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Posted on: November 4, 2016

Been a while since I’ve updated here, so lazy. Haha. Also been updating on Dayre, so easy to update there day by day!

BB YX 9th month update~

BB’s sleeping position is all over the place. For the first 4 hours or so after he falls asleep, he will stay in position. After that, he moves around everywhere. Especially his favorite position on his stomach with his little butt high up in the air.

He can get to a sitting position by himself now. And also able to sit steadily without support, can even clap his hands or wave his toys around.

He can stand in his cot while holding on to the railings. 👏 Baobei 好厉害!

He has a book called Captain Calamari and the ending page has a mirror in it. When he sees his reflection in the mirror, he leans forward and puts his mouth on it, like giving it a kiss. Cutest scene ever.

When I put my face in front of him and ask him to kiss me, he puts his mouth on my cheek and leaves his saliva there. 😅 Don’t know if he knows to kiss or he just wants to put something in his mouth.

He loves to blow raspberries, nonstop for a few minutes sometimes! 😆💦

He will take 2 toys, 1 in each hand, then let go of one, then when he sees the one that’s let go, he will reach for it again and let go of the other one. And repeat. Lol. Like he can’t make up his mind or he forgot why he let it go and wants it back. So cute.

He has quite a temper, this boy. Will shout and cry when we don’t give him what he wants. Which is usually stuff like remote controls, his comb, his fan etc. *Sweat*

Sometimes when it’s his bedtime, after finishing his milk, he can’t sleep and he will crawl up to our headboard and bang his head softly on it. Was kinda worried but I read that it’s normal though.

His 2 little bottom pearlies have started peeking out! I noticed they were more obvious after we came back from our Vietnam trip. He kept rubbing his tongue or lip against it. Must be very itchy, poor thing~

He has some new sounds added to his vocab now. Haha. And he loves to chatter~ Just like the daddy.

1st Sept
Saw on the CCTV today that BB can sit by himself already and very steady too. So cute seeing him sitting there all by himself clapping his hands. 😍
Mum told me he’s been trying to stand all day and even tried to climb up the sofa. When he didn’t succeed at one side, he crawled to the other side with a corner and succeeded after standing on the helper’s legs. Seriously, kids these days are so smart.
Then at night, he slept immediately after finishing his milk. I think he was too tired from the day’s activities?
When I tried to transfer him to his cot, he woke and tried to climb over his pillow to hold the rail to stand up. Sleep crawling ma? 😆

2nd Sept
BB only woke once at around 1am, crying a little. I carried him and he stopped crying then continued sleeping.
All the way till 5:30am when he woke up for milk. But this notty boy didn’t want to sleep after finishing his milk. Kept wanting to crawl around. 😴
Made a bit more milk for him at around 6am but he still didn’t want to sleep after finishing that. *Sigh*
Put him in his cot, he kept standing up and even started to clap his hands once but he realised he was falling down so he faster held on to the railings. 😂
He wanted to get out after a while so he kept trying to grab my shirt after standing. But he kept saying “Ba ba ba”. Ask him to call Mama and he did, once, almost crying. Lol.
My BB is such a big boy now… 😘😘😘 Time pls pass slower!
Asked Mr Toh to look after him while I went to get ready for work.
Headed home after work first. Finally got Mr Toh to lower down BB’s bed because the little rascal can stand while holding on to the railings already.
After making him sleep, we then headed out to 401.

3rd Sept
BB can pull himself up with the sofa and stand liao! Darn fast! He just learnt to sit up by himself not that long ago. 😱 宝贝好棒哦! Time pls slow down. I can’t bear to see him grow up so fast! He’s already super not babyish as compared to a few months ago, I miss that stage. 😭
Brought helper out to TT $ back to her family and bought lunch home as well.
Naughty boy didn’t wanna sleep when I tried to get him to nap. Maybe cause it was in our room and he kept wanting to stand. T.T

4th Sept
Mr Toh’s off~ Bringing BB out later, luckily the mozzie patches arrived ytd in time~
Headed to MBS after Mr Toh woke uo, Mr Toh babywearing BB! So cute!
Had lunch at Ding Tai Fung after waiting for half an hour. So crowded there. O.O
BB sat in his baby chair and this notty boy started making noise after a while so I fed him some of my soup noodles. This Korean couple sitting beside us kept looking and smiling at BB, BB kept looking at them too but he doesn’t smile. :X
Then when they left, they said bye-bye and the guy came over, cupped BB’s cheeks and said Aneong~ haha so funny.
Nelly and Audrey came to join us later too. Daniel also came shortly. Pokémon time~ I didn’t play much, mostly was Mr Toh helping me to catch. Weather was unbearably hot too. Fed BB his porridge while I was carrying him, heh babywearing ftw!
But it was too hot to sleep so I left for home first. Not much Pokémon-ing can be done when I’m carrying BB anyway~

6th September
My 1st 10km egg hatched an onix. 2nd one hatched a Spearow. 😒 Thanks ah.
Met Mr Toh after my work at Farrer Park and we walked over to Jalan Besar to meet Gerald. Wanted to have our fave duck rice but it’s not there! Moved already but dunno where. Hai.
So Gerald brought us to try this 卤肉饭. Not bad lah but the people damn attitude.
Their braised big intestines damn nice though.
We then headed to Kovan as Gerald’s specs got problem. After Mr Toh fixed it, we went to Xin Wang for dessert.

14th Sept
Stupid F1, made my bus so late. I decided to walk over to Anson Rd to take the other bus but it left just as I was waiting for the traffic light! 😬
Mad rush after work to bring BB to Dad’s house. Luckily our helper already packed most of it.
BB got very sleepy soon after we arrived so gave him his milk and tried to make him sleep. He took a while to fall asleep cause I think he’s not used to the new environment. Hope he will be ok~

15th Sept
Daniel and Andrew came to fetch us. We had breakfast at the airport and off we went~ Reached Vietnam after an uneventful flight. Checked into the hotel at D7 and we walked over to have lunch at Tokyo Deli.
Dinner with Andrew at Hotpot Story at Vivo. Yeap, there is a Vivocity at Saigon, opened by the same company. Daniel flew our aeroplane to meet his gf. Tsk.
We met Yixiang too, for a short tea session.


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