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BB Update

Posted on: April 29, 2017

BB’s 16 months and 21 days today.

Been super long since I’ve posted here. Heh.

From a chubby baby, he’s become a cheeky toddler. I just love him so much.

He can say some words now and sometimes mumble some gibberish too. Mama, Papa, Popo, bird bird, ou ou (dog), moo moo (cow), ma (horse), bus (pronounced like ba), train train, ma (wipe), na (banana) & pen (open). That’s all I can think of.

When he wants something, he will point to it and nod his head. When he doesn’t want something, he will shake his head, sometimes accompanied by shaking his raised palm too. 😄

He can open a screw top bottle! 😱 His fingers will hold the cap and turn left turn right. Then it will loosen and he will pull it off.

He knows how to open Dad’s gate today. 😱 He tip toed and turned the doorknob. Lol…So clever.

He will hold his own milk bottle now, used to be so lazy. Or the old bottle too fat not nice to hold. It kept leaking so we changed it at the previous baby fair.

When he’s sleepy, he will ask for milk but doesn’t always finish it.

Then he flips around the bed trying to find a comfortable position and finally sleeps after 15 minutes.

He’s developing really well and his check ups have went well too.

I just find him not chubby enough hahaha, activity level really too high.

BB’s daily schedule so far:

6:30am to 7am – Wake up then milk / bathe / breakfast

9:30am – 1st nap

12pm – Lunch

2pm – 2nd nap usually around an hour

Snacks and fruits around 3pm plus.

6pm – Dinner then bathe

7:30pm – Bedtime


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