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Posted on: August 4, 2016

BB loves to clap his hands, sometimes even clapping when he’s falling asleep. 😅

BB knows how to hold and eat his puff biscuit himself! When we first let him try, he’d just hold it in his hand and play around with it.
Though he will still try to find a shortcut and he will just open his mouth when he sees me holding the puff. 😄

His pincer grab is also improving. Using his puffs to let him practise. Hehe, and this crazy mummy will go “Hao li hai, baobei hao bang o!” and keep praising him when he manage to eat his puffs.

He is much more stable when sitting by himself now though we still need go be around because he has a tendency to faceplant.

He loves to jump on his fatty legs when I carry him standing on my lap.

When on the floor on his tummy, he will raise his butt and wriggle back and forth, still not crawling yet though.

He loves to sleep sprawled on his bolsters on his tummy.

Bought a toy car for him and he loves to spin the wheels with his fingers and watch.

Noticed on 30th July that BB can crawl already! He was trying to get to his toy car and he reached it by pulling himself forward on his arms but legs just flailing behind. Too cute!

9 July
Dr Djeng appointment.
Went to Taka after that to buy stuffs for BB’s porridge and bought blueberries + puffs for him too.
Saw that there was Tai Cheong bakery from Hong Kong and decided to queue for it to buy for Mr Toh & home. Slow queue but nice people in the queue.
Cabbed home, had my lunch then brought BB and the egg tarts to Mr Toh’s shop.

10 July
Let BB try blueberries for the 1st time today. Also added lean pork in his porridge today.

11 July
BB having an allergic reaction to the blueberries! O.O Rashes on his body and thighs. Stopped the blueberries immediately and his rashes subsided a little.

12 July
Met Mr Toh for dinner at Itacho. Yum!

13 July
BB’s rashes subsided already, the redness on his top lip also subsided. Whew. I confirm it’s the green peas already. Tsk. Apparently it’s a very common allergy, why didn’t I even know of this before?!

16 July
BB started saying ba ba ba! Though I’m quite sure he doesn’t know what it means. Maybe because I often sing Baa baa black sheep to him?

17 July
Brought BB out to Orchard Gateway to support Huiyi’s flea market for her floral business! Super love her bouquets! Really gorgeous!
BB was rather well behaved though he cried a little around Huiyi’s friends. Oops.
Headed home at around 4pm plus and wanted to let BB nap before we headed to Grandpa’s house but he refused to nap! So no choice lor, we headed to Grandpa’s house and this little one was falling asleep in the cab but kept waking up at the sound of my voice because I had to give the taxi driver directions. Tsk.
And as expected, he was super cranky and started crying when we reached because there was so many people! Already kept telling him about today a few days before but no choice lah.
So gave him milk and let him sleep on XM & Nelly’s bed as they were not in SG that day. He slept till Mr Toh came after his work. Too tired already. *smack BB’s butt*

18 July
Met GE insurance agent at Waterway Point for a discussion then we headed to NTUC to buy veg and fruits for BB.

20 July 2016
BB started eating fish in his porridge yesterday, added in a bit of ginger as well. He likes it! 👍
Got off work at 4pm and headed to Jurong to collect the mini buffet set from Neo Garden. Got it free as a prize from UFM100.3. Thank you!
Huiyi and her bf came over for dinner too. 😊 Yummy food as always.

21 July
Thunderstorm again today. So loud and scary but thankfully BB slept through.
Realised BB’s pajamas was wet when he woke for milk at 3am. Apparently his Goon diapers leaked. Tsk. I never have this problem with Merries. Had to change his clothes and the poor thing just wanna sleep. *Sayang*
After preparing BB’s porridge in the morning, I went into the room wanting to check on him before I leave for work. And he have actually woken up already. He was on his tummy in his cot and when he saw me, his face just lit up and he was so happy he was kicking and moving his arms vigorously. Haha, so cute! 😘😆😍 My baobei~

29 July
Woke up to see BB sleeping sprawled on his bolsters. Aiyo, like that comfy meh? Apparently yes.
Went to prepare his porridge in the slow cooker and he woke up. Helper went to carry him and came to the kitchen.
He looked like a sleepy mess, hahaha. Messy hair and a sleepy face. My little baobei. 😘
BB smiled when he saw me come home yesterday. Mama love you~

31st July
Mr Toh’s off day! Raining too heavily so we didn’t bring BB out. Headed to Waterway Point to buy some stuff. Shun bian caught Ghostbusters and Jason Bourne. Mini movie marathon! GB was really fun to watch but JB was really quite draggy and we almost fell asleep.


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