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Update: I got a new order email and food will be delivered in 20 mins. I hope they can be fast, my lunch ends at 2pm and I am starving!! Thanks to Sathish via the app’s live chat. Seriously, the app’s live chat function kinda sucks….

Seriously. I have always been a loyal customer because I really love the convenience of ordering food online from different restaurants for our lunch as we are so sick of the food below our office.

So today, we just ordered our lunch and food was delivered promptly as always. But 1 item was missing. We ordered a maguro don, a yakiniku don and 2 fish & chips. They only delivered 1 fish & chips. No biggie, I called the CS and requested for re-delivery. I mean, I have to eat lunch right!?

Then, about 10 mins after the call, I got an email saying my order is cancelled because payment cannot be processed. I checked the app, it says order is cancelled. Wtf?!

I try calling the hotline again and it goes dead after a few rings. SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT FOODPANDA.


Is this the way to treat a customer??? If for whatever reason the missing item cannot be delivered, at least have the courtesy to CALL ME RIGHT?!

And now I am waiting for a reply via their live chat which is super slow.

Fucking hell.

Great, the Live Chat just closed because, and I quote, “WE HAVE NOT HEARD FROM YOU IN A WHILE SO THIS CHAT SESSION HAS BEEN CLOSED”













Posted on: July 16, 2014

Ordered ramen for lunch using foodpanda again~! They were very nice to contact me after my previous post because I had linked to the wrong link and after I rectified it, they gave me $10 voucher! How awesome is that?! Thank you again!

I saw that they had Men-Tei which I had previously ate at their restaurant with Mr Toh and Vivien was a fan so…ramen it is! Delivery was very fast too, it reached in less than an hour. Perhaps because the restaurant was very near our office.

Packed separately.
 photo IMG_20140715_125303.jpg

After all the awesome yummy soup is poured in. Delicious but still tastes better at the shop itself.
 photo IMG_20140715_125425.jpg

Felt like eating pasta yesterday when I reached home after work, so I cooked bacon aglio olio!
 photo IMG_20140715_202559.jpg

Mr Toh’s been very busy with his shop’s roadshow recently. The physical shop is undergoing renovations, hence they moved the shop out to do a roadshow instead. It sound hectic but the sales aren’t that good.

Went to find him for dinner after his work yesterday because he did not have time to eat.
And I was so ‘lucky’ to meet with LRT problem. T_T But luckily, I can still take the other side to Punggol MRT. Lol~~
Got shocked by Charlene at Heartland Mall when I was waiting for Mr Toh. Such a coincidence to see her! I was still thinking why this lady stand so close to me. Hahahaha~ Headed home after Mr Toh had a satisfying dinner of his favourite mee tai bak at Mee Sek food court.

New specs! This one is exclusively for office use.
 photo IMG_20140715_075056-1.jpg

Because my eyes get so tired after a long day facing the computer, Mr Toh made a pair of lower degree specs for me. =) This one, really is occupation hazard, so concerned about my eyes. Haha.

Cooked dinner for myself on Monday too. Garlic butter mushroom & soy baked salmon. =)

Dinner with my Kindle. (○’ω’○)
 photo IMG_20140714_211415.jpg

Wanted to add spaghetti too but decided not to at the last min as it seems a bit too much.

Spent the whole of Sunday doing housework~~~ Then headed to Grandpa’s house at night for his birthday. Love these gatherings because the buffet is damn nice. Haha. =X

Mr Toh couldn’t come because he had to work OT to pack up the shop before they close for renovation. *sayang*

Saturday was our pak tor day because Mr Toh had an off day! YAY!! ❤

We headed out to Tampines for lunch. Decided to have Suki-Ya.
Worst decision ever. The Tonyu Miso soup base was nice but their variety was very limited and the meat was not fresh. T_T

Mr Toh before we realised how bad the place was. Or maybe this was after. Just look at that expression. Hahaha!
 photo IMG_20140712_144742.jpg

 photo IMG_20140712_144724.jpg

All kinds of balls. These were ok. I mean, how hard is it to screw this up?
 photo IMG_20140712_144730.jpg

Mushroom, veggies and cheese tofu. Again, how hard to screw this up? It’s all ready made!
 photo IMG_20140712_144734.jpg

The meat. Unsatisfactory. >=(
 photo IMG_20140712_144738.jpg

On a side note, saw that Boston Seafood is opening next to Suki-Ya this Friday, next time I will patronise them to try their lobster roll!

Cabbed over to Elias Mall to buy LED light for our room. Stupid Philips LED lights spoilt after only half a year when the salesperson told us it could last for years. ZZZ. Not going back to Balestier to buy lights again.

Otw wefie~
 photo IMG_20140712_155744.jpg

Outside Elias Mall selfie while waiting for Mr Toh.
 photo IMG_20140712_160845.jpg

After buying the light, we had a drink at the coffeeshop and rested for awhile before heading home to keep the light and to rest for a while.

Selfie again. =X
 photo IMG_20140712_164711.jpg

Headed to Plaza Singapura to buy the Samsung S5 for Dad first, then we headed to UE Square for dinner.

Mr Toh was craving for Jap BBQ, specifically Gyu-Kaku. Of course I wasn’t going to say no!
We had no reservations so I was afraid we’d have to wait a long while. But we were lucky, no queue and space available!

 photo IMG_20140712_204716.jpg

Mr Toh playing a fool
 photo IMG_20140712_205025.jpg

Iberico platter. Awesome awesome awesome meats!!! More than made up for the afternoon’s disappoinment!! The best cut was the one on the top centre. Absolutely divine.
 photo IMG_20140712_211225.jpg

So awesome with the scallions that we asked for more.
 photo IMG_20140712_205512.jpg

 photo IMG_20140712_205517.jpg

Oh my goodness. We loved the mushrooms too! Very tasty!
 photo IMG_20140712_211221.jpg

Headed to Dad’s home after that to pass him the phone and Mr Toh was helping him transfer his data. We were there till 1am plus. I was a walking zombie after that…lol.


Posted on: July 8, 2014

Had an awesome lunch last Friday! Colleague ordered Nihon Mura via Foodpanda. First time we are using their service and it was quite good. Delivery was fast, took about an hour and the food was yummy!

The side dishes were delicious. Loved the egg, the octupus and the jelly too! Salmon was overcooked, to be expected for delivery but tasted good. Am feeling hungry just looking at this. O.O
 photo IMG_20140704_124357.jpg

Met Mr Toh after work at Gugu’s shop where we had dinner then headed home. While on the way home, I asked Mr Toh if he wanted to watch a movie, he said yes but no movie that he wanted to watch. So I decided on The Fault in Our Stars! Booked the tickets but didn’t tell him what movie. HAHAHA. =P


Hazel and Gus are two teenagers who share an acerbic wit, a disdain for the conventional, and a love that sweeps them on a journey. Their relationship is all the more miraculous given that Hazel’s other constant companion is an oxygen tank, Gus jokes about his prosthetic leg, and they met and fell in love at a cancer support group.


Hmmmmm. What should I say? I’ve read the book before but didn’t really LOVE love it. I thought it was pretty touching but that’s it.
Mr Toh thought the movie was OK.
I, however, cried like a baby. I thought the movie was very touching and well acted. I don’t really fancy Shailene Woodley as Hazel though. But I LOVED Ansel Elgort as Gus! Just the opposite of the Divergent movie where I preferred Shailene’s casting to Ansel’s. Hahaha. I thought Ansel was really great in this movie, very lovable.
Oooh, I also thought the actor cast as Hazel’s father was really hot. =X

More salmon craving on Sat. Mum went out early, Mr Toh and Sis was at work, so I decided to cook my own lunch. Cooking mojo is back!

Headed to Punggol Plaza to buy salmon and mushrooms for my pasta~~ They didn’t have any white button mushrooms though. I ended up buying these Swiss brown mushrooms that looked similar, and after googling, it seems they’re quite similar.

Decided to cook salmon & mushroom cream pasta.

Start boiling a pot of water and add salt for the spaghetti.

Had to pan fry the salmon in butter first. Goodness….I hated it! Made the whole kitchen floor and wall so oily. T_T

Looked really good after pan frying, I was so tempted to eat it just like that.
 photo IMG_20140705_140452.jpg

Add spaghetti to the water once it boils.

Then add more butter to the pan and fry the mushrooms. I forgot an important step here…..I forgot to add salt!! My pasta ended up quite bland. =(
 photo IMG_20140705_141615.jpg

Shredded the salmon, then added the whipping cream to the mushrooms, let it cook for a few minutes until cream is thicker then add in the salmon. Because I like my pasta spicy, I added 1 small chili chopped.

After a while more, add in the pasta. Stir to mix the whole thing together and dish on your plate.

And the final product! Showed the photo to Mr Toh and he said it looks good. Hee. Really looks good huh?? But portion was so big I couldn’t finish the whole thing. T_T I think my estimation skills still need more work.
 photo IMG_20140705_142700.jpg

Mr Toh bought some cake mixes when we were at Mustafa. Finished my housework after my meal so then I decided to bake a cake!

Looks good too. HEHEHEHE.
 photo IMG_20140705_164710.jpg

But while removing the cake from the pan, it broke in half. OH MY GOD. Managed to salvage a big piece that resembles a cake shape, then added dark chocolate frosting but the end product looks damn ugly so no pictures. HAHAHA. Mr Toh said the cake was a bit dry but taste wise was still OK. Not bad lah~

Finished reading Nora Robert’s The Collector over the weekend. Hmm, I liked the story but I realised I don’t like her writing style. Just not appealing to me…

Attended an ex colleague’s wedding at MBS on Sunday~

Wore the new maxi that Huiyi bought for me from Bangkok~

Didn’t manage to take a full OTD. I loved the maxi! Too lazy to wear heels but the length was perfect for me, no alteration needed at all.
 photo IMG_20140706_195236.jpg

 photo IMG_20140706_202527.jpg

The food was really good and they even hired Kumar for entertainment!

 photo IMG_20140706_221930.jpg
 photo IMG_20140706_222409.jpg

We had a really good time! He was hilarious, occasionally even laughing at his own jokes. LOL.

Wishing the lovely couple happiness forever~~

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