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Time really flies. In the blink of an eye, 2/3 of November has passed!

03/11 (Monday)
Mr Toh’s off day~~ I met him at Dhoby Ghaut and we headed to Shaw Lido to catch John Wick which XM recommended.
We had dinner at Watami at Ion before that because Itacho’s queue was too long. The food was ok at Watami, the Caesar salad and their grilled pork skewer was nice. Salmon sushi was not bad too.
John Wick was good, lotsa action and pretty good acting by Keanu Reeves.

04/11 (Tuesday)
Mr Toh met me at Vivocity and we decided to have dinner at Shin Kushiya. What a bad decision. Their food was so salty! We feedback to the staff and his response was that the food is supposed to be prepared that way. Pls leh, you want to give your customers kidney problems?? WTF you mean by the food is supposed to be salty. Stupid answer.
Anyway, the meal costs us $70+, super not worth it! We could have lots more satisfaction at Itacho!! Why isn’t there an Itacho at Vivo?! =X

We then headed to Mustafa to check out handphones. Nothing caught my eye but Mr Toh saw a red HTC One E8 that he liked. The color is really pretty, I saw a deal online but the red set costs $120 more than the black one. Mr Toh ended up settling for the black one as he couldn’t justify the $120.

05/11 (Wednesday)
Met Mr Toh after his work to catch Sifu vs Vampires at Nex.

Helped Mr Toh order his handphone on Lazada from this seller Kile.

They are damn efficient!! I ordered on 06/11 night, phone was packed on 08/11 morning and shipped on 09/11 and I received it in the office the next morning! Amazing service.

08/11 (Saturday)
I went to the gym at Tampines to attend the hot yoga class! Tampines much nearer and the timing is more suitable than the Tanjong Pagar branch. The gym at Tampines is so much bigger but less atas than Tanjong Pagar, but still had a good experience here. =)

09/11 (Sunday)
Mr Toh’s off day! ❤
We went to Punggol Settlement for brunch! Tried out Bacon & Booze but hmmm, food and service not up to our standard. Mr Toh was so happy at first to see that they had croissants on their menu but it was not available. Tsk. We ended up sharing a breakfast platter, we felt that none of the items were really delicious. Their Nutella milkshake was awesome though. While waiting for the bus later on, we saw Li Nanxing! I almost gathered up my courage to ask him for a photo but decided not to in the end as he was in a break from filming and the weather was so freaking hot, he just looked very poor thing lah.

We went back home to rest and Mr Toh headed out at 4pm to celebrate his colleague's birthday while I stayed home to prepare myself to attend Corine's wedding at Novotel! Was contemplating taking the MRT there was it was at Clarke Quay only but Mr Toh was very sweet, he passed me some cash and asked me to take a cab there. His reasoning was that, I would be all dolled up and if I take the MRT, I could end up being a sweaty mess by the time I get there. Heehee. Thankful that he is so thoughtful. =) Had an enjoyable time at the dinner, loved seeing her gowns, very pretty and Korean style! Congratulations to Corine & her husband, wishing them a lifetime of everlasting bliss.

13/11 (Thursday)
Mr Toh was off and he had a craving for bak chor mee. Specifically the stall that used to be at Marina Square. So I ended up meeting him at Lavender for the Hill Street Tai Hwa Bak Chor Mee. Damn yums. We realised the $6 portion is too small for Mr Toh. Next time must add noodles.
Then headed to Dhoby Ghaut to try to find screen protector for his E8 but the shops were closing already. *oops*
We then met Daniel for dim sum at 126. Goodness. Really is fat die me. Lol.
It ended up raining when we were finishing eating……and we had to accompany Daniel to wait for the rain to be smaller before he could leave on his motorbike.

15/11 (Saturday)
Went to the gym again for yoga! Then headed to Kovan to try out the scalp treatment at Bee Choo Origins. Hmm…not much comment for the scalp treatment as I've only done it once. Still thinking if I should go back again.

16/11 (Sunday)
Mr Toh's off day again! Wee! I love it when he has weekends off.
I asked Mr Toh if he wanted to try a $4 million charsiew recipe. He was game for it but we were sorely disappointed. Char siew is ok, fatty parts were yum. But honestly, yummy fatty char siew is quite easy to find. The roasted meat was damn blah, like chewing cardboard. And the rice! Worst item on the plate, so dry and tasteless. We think Bedok Cooked Food at Kovan hawker tastes much better overall. I think Aztech Group kena con.

Cabbed over to Queensway Shopping Center after that. I managed to find a really cute sized and functional deuter gym bag that comes with a built in shoe compartment. I also bought a smaller sized Camelbak eddy water bottle, it's really cute! We have the Camelbak water bottle in a bigger size which is perfect when cycling long distances outdoor but I find it too bulky to bring to the gym.

After that, we went to Ikea to walk around and we saw the Billy bookshelves that could work in our study room, so am in the midst of planning~~
We had our dinner at Ikea and cabbed home after that because I was feeling under the weather. Had a bit of flu and cough, thankfully I recovered in a few days time.

In other news, I bought myself a new phone too! The camera on the old phone was busted and I couldn't stand not having a camera. After days of research, I finally decided on the ZTE Nubia Z7 Max. Also bought it on Lazada from T-Dimension. I bought it at only S$379!

They are slightly slower but I supposed I was spoiled by the efficiency of Kile. Lol. Ordered on 14/11 and received the phone on 19/11. Also very fast! Very pleased with the phone~~~ Ordered the casing on Taobao, can’t wait to receive it! Then went down to adix82 mobile shop at Burlington Square as I saw on hardwarezone that he has the tempered glass screen protector. The phone came rooted and with a screen protector already but the fingerprints on it were too horrible! So I decided to change it. =)

Meeting my girls later tonight for K. Cook Korean BBQ for Charlene’s belated birthday~~ Hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long. I cannot wait!


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