedi station where I decided to do their scrub for both arms and legs. Xerra did the scrub for my arms while a younger lady, Stephy did my toes this time. Such a relief to finally see my toenails clipped and clean. I could do it at home but it’s a chore and I end up not doing a good job. Stephy gave me a leg massage while doing the scrub, very comfy, I almost fell asleep. Haha.
The only thing I didn’t like was the smell of the rice bran oil they applied after that. ๐Ÿ˜ถ

Pretty clean nails after the mani~ Been super long since the last mani.

Wanted to go somewhere else to chill after that but being Sat, it was really crowded everywhere so I went home~

Took a nap with the intention to wake up later to find Mr Toh after his work but when he msged me at 9:31pm, I was at home cause I didn’t wake up in time when my alarm rang. Set it for 8pm but I only woke at 8:40pm. ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿท

Mr Toh said his friends wanna meet us for supper so I fasterly went to prepare and cabbed down to Kovan. We went to Xin Wang with Daniel while waiting for Gerald. Daniel was suggesting all kinds of hot drinks to me but I rejected all his suggestions. He also sian. Lol.

Our spread. Their fried rice was pretty good with pearl rice ็็ ็ฑณ. Fried prawns were yummy too.

Finished my honey lemon and they were still planning to chit chat so I ordered another drink but I really felt like drinking ้ธณ้ธฏ so I asked for permission from Mr Toh and he said ok, but drink a bit only, I bargained for half a cup and he said ok~~ Yay~~~ ๐Ÿ˜˜

When the drink came in their mug โ˜•, I happily told Mr Toh that I ่ตšๅˆฐ! Cause their mug was quite big and it was filled to the brim! ๐Ÿ˜‚ So yummy~ So satisfied. Hehehe.
Gerald sent us home after that, he even turned into our carpark when we usually just get off at the bus stop. Special privilege for this preggie, haha. Seriously, really very thankful for awesome friends!

18 Oct
It was quite hazy today so I didn’t go anywhere. Stayed home the whole day and waited for Mr Toh to come home~ We watched The Expendables 2 on TV together before I went to bed. ๐Ÿ“บ BB Toh moving so much tonight and Mr Toh kept talking to him. So much love for this 2 men in my life.
Heehee, really very cute. I really love this feeling! No wonder everyone tells me they miss it.

Told Mr Toh the other day that I have a new man in my life but he said no NS means not man yet. Seriously. Lol. So I amended it to say new male lor. Haha.

2 July Thursday
Appointment with Dr Irene today!! Met Mr Toh at Orchard after half day of work and we had lunch at Takashimaya before heading over to Gleneagles.

Doctor said baby’s growing well and stable. Heartbeat was also good. She also asked if we wanted to know the gender and I said yes with no hesitation before Mr Toh can change my mind. Haha.
Once she scanned and explained what part of the baby we were looking at, we could see ‘it’. She told us “You can see it huh? Very clear, it’s a boy.”

Of course can see! Baby’s ๅฐ้ธก้ธก very clear and obvious! Told Mr Toh later that it was kinda like he wanted us to see clearly, 1 hand and 1 leg was up in the air and was like “Ta daah! ็ป™ไฝ ็œ‹ๆธ…ๆฅšไธ€็‚น.” Lol.

Although we had discussed this before and maintained that it doesn’t matter if it was a boy or a girl, as long as he/she is healthy, that’s all that matters. I did prefer a girl but was also trying to adjust my mindset to follow Mr Toh’s
But when I learnt that we were having a boy, I was kinda in shock for like 5 mins. :X But then I got over it because I kept thinking of the ๅฐ้ธก้ธก during the ultrasound and thought it was extremely adorable. Now I’m just glad that he’s developing well.

Headed to ๅง‘ๅง‘’s shop to tell her after that as she had called to ask Mr Toh about the scan earlier. She just seemed very happy no matter what. ๐Ÿ˜€ Funny how warm that makes me feel. Baby, you’ll be so loved. *kisses

6 July Monday
Met Mr Toh at Nex after my work for a movie~ Mr Toh didn’t appreciate the vulgar-ness of Ted 2 so we watched SPL 2 instead.

Had dinner at Ichiban before that. I was famished at first but my appetite was gone when my food arrived. Don’t know why and I didn’t manage to finish my udon. T.T Went walking around Nex and when we passed by Andersen’s ice cream, I couldn’t resist. Didn’t know what flavor to order so I followed the lady in front of me and had a cone of Danish Nougat. It was pretty nice!

Movie was pretty good, the action scenes were awesome. Love the happy ending too although it was pretty unbelievable.

Bought 2 maternity dresses but they were horribly big. Got them altered but still really too big so am keeping them for the last few months. But Mr Toh said very ugly. Lol.

So have decided to buy normal clothes from normal shops instead, much nicer too.

TSW Lunchbox Lady Swing Dress in Midnight Blue


The courier for TSW is insane! Very efficient but still insane! I received the parcel on Tuesday at around 6:40am! Lol.

Was trying it on for Mr Toh and he commented it kinda looked like the aprons they used to don during D&T classes. What! Damn sad. Lol.



Can’t wait for them to arrive~~

Am leaving for our babymoon tomorrow morning to Bangkok! Have a very early flight at 6:30am. O.O Was doing our last minute packing yesterday as usual. =X
Almost wanted to do the packing today but Mr Toh told me to go and sleep after dinner because we have to wake up *really* early.

Yay! Can’t wait! Dreaming of my shibuya honey toast!

06 Jan 2015
Was on half day leave as I was headed to SPH to collect the movie tickets I won from Kiss92! Won 4 tickets for the movie Serena. Met Mr Toh after work to catch the show at Nex. Ummmmm I thought the show kinda suckedโ€ฆdidn’t really liked the directing, thought the pace was really slow.

07 Jan 2015
I was on leave today. It was my dad’s death anniversary so we were going to San Qing Gong to pray. We were done at about 12pm plus. Gave ZW the extra 2 tickets for Serena so he can catch it with Sis-in-law. He then sent mom back home first then sent us to Mt Alvernia as we were visiting Keavy sis who just had her baby, Jezelle! Bought flowers and a piglet toy for Jezelle, Mr Toh insisted on the piglet, says it’s his trademark. Lol. We didn’t manage to see the baby but she looks damn cute in her photos. So happy for them~~
We headed to Toa Payoh after that, Mr Toh needed to visit the Phillips Securities office. We had our lunch and headed to Ikea to double check on the Billy bookcases that we wanted to get for our study room. Went home after that to rest first then Dad came to fetch us and we headed to Ikea again to buy the bookcases. Cannot believe how heavy they are, thank goodness Dad was available to help us.

10 Jan 2015
Mr Toh was off on Saturday~ Happy day! We woke up quite early, about 10am plus and headed to the area around ๅง‘ๅง‘’s shop for breakfast as Mr Toh had to buy something from the hardware store. We decided to have MCD’s breakfast! Headed home after that as we have a lot to do. Mr Toh started fixing the bookshelves while I helped a little. Mostly I was just passing him stuff that he needs or lazing around. It was fun. :X He finished assembling the 3 bookshelves by 4pm and we were starving so we went for a quick lunch and continued unpacking our display items / books to put on the shelves. Super happy with the way the study room looks like now, very neat and love how the Billy bookcases have a shallow depth~ Can never understand why normal bookcases need such a huge depth when books or files are so small. Was done for the day at 10pm plus and we went for prata and mutton curry at RK. Yums~!

13 Jan
Was too tired today plus I had a headache so I took a nap when I got home. After Mr Toh called me to say he will be having dinner after work with his colleagues, I decided to turn that nap into my bed time. Woke up at 3am with a painful, parched throat. Headed to the kitchen for water and meds. Mr Toh saw me and followed, then tucked me back into bed. He mentioned that he was home at 12 plus and I must have been very tired because when he came into the bedroom, I was snoring. Oh goodness. T.T He said he patted me and I stopped snoring but didn’t even move a muscle. He then kissed his oblivious wife goodnight and went to the study room. I must have been damn tired because I usually wake up when he comes into the room to kiss me goodnight. Lol.

Met Mr Toh at the LRT on 14 Jan to have his dinner after he got off work as the poor thing only had 1 meal the whole day and was starving. He ended up buying the food home so we can game while he eat. Have been playing Aura Kingdom together with his brothers. The characters are very cute, I suppose it’s kinda fun, I especially love playing games with Mr Toh. He will always do a lot of research into all aspects of the game then teach them to me. But I contributed this time too as I started playing earlier than him.

16 Jan
I had my final theory test today. Soooo kan cheong!! Been practising for weeks but still wasn’t very confident. I breezed past the e trials as I thought we could do all, but turns out I only had 2 tries. Passed the e trials with flying colors so I was slightly more relaxed after that. Soon, it was time for the actual test. Took my time doing the test and reviewed it 1 more time before I submitted it. And I passed! Woohoo! Not surprising actually as theory’s my strong suit. I am much more worried about the practical driving lessons. My palms sweat just thinking about driving a car on the road. T_T
Met Mr Toh at Nex after that and we caught Taken 3. No comments about the movie because I love Liam Neeson. Just thought they should have stopped after the 1st movie.

18 Jan
Met Mr Toh after his work and we headed to Cathay Cineleisure to watch Blackhat.
Hmmmmmmm, storyline’s pretty interesting but there were some slow parts and I almost fell asleep.

Yummy cheesecakes & ice chocolate at Starbucks before our movie.

23 Jan
Mr Toh was off today, we were planning to visit his grandfather at SGH who was admitted a day ago. Told him to meet me at Tanjong Pagar for dinner first, so I walked over after work. Called him when I reached and he told me he was at the toilet below my office! He had reached earlier but needed to go to the toilet first and he forgot we were supposed to meet at Tanjong Pagar. The blur dear didn’t even call me to let me know. T_T We had Gyoza King for dinner. $13.90 for their set meal that consists of 5 gyozas, 2 side dishes and a bowl of rice. I thought everything was delicious or maybe I was too hungry.

Glad to see that his grandfather was much better already and will be discharged the next day. =)

We headed back to Nex for a movie and we decided to catch the new Thai movie, I Fine … Thank You… Love You. So glad that we did! Very funny movie, great acting and I love the whole cast. A must watch!

Stayed at home the entire day on Saturday and did housework. T_T
Did not spend a single cent as I had breakfast & lunch at home.

My mushroom aglio olio spaghetti.

Went to meet Mr Toh after he got off work and we decided to head to Bedok 85 for dinner~ Amazingly, the cab driver did not know where Bedok 85 was and insisted on an address which we had to google for. *sigh*

Had a long wait for the bak chor mee, as usual. Mr Toh also ordered satay and BBQ stingray, pity they were not as yummy though. The bak chor mee was ok. Not as fantastic as what I remembered though.

Mr Toh was off again on 25 Jan and we had lunch at Itacho. Everything was delicious as usual. Love the new deep fried Inari item on their seasonal menu, so yummy even Mr Toh agreed!

We went shopping after that for new inner wear as CNY was approaching. Mr Toh is very particular about what he wears, there’s only 1 brand of underwear that he wears. As we were at Orchard, we started from Plaza Singapura and swept all the departmental stores for that particular brand in his size. Managed to find 10 of his size in the color he wanted. As for me, I got everything from Marks & Spencer, 4 bras, 10 panties and 4 sets of lounge wear for wearing at home! Someone is complaining how my home clothes look like shit. =X

We also went browsing for kitchen appliances at John Little.

PINK rice cooker! Tiger brand somemore, not bad! But the whole build was very plasticky.

Really pretty minty cookware!

We ended our shopping spree at Ngee Ann City’s Louis Vuitton boutique. We went in to ask for the price of their men wallets and was so pleased with the service provided to us that Mr Toh decided to buy it on the spot. He got the Slender wallet in Damier Graphite Canvas. I’m not a huge fan of LV but I love that design and how they have personalised initials hot stamping or embossing. It just adds class to the whole wallet. Service was really awesome too, we were served by Belle Tay and she was very friendly and professional at the same time. Actually, every service staff was really friendly and helpful, even the door man. Awesome shopping experience man!

We then headed to Changi Village for dinner as Mr Toh has been craving the ipoh hor fun for ages like a pregnant woman. =X We shared 3 plates of hor fun……full die me.

After dinner, we went to Ikea as we still had to buy the doors for the bookcase, without the doors, the shelves were getting really dusty and we couldn’t stand it anymore. Got home and Mr Toh started fixing them up and we brought out all our stuff that we had collected over the years for display. So awesome!

Was a really awesome weekend.

K. Cook Korean BBQ was OK. I thought the meats weren’t really that nice though their spread was quite good with a few cooked dishes too.

Charlene then brought us to try llaollao! My 1st try. Damn yums and addictive! I keep craving for it but get turned off by the super long queues. T_T

Caught Mockingjay on Monday 24/11.


With the Games now destroyed and in pieces, Katniss Everdeen, along with Gale, Finnick and Beetee, now end up in the so thought “destroyed” District 13. Under the leadership of President Coin and the advice of her friends, Katniss becomes the “Mockingjay” and the symbol of rebellion for the people.


Loved it as usual! Can’t wait for part 2!

Thurs night, Mr Toh was telling me about this Hong Kong female singer on ๆˆ‘ๆ˜ฏๆญŒๆ‰‹ which he just started watching. He was saying she’s very good and was opening a 3 nights concert in Singapore, better than Jay Chou. I didn’t know who he was talking about at first, but then realised it was Gem. Told him that I knew about her long ago but never show him her videos before as I didn’t know if he’d like her singing.

Turns out he likes her a lot after watching the show but didn’t say anything to me at first because he was also thinking maybe I won’t like her. Haha stupid 2 of us! We couldn’t help it then and bought her concert tickets for Friday together with Huiyi who came home at the right time! =D

Later that night, I was asking Huiyi how she did the collage for my wedding love contract when Mr Toh suddenly asked in a very stern voice, “ๆ€Žไนˆไฝ ้—ฎๅฅน่ฟ™ไธช๏ผŸ”
I was like “Huh? I am helping Huimin with hers ma.”

He then gave a relieved sigh and said, “ๆˆ‘ไปฅไธบไฝ ่ฆๅšๅคšไธ€ไธช็ป™ๆˆ‘ใ€‚” LOL. So funny my Mr Toh. You think people eat too free ah, bo taiji do another one for what!

Sun 30/11
Had sisters meeting with Huimin at PS in the afternoon so I decided to check out Fitness First at The Cathay before that. I find it really small. Also, unfriendly receptionist, over friendly trainer. Not going back to that branch again. I also realised that so far, only the branch at 100am provides T-shirts and shorts.

Mon 01/12

Met Mr Toh for Rise of Legends at Nex!


In Qing dynasty Guangzhou, two gangs Black Tiger and Northern Sea are battling for power. Young martial arts practitioner Fei (Eddie Peng) joins Black Tiger and is adopted by the gang’s leader (Sammo Hung) as his fourth son. Meanwhile, Fei’s childhood friends Fiery (Jing Boran) and Chun (Wang Luodan) are leading a new group called The Orphans, who are trying to destroy the evil gangs once and for all. – See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/movies/story/eddie-peng-well-cast-rise-the-legend-20141126#sthash.vJDuiRnt.dpuf


Eddie Peng is freaking hot!! Well casted, I like! Lots of half naked shots of him showing his well defined muscles. He is SO my type! HAHA. Really awesome fight scenes though storyline is a bit weird cause he’s an undercover gangster but Wong Fei Hung is supposed to be this really righteous man. But still quite an enjoyable show.

We then met Daniel for supper at RK Eating House. Prata was cold. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Next time will not go on a Monday.

Wed 3/12
Met Mr Toh at his shop and we went for movie again! Saw the trailer and thought it was quite funny. Women Who Flirt – ๆ’’ๅจ‡ๅฅณไบบๆœ€ๅฅฝๅ‘ฝ


Most women know that flirting can sometimes be the most effective way to get what they want, especially when it comes to men. However, flirting is an art that takes talent, and isn’t so easy to come by for some… Zhang Hui (Zhou Xun) has a crush on her fellow classmate, Xiao Gong (Huang Xiaoming). However, family pressure to succeed forces him to focus more on his studies rather than relationships, delegating Zhang Hui to the role of “just – friends”. But Zhang Hui doesn’t give up that easily. After graduation she finds work in Shanghai in order to stay close to Xiao Gong. Matters are complicated, however, when Xiao Gong returns from a business trip to Taiwan with a new girlfriend, Bei Bei. Unable to admit defeat, Zhang Hui seeks the help from a college classmate and her group of friends that have mastered the art of flirting. Overnight, Zhang Hui’s appearance, demeanor, and silks of seduction improve dramatically. As Xiao Gong begins to take notice, their relationship begins to ..


Good show! Freaking funny. Super strong cast with superb acting! We are fans of Zhou Xun now. She is freaking awesome lah, as well as Huang Xiaoming and Sui Tang too! Maybe some people will find some parts lame but I thought the whole movie was pretty funny. We went to RK for supper again. Fat die meeee! But at least the prata this time was nice!

Thurs 4/12
Mr Toh was on reservist. Bought dinner back home for him and Mum because he was tired~

Fri 5/12
Company Xmas dinner at Pan Pacific, Edge. Food was pretty good! UOB card holders have 10% discount. Price/pax was $88++ if I remember correctly.

Sat 6/12
Gym time = me time. Went shopping at Tampines after that, needed to buy a new pair of heels but did not see any nice ones. 3 shopping malls and not 1 pair. Tsk. =X

Sun 7/12
Met Mr Toh after his work and he asked if I wanted to eat something that we’ve not eaten in a while so……it’s 126 time! Yums.

Mon 8/12
Mr Toh’s off day! Planned for Horrible Bosses at 9:30pm. He was meeting his brothers before that so I had some me time. Was having my dinner at Nex when he reached. We had some time before movie so we did a little shopping. With Mr Toh’s help, I managed to find a nice pair of nude wedges. Wee~~ So pathetic now that I do not have a single wearable pair of heels for functions. =X Bought this just in time for a wedding dinner this Friday. =D

Been busy doing my Christmas shopping online. Hiak hiak hiak.
This year, the trend is to say out your wishlist. Lol. But I bought their stuff before they said anything so…I hope everyone will like their gifts.

Time really flies. In the blink of an eye, 2/3 of November has passed!

03/11 (Monday)
Mr Toh’s off day~~ I met him at Dhoby Ghaut and we headed to Shaw Lido to catch John Wick which XM recommended.
We had dinner at Watami at Ion before that because Itacho’s queue was too long. The food was ok at Watami, the Caesar salad and their grilled pork skewer was nice. Salmon sushi was not bad too.
John Wick was good, lotsa action and pretty good acting by Keanu Reeves.

04/11 (Tuesday)
Mr Toh met me at Vivocity and we decided to have dinner at Shin Kushiya. What a bad decision. Their food was so salty! We feedback to the staff and his response was that the food is supposed to be prepared that way. Pls leh, you want to give your customers kidney problems?? WTF you mean by the food is supposed to be salty. Stupid answer.
Anyway, the meal costs us $70+, super not worth it! We could have lots more satisfaction at Itacho!! Why isn’t there an Itacho at Vivo?! =X

We then headed to Mustafa to check out handphones. Nothing caught my eye but Mr Toh saw a red HTC One E8 that he liked. The color is really pretty, I saw a deal online but the red set costs $120 more than the black one. Mr Toh ended up settling for the black one as he couldn’t justify the $120.

05/11 (Wednesday)
Met Mr Toh after his work to catch Sifu vs Vampires at Nex.

Helped Mr Toh order his handphone on Lazada from this seller Kile.

They are damn efficient!! I ordered on 06/11 night, phone was packed on 08/11 morning and shipped on 09/11 and I received it in the office the next morning! Amazing service.

08/11 (Saturday)
I went to the gym at Tampines to attend the hot yoga class! Tampines much nearer and the timing is more suitable than the Tanjong Pagar branch. The gym at Tampines is so much bigger but less atas than Tanjong Pagar, but still had a good experience here. =)

09/11 (Sunday)
Mr Toh’s off day! โค
We went to Punggol Settlement for brunch! Tried out Bacon & Booze but hmmm, food and service not up to our standard. Mr Toh was so happy at first to see that they had croissants on their menu but it was not available. Tsk. We ended up sharing a breakfast platter, we felt that none of the items were really delicious. Their Nutella milkshake was awesome though. While waiting for the bus later on, we saw Li Nanxing! I almost gathered up my courage to ask him for a photo but decided not to in the end as he was in a break from filming and the weather was so freaking hot, he just looked very poor thing lah.

We went back home to rest and Mr Toh headed out at 4pm to celebrate his colleague's birthday while I stayed home to prepare myself to attend Corine's wedding at Novotel! Was contemplating taking the MRT there was it was at Clarke Quay only but Mr Toh was very sweet, he passed me some cash and asked me to take a cab there. His reasoning was that, I would be all dolled up and if I take the MRT, I could end up being a sweaty mess by the time I get there. Heehee. Thankful that he is so thoughtful. =) Had an enjoyable time at the dinner, loved seeing her gowns, very pretty and Korean style! Congratulations to Corine & her husband, wishing them a lifetime of everlasting bliss.

13/11 (Thursday)
Mr Toh was off and he had a craving for bak chor mee. Specifically the stall that used to be at Marina Square. So I ended up meeting him at Lavender for the Hill Street Tai Hwa Bak Chor Mee. Damn yums. We realised the $6 portion is too small for Mr Toh. Next time must add noodles.
Then headed to Dhoby Ghaut to try to find screen protector for his E8 but the shops were closing already. *oops*
We then met Daniel for dim sum at 126. Goodness. Really is fat die me. Lol.
It ended up raining when we were finishing eating……and we had to accompany Daniel to wait for the rain to be smaller before he could leave on his motorbike.

15/11 (Saturday)
Went to the gym again for yoga! Then headed to Kovan to try out the scalp treatment at Bee Choo Origins. Hmm…not much comment for the scalp treatment as I've only done it once. Still thinking if I should go back again.

16/11 (Sunday)
Mr Toh's off day again! Wee! I love it when he has weekends off.
I asked Mr Toh if he wanted to try a $4 million charsiew recipe. He was game for it but we were sorely disappointed. Char siew is ok, fatty parts were yum. But honestly, yummy fatty char siew is quite easy to find. The roasted meat was damn blah, like chewing cardboard. And the rice! Worst item on the plate, so dry and tasteless. We think Bedok Cooked Food at Kovan hawker tastes much better overall. I think Aztech Group kena con.

Cabbed over to Queensway Shopping Center after that. I managed to find a really cute sized and functional deuter gym bag that comes with a built in shoe compartment. I also bought a smaller sized Camelbak eddy water bottle, it's really cute! We have the Camelbak water bottle in a bigger size which is perfect when cycling long distances outdoor but I find it too bulky to bring to the gym.

After that, we went to Ikea to walk around and we saw the Billy bookshelves that could work in our study room, so am in the midst of planning~~
We had our dinner at Ikea and cabbed home after that because I was feeling under the weather. Had a bit of flu and cough, thankfully I recovered in a few days time.

In other news, I bought myself a new phone too! The camera on the old phone was busted and I couldn't stand not having a camera. After days of research, I finally decided on the ZTE Nubia Z7 Max. Also bought it on Lazada from T-Dimension. I bought it at only S$379!

They are slightly slower but I supposed I was spoiled by the efficiency of Kile. Lol. Ordered on 14/11 and received the phone on 19/11. Also very fast! Very pleased with the phone~~~ Ordered the casing on Taobao, can’t wait to receive it! Then went down to adix82 mobile shop at Burlington Square as I saw on hardwarezone that he has the tempered glass screen protector. The phone came rooted and with a screen protector already but the fingerprints on it were too horrible! So I decided to change it. =)

Meeting my girls later tonight for K. Cook Korean BBQ for Charlene’s belated birthday~~ Hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long. I cannot wait!


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