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Update: I got a new order email and food will be delivered in 20 mins. I hope they can be fast, my lunch ends at 2pm and I am starving!! Thanks to Sathish via the app’s live chat. Seriously, the app’s live chat function kinda sucks….

Seriously. I have always been a loyal customer because I really love the convenience of ordering food online from different restaurants for our lunch as we are so sick of the food below our office.

So today, we just ordered our lunch and food was delivered promptly as always. But 1 item was missing. We ordered a maguro don, a yakiniku don and 2 fish & chips. They only delivered 1 fish & chips. No biggie, I called the CS and requested for re-delivery. I mean, I have to eat lunch right!?

Then, about 10 mins after the call, I got an email saying my order is cancelled because payment cannot be processed. I checked the app, it says order is cancelled. Wtf?!

I try calling the hotline again and it goes dead after a few rings. SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT FOODPANDA.


Is this the way to treat a customer??? If for whatever reason the missing item cannot be delivered, at least have the courtesy to CALL ME RIGHT?!

And now I am waiting for a reply via their live chat which is super slow.

Fucking hell.

Great, the Live Chat just closed because, and I quote, “WE HAVE NOT HEARD FROM YOU IN A WHILE SO THIS CHAT SESSION HAS BEEN CLOSED”












Weather has been super good the past weekend! Loving the cool weather and hazeless days~

Having dark pigmentation on my armpits recently. Sad. 😦 Hope it goes away after giving birth!

Feet starting to swell again, notice it only swells during weekdays. Weekends they’d be fine! Cannot fit into any of my old shoes so am surviving on my slippers and sandals. Hope my feet size goes back to normal too!

Tummy also itching like crazy since Sat, asked Mr Toh to help me double check my tummy and he said got rashes too. 😥

Called up the clinic and they said can apply calamine lotion so I asked Mr Toh to help me buy and he fast hand fast leg bought it. Love him so much! 😘

I realised the rash feels so much better already after applying it for 2 days and restraining myself from rubbing. Mr Toh said heat from my hands make it worse, maybe he’s right. Anyway, yay!!

I also realised I lost my debit card when I got home on Tuesday. Apparently I left it at the top up machine after topping up my ezlink card. 😒
First time this ever happened to me, so can i blame it on my pregnancy brain? 😂

Called up the bank to check for any recent transactions and also to block it temporarily while I try to find it.

Told Mr Toh about it yesterday and he laughed at me. He then gave me back my atm card for the time being as we hold each other’s atm card and our own debit cards. Hee. Thanks Laogong~

Went to the control station just now to ask and yes, my card was really there! Yay again!! Thankful to the person who turned it in instead of throwing it away or something. Weeee~~ But then still have to replace as they are concerned someone might have copied down my card details and can use it in the future. Wow. I didn’t even think of that. Hmm.

Met Mr Toh at Nex after my work yesterday. Fish soup for me again. XD Yummy~ Mr Toh didn’t eat as he already ate shortly before meeting me.

We collected his altered pants and headed to Grandpa’s house to visit him. Glad to see that he’s much better now.

Left at 10pm to meet Andrew and Gerald for supper at Rivervale Plaza McDonald’s. Fat fat me. 😛 We stayed chatting till 12am plus and Gerald gave us a lift home again. So nice of him. 😊

Gonna be having a maternity shoot on next Monday morning and then appointment with Dr Chua later in the afternoon. Hehe. BB, we’re gonna be seeing you soon lo~~~ He’s hiccuping away right at this moment as I type this. Lol. Such a funny feeling. 🙂

Tuesday’s also Mr Toh’s off! Yay! He’s gonna be collecting BB’s cot from his cousin with the help of Dad.

Sprained my ankle a week before Phuket, I thought I’d give it a few days to recover before I leave for Phuket but it wasn’t recovering…so went down to Kovan to see a Chinese physician.
Errr, the uncle didn’t do anything to my ankle besides warming it, applying a thick black medicine and bandaging it. O.O $40 gone just like that.

Not a serious sprain but wrapped till like pig’s leg.
 photo IMG_20140322_190430.jpg

Mr Toh asked if the uncle did any massage for my ankle, when I said no, he shook his head. As expected, my ankle did not recover. But it was still tolerable during my trip in Phuket. The massages helped too. xD

We got back in Singapore on 28/04 at around 11pm plus, the next day we went for Thai food again with Mummy.
We went back to Sakon Thai but I find their food standard has dropped a lot. Probably won’t be going back again le.

Happened to pass by a TCM clinic and wanted to try to heal my ankle again.

What I didn’t count on is the physician is quite young and very very funny! Very long winded also but very nice and patient.

He did some tui na on my ankle and it hurt like a bitch. T_T Applied some thick black medicine as well (why is it always black?) and bandaged it for me. $35 only! Even including the tuina and he must have spent more than half an hour because he was also busy talking to Mr Toh and my mum. Lol.

Ankle felt no pain already after the session. Highly recommended!

Physician Feng Zhentong
Yida TCM Clinic
Blk 152 Serangoon North Ave 1 #01-334 S(550152)
HP: 9383 7333

Bandaged like a pig’s leg again. Lucky I can remove it the next day already.
 photo IMG_20140329_200611.jpg

Long overdue meet up with Chris on 03/04 for dinner. We went to Itacho sushi! So good to see her after so long.

After dinner, I bought Snaffles cheesecake for Mr Toh, he said it’s nice. =D I always love it when he likes the food I buy for him. Hehe.
 photo IMG_20140403_222344.jpg

It’s Qing Ming again, time passes so fast. This year, Mr Toh was off on Sat 05/04 and so, we prayed at home, then headed to Bright Hill to meet up with his dad and brothers to pray to his mom.

Caught Noah in the evening with his brothers.


From the inspirational story of courage, sacrifice, hope and redemption, Darren Aronofsky (“Black Swan,” “The Wrestler,” “The Fountain”) brings to the screen “Noah.”

Academy Award® winner Russell Crowe portrays the man chosen by God to undertake a momentous mission of rescue before an apocalyptic flood destroys the world.

Never before has the full story been brought to life on screen in a vivid epic – inviting the audience to experience these spectacular events through the eyes and emotions of Noah and his family, as they journey through fear and faith, destruction and triumph, hardship and hope.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. The movie was so so only..not a favourite of mine though I do love Russell Crowe’s acting.

Sunday, we went tomb sweeping for my daddy, just our family as Mr Toh has to work. I bought cigarettes, beer, liquor and a massage chair for him this year! Hahahah, hope he likes them. Next year I will buy a car and yacht!

After that, bro brought us to eat abalone noodles and salt baked
chicken. His treat! Woo!

Chicken was quite yummy!
 photo IMG_20140406_125959.jpg

Noodles portion was very small, therefore quite pricey. I think it’s not worth the price as the taste wasn’t really that fantastic.
 photo IMG_20140406_130024.jpg

Met Mr Toh for dinner on Monday after work~ My favourite ichiban boshi!

Tried something different today~

My set
 photo IMG_20140407_195014.jpg

That consisted of:
Pork shabu pot, the pork wasn’t that tasty..but the broth and mushrooms were nice!
 photo IMG_20140407_195029.jpg

Smoked duck sushi that was yums!
 photo IMG_20140407_195021.jpg

And the BEST dish of all – Broccoli with salmon, cheese and mentaiko. OMG. SO. YUMMY. Even Mr Toh agreed with me and he’s not a big fan of mentaiko or cooked salmon.
 photo IMG_20140407_195024.jpg

Our breakfast on 09/04 Wed, handmade by boss’s girlfriend, aiyo, so nice of her~ Yummy and fresh tasting!
 photo IMG_20140409_095602.jpg

Randomly, I saw this quote one day after buying breakfast. So true for me especially on working days. Haha, so funny.
 photo IMG_20140410_074051.jpg

Caught 2 more movies with Mr Toh.


After the cataclysmic events in New York with The Avengers, Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” finds Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, living quietly in Washington, D.C. and trying to adjust to the modern world. But when a S.H.I.E.L.D. colleague comes under attack, Steve becomes embroiled in a web of intrigue that threatens to put the world at risk. Joining forces with the Black Widow, Captain America struggles to expose the ever-widening conspiracy while fighting off professional assassins sent to silence him at every turn. When the full scope of the villainous plot is revealed, Captain America and the Black Widow enlist the help of a new ally, the Falcon. However, they soon find themselves up against an unexpected and formidable enemy—the Winter Soldier.


This was nice! Loved the storyline twist and of course, the handsome Chris Evans.

Then we caught another movie on Thurs 10/04, running out of movies to watch, so we caught a Chinese one. It turned out to be a good choice!

Detective Johnny Du (Wong Cho Lam) was smart and agile but his short height has hindered him from joining the G4 protection detail for the HK Chief Executive. His sassy girl friend bullied him all the time, leaving him depressed at work and at home. His helplessness attracted Vincent, the devil Prince (Chapman To) and Jim, the Angel to fight for his soul.


Super funny show!! Love how hilarious Chapman To is. Very entertained and stress reliving. Hehe.

Can’t wait to watch Ice Man too!

Finished reading the Divergent series and I must say I’m not a fan of the writer….

Am currently on the 3rd book of the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay, I’m so hooked on it!

Also have books 1 – 5 of the Game of Thrones series, wonder if they’re nice to read. Been so hooked on the TV series lately. Yes, I know I’m super slow but at least I’m watching them now!

So. I was on leave yesterday as we were meeting the doctor to discuss Mummy’s case.

I ended up waking really early anyway…around 7:30am. T_T I woke up to see Mr Toh already awake and watching his anime. Tsk. He asked me if I still wanted to sleep…I was already awake so I said no. So we prepared to go out for breakfast and to go down to our new house as we had an appointment for the installation of cooker gas.

We got a pleasant surprise when we walked in.

The cabinets were up on the left side already! Woots!

I chose white for the cabinets as I wanted our tiny kitchen to look clean and spacious. It already looks dreadfully small though..I hope the final results will look better. =X

Then I walked into the Master bedroom and saw another surprise!

Our bay window laminate is up too! Weee!!


Mr Ang advised us to choose a laminate that matches the floor as it will look better. So I chose this laminate based on my memory of what our bedroom floor look like. =X Luckily it’s quite close~ xD

We headed to a coffeeshop nearby to rot and play game while waiting for time to pass before we go down to SGH to see Mummy. I’m so hooked on this mobile RPG game, Inotia 3 now. =X

Mummy’s hand is healing nicely, just waiting to remove stitches on 29/08.

SGH’s diagnosis is the same as TTSH…wish they didn’t have to extract the bone marrow a 2nd time. T_T Anyway, she is starting treatment today, hopefully everything goes well. The cycle for the medicine is 5 days, then after that, they have to keep her in the hospital for around 3 weeks for observation.

Mummy’s been in hospital for a month now… =”( At least she is in a 4 bedded ward now where there are other patients to chat with her. Most of them are very nice.

However, there’s a patient who was just admitted 2 days ago who, honestly speaking, is very unfriendly, stuck up and inconsiderate.

She always asks the nurses to on the air con in the room but the other patients, Mummy included, are very afraid of the cold, especially 1 of the auntie who’s undergoing treatment at the moment so she is especially vulnerable to cold.
And she herself wears TWO pairs of pants and WINTER SOCKS. What the fuck is this you tell me? Even Mr Toh feels cold when he visits, even the nurses are cold.

Then, when the nurse talked to her about this issue, that there are 3 elderly ladies and she as a younger person, can she give in to them. She just said she feels very ‘xing ku’ when the aircon is off. Zzz. So the nurse also LL lor..she can only give the other patients extra blankets.

Yesterday, it was raining the whole afternoon, so after meeting the doctor and we went back to the room, I asked the nurse to turn off the aircon as my mum was feeling very cold and they said OK. Not 5 mins later, she came out of her bed where the curtain was drawn to ask the nurse to turn it back on. Wtf.

We all tolerated her, never mind.

But yesterday, one thing happened that flipped Mr Toh off and he told them off. What was the thing, you ask? Well, her husband and her went out of the ward, maybe for dinner or what I don’t know and they left the aircon on.

Mr Toh saw them going down when he came back from a smoke break and he immediately went to the room to see if they had the courtesy to inform the nurse to off the aircon because you already know the other patients are always very cold right! But no. They didn’t think of that. Mr Toh was sooo angry he kept simmering. He was at the aircon switch area and kinda exploded when they came back to the room after almost an hour. I said kinda because he didn’t shout, he just talked really loudly.

I was at Mummy’s bed and got shocked when I heard the commotion.

Mr Toh questioned them why they didn’t think of turning off the aircon when they were going out of the room. The guy replied it’s not their job. WTF?
Of course we know it’s not your job. We are just asking that you have some courtesy and consideration for the 3 elderly ladies who are unfortunately sharing the ward with you.

After some blabbing, the wife said to the husband, “Call the security.” Errrrrr.
Firstly, the ward is not yours alone, you don’t own it. Everyone pays for it.
Secondly, if the security guard comes up, your husband has to go too, duh. I almost LOL-ed when I heard that. RIDICULOUS. They think they own the place.

Then, Mr Toh retorted that they should stay in an A class ward if she wants the aircon on the whole day. She can even say that the other patients should go! Mr Toh just said to her to use her brain to think, that she is asking the other 3 patients in a 4 bedded ward to move because of her? Oh my god. Who the hell does she think she is?

I was so pissed by then. But I remained civil. I just emphasized to her that what we are trying to say, is that the other 3 patients are very cold and for her to please have some consideration for them. She then said Mr Toh also no need to shout at her right. Trying to change the subject.. *sigh* If only she can hear what Mr Toh’s shout sounds like.

She continued to say that when she was admitted, she requested for a fan but the nurse said no. Shortly after that, she called the nurse on duty and asked for a fan again and they managed to find one for her. You’d think that’ll shut her up but no. When the nurse brought the fan to her, my sis heard her complaining that if they had just given her the fan on the 1st day, this wouldn’t have happened. O.o

Things kinda calmed down after that but the whole atmosphere was so awkward. I could also keep hearing her mumbling and complaining to the husband. Surprisingly the husband shut up after the 1st comment. Hmm. The husband also another one kind. He used the patient’s toilet!! In a female ward!! Wah lao eh.
When my auntie used it the other day, the nurse reminded her that the toilet is for patients only. My auntie didn’t know because she doesn’t know English so she couldn’t read the sign on the door. BUT that couple only speaks English from what Mummy says, couldn’t be that he cannot read English right?! TSK.

She was supposed to be discharged yesterday but don’t know why, she is still there! Auntie looked kinda disappointed when she changed back to the hospital clothes. =X

*sigh* Well, at least she has a fan now. Maybe she should thank Mr Toh for that. HAHAHA!! =X

Hopefully the aircon will not be on so frequently now. The weather’s so rainy & cold recently and Mummy’s starting her ATG treatment, I hope she doesn’t feel too cold. My mum knows that she has her rights too ok…she will definitely ask the nurse to off the aircon if she or Auntie is too cold. Luckily she isn’t too shy or what. Good for her I say!

On Thursday, I met Mr Toh at Vivo to buy some stuff for Mummy and I grabbed a quick bite at Toast Box. I was really craving for otah so I had their otah bread.

Very meh. Otah was spread very thinly and bland. The bread was nice enough though.

On Friday, I had to OT so I skipped dinner and visited Mummy.

We were heading home and were at Kovan MRT when I remarked that we didn’t watch a movie yet this week. I kept remembering that there was a movie I wanted to catch last week. So I checked the phone and remembered that it was Cold Light of Day! There was still many seats available so we headed back to the MRT platform and went to Nex!


After his family is kidnapped during their sailing trip in Spain, a young Wall Street trader is confronted by the people responsible: intelligence agents looking to recover a mysterious briefcase.


That’s funny, I have no recollection of the movie mentioning that he was a trader. The movie was quite bad honestly. Very slow moving and I thought the action scenes were lame. It was such a disappointment! I was so looking forward to it. Henry Cavill is really hot though. Kinda the only redeeming factor. Haha! =X So ummm, don’t catch this if you can. =)

On Saturday, we were having steamboat at Mr Toh’s friend/partner’s home at Clementi so we headed to the NTUC at the mall there to buy more meat, some drinks and ice cream. =D Really disliked the NTUC there though, soooo crampy and crowded even though the place looks huge.

I like their steamboat pot! Love the grill in the middle.

Some of the spread. xD~~

The white cubes on the top of the grill is pork lard. XDDD Much better than using butter which tends to burn. But also more unhealthy. But the food turns out so yummy!! =x

And the soup! I tell you, the soup was awesome! After we had been eating for a while, the soup was so sweet. Lots of ingredients in it but not salty at all and I didn’t get sick of the soup at all. We were sooo full after that we skipped dinner.
Hence we only ate one meal that day. Hahahaha!

I also really love their home decor! The kitchen is open concept with a counter top and there’s also a wall filled with framed family photos. Gonna kop that idea. Hehehehe.

I’ve been heading down to SGH everyday after work to see Mummy, luckily it’s so near. Mr Toh has been my rock throughout this period. I’m really thankful I have him. =’)

My sis has been wonderful too, I’m so happy she’s back and she’s just been awesome, always buying fruits, snacks and newspapers for Mummy and coming down everyday too. As for my brother, well, he does what he can and I can see that he is trying hard too.

Right now, the only thing I am wishing for is for Mummy to pull through this treatment cycle safely and without any major side effects or complications. Hope she will recover fully after this cycle of medicine and it won’t relapse. Mummy jiayou!!


Guess what is this!


Was feeling peckish on Friday afternoon while working, so decided to have some cereal with milk. But we only have strawberry milk in the office so I gave that a try. Hehe. Very nice. Sooo strawberrish.

Saturday was Mr Toh’s off day! Feels like it’s been a while since he’s had an off day on a weekend. Hmm.

Anyway, I accompanied him to Toa Payoh to settle some stuffs, after that was done, we had lunch and headed to Plaza Singapura for movies! We had no choice but to watch at GV because they were the only cinema screening Lockout.

Street Dance 2


To beat the world’s best dance crew, streetdancer, Ash (Falk Hentshel), with new friend Eddie (George Sampson), set off to gather the greatest streetdancers from around Europe, falling in love with beautiful salsa dancer, Eva (Sofia Boutella) in Paris.

With landmark locations, the most spectacular dance fusion of Latin and Street ever seen, the sequel to global smash hit StreetDance is bigger, better, bolder and back in 3D! [Source]

It was a last minute decision to catch this, wanted to catch Lockout initially but we decided to watch this first, then watch Lockout later! Wee!

Street Dance 2 was ok, I didn’t really like it though the dancing scenes were pretty awesome. I don’t remember watching Street Dance 1 but I don’t think there was much of a connection. Mr Toh commented that the lead actress wasn’t that pretty but she was very seductive when she was dancing and I totally agree! But overall, this movie is only recommended if you have nothing else to do and likes to watch people dancing. =X

After this movie, we have about an hour before the next one started so we went for a bite at KFC~ The usual Zinger for Mr Toh and cheese fries for me!

Then it was time for Lockout~~


A man wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espoionage against the US is offered his freedom if he can rescue the president’s daughter from an outer space prison taken over by violent inmates.[Source]

Mr Toh heard the synopsis of this movie when we were on the cab earlier and it seems pretty interesting so we decided to watch it~ Bad visual effects aside, the movie was not bad, pretty funny and the storyline was kinda interesting to me with some twists. I like the main lead, Guy Pearce! Eye candy~~ He was kind of a jerk but he’s the good guy who got framed. Super like the happy ending too. Haha. I’d recommend this movie but probably not during weekends. Somehow I don’t feel it was worth the weekend price.

We bought CHIPPY sausage with mashed potatoes and fish & chips after the movie~ Their sausage with mashed potatoes are always yummeh~~ As for the fish & chips, we felt the fish wasn’t very fresh but still OK, at least there was no stinky fish smell. It was a tad salty though.

After we finished eating, we headed to Tampines McDonald’s to meet Ben and Andrew~ Sat there and chatted until 12pm plus when we had to leave as Mr Toh was working the next day~

It was a bad day for me actually. Or at least a bad afternoon. There was some work problems and it was really sucky. I was conversing on my HP until it went super low batt. And it was only 3pm then! I then had to find a LAN shop to do a permit for my warehouse. Thank goodness there was a LAN shop at Dhoby Ghaut MRT! I was so kan-cheong that the haulier would leave without my permit, then I’d kena fine by customs!

But luckily, it was a simple permit so I managed to do the permit and send it to my warehouse within 10 mins… It was actually my fault in the 1st place though, I was supposed to do it on Friday but I really forgot. I was kicking myself the whole day over it. Grrr. Must be more careful in future… *sigh*

This is not the kind of mistake I should be making! *slaps self*

I usually stay at home on Saturdays but because Mr Toh was off, so we went out.

不出门就没事,一出门就daiji liao liao.  T_T


Yeah, I really am.

Last Friday, our mouse spoilt. So while I was at Sim Lim Square with Piriya and Su, I bought a wireless mouse to replace it. When I got home that night, I surprised Mr Toh with it after he was convinced that our mouse was really spoilt. But……after he tore open the packaging and was about to use it, he realised that there was no receiver for it. Umm…I then saw the packaging.


Nothing wrong right? Wireless mouse ma.

Closer look.

For notebooks with Bluetooth technology. Notebooks! ARGH!!! Idiotic me! I said sorry to Mr Toh, sorry that his wife is an idiot. LOL. I was kicking myself. So stupid of me! Never see properly! Your eyes for what one! Darn it! But it’s OK…I got it at $56, got discount of $3. We cannot use nvm…I gave it to his younger brother Keqing to use. Heehee. No waste no waste. =P Luckily Keqing has a spare wired mouse so we used that first.

On Saturday after my facial, I was rotting at home. Wanted to cook instant noodles. I ended up breaking a bowl and cutting my hands, yes, handS, both. In 4 areas no less. T_T~~~~~~ One particular cut on my left palm was deeper and kept bleeding non-stop.

Left hand.

Right hand.

*sigh* Super duper suay! After putting on the bandages, I continued cooking my mee, making more effort to be careful.

All the other cuts are more or less healed already, only this one still very ugly looking.

I told Mr Toh that I was worried it may leave a scar, he said, “Nvm, that one is battle scar.” T_T” What battle scar sia….battle with a bowl ah? Lol.

Anyway…I am on MC today! Been years since I’ve took one! Have been sick since Tues. I woke up with a painful sore throat, chills and body aches. But I still went to work as one of my colleague is on leave, if I take MC, they’ll be super short handed. Popped 2 Panadols in the morning and felt much better till the late afternoon when I started feeling really really cold. Popped 2 more Panadol flu max and felt a little better until knock off time. Went home and took a nap. Mr Toh ta-baoed hor fun for me. After eating, I took 2 Decolgen and went back to sleep. I had a fitful sleep…kept waking up and I was drenched in sweat each time. I vaguely remember Mr Toh feeling my forehead and asking if I felt better.

Unfortunately, when I woke up the next day, I was still not well. Urgh….dragged my sorry ass to work and my manager told me to go see a doctor and take MC. But as I have to go down to the ICA today, I told her I’ll see a doc after work and take the MC today. 顺便. And she agreed. So I met Mr Toh at Compass Point Raffles Clinic yesterday. I was feeling really cold while waiting for my turn, my hands were freezing cold. I touched Mr Toh’s arm to show him how cold I was and he held my hands to keep it warm. Awww. I didn’t even mind that our hands got sweaty after a while. Hahaha. =X Doc said I have a bad case of tonsils infection and a fever of 38.5 degrees. T_T To think that I managed to ‘tong’ until after work. *sigh* He gave me a gargle for my throat, panadol for the fever and antibiotics. HUGE ones. I’ve never taken such huge pills before, omg. End up have to crush the tablet into smaller pieces each time I take them. Heehee.

Went to ICA today morning to settle some stuff and realised I have a craving for ramen. So I got off the bus at Nex and tabao-ed miso ramen. Suddenly remembered that I still haven’t bought a new mouse so I hurried to Courts to get one, double and triple checked that the one I wanted to buy can be used for computers. We don’t want a repeat idiotic situation, do we? Got home and plugged it in and YES! It works! Yay! Happily ate my ramen while watching HIMYM. *happy*

Love that they packed the soup and noodles in separate containers.

The noodles and other ingredients.

The soup.

With our powers combined, we are yummy ramen! Sorry, that’s lame. =X

New mouse! Purposely bought a red one, I think red gadgets are so chio.

I love Logitech stuff and this mouse rocks! The scroll button is so quiet!! Our old mouse had a very noisy scroll button that goes ‘click click click’ whenever we scrolled down. I always feel bad using it at night on days when Mr Toh sleeps earlier than me. Now no need feel guilty already! Yay!





I went tomb sweeping yesterday with Zhiwei and Mommy. Woke up at 6:40am so that I can meet Zhiwei at AMK at 7:30am. We headed to Woodlands to pick Mommy up and to buy the stuff needed. Halfway buying the stuff, I saw a familiar face! It was the auntie who sells duck rice at one of the coffeeshops at my workplace. Such a coincidence! Haha~ Chatted for a little bit before we continued buying our stuff. After buying everything, we were getting ready to head to Mandai when Mommy received a phone call. It was from my uncle who asked my mom to send them to Chua Chu Kang. They were gonna sweep the tomb for my maternal great-grandma.

The thing is…..it was raining. And they also had a lot of stuff for praying. They were supposed to follow another uncle who drives a lorry. But that uncle was fetching his daughter so he was gonna be late. Then my uncle told my mom to send them to CCK first, the stuffs can be collected later. But………it was raining! Even if we send them to CCK, they also cannot do anything. Also, their stuffs were not there. Send them there for what?? I was so pissed off…..because their planning sucks. Why can’t they just wait till the rain stop and go together in the uncle’s lorry?

We reached their void deck at 9am and all their stuffs were there. No way all of it can fit in the car. So we just stood there waiting. They also buay paiseh and just let us keep on waiting. I didn’t even know what we were waiting for?? It was still raining. Because I had something on in the afternoon, Mommy asked if I wanted to leave first. OMG. I got so pissed off, I just stared at her and said I wanted to go pray to Daddy, that was why I am here! We continued waiting for god-knows-what, after 15 minutes, Mommy asked me again if I wanted to leave first. I was really annoyed by then and said loudly that I WANTED to pray to Daddy, if not, what for I wake up so early?! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

In the end, we waited until my uncle with the lorry arrived and we all headed to CCK. It was already 10am plus………..fucking waste of my time. I was pissed off not so much because I had something on in the afternoon, nor was it because my brother had to return the car to his father-in-law at 12pm. It was because they took things for granted, we are NOT obligated to send you there OK?? Not even a word of thanks. Seriously, I have some of the worst kinds of relatives. Pfft.

After everything was done, Zhiwei dropped me off at Khatib and I headed to City Square Mall~! I was a qualifier for the Great Radio Game so I went down for the grand draw to see if I was lucky. I wanted the aircon set! But….nope, I didn’t win a thing. Haha. But it was OK. I got to see Divian from 987FM! He is so cute and so funny on air!


This is the only photo I have of him, because I was too paiseh to take more photos. =X

After the draw was over at around 3:30pm, I was starving! I only had a cup of soya milk the whole day. I bought melon tea from Gong Cha, recommended by my Mr Toh.

Not bad at all, very fragrant melon taste and not too sweet. *slurp*

Then I bought Tori Q on my way home from Hougang!



Oh delicious sticks of yummeh, get in ma tummy!!!

After eating, I was bored so I made some bookmarks! I followed the instructions that I found here.

I’ve been looking around for this kind of bookmarks but the ones that I found are pretty pricey. So I made some!

I love this quote and I put it on one of the bookmarks.

Time spent reading, like time spent loving, increases our lifetime.


OFTD yesterday~

OP printed top, denim skirt, pumps from taobao.com!

Headed to Mommy’s place today to help her do some praying at home. Bought something for brunch! Soya milk + youtiao + fried bananas + butterfly! Yummeh~


And after praying, had Mommy’s home cooked food for late lunch~ Fried kway tiao, ngoh hiang, fried tofu, stir fried veggies, roast pork and roast chicken. She also cooked bak kut teh. I love Mommy’s home cooked food. =)


Today is a bad day to not put on sunscreen. It was so hot and so sunny!! I was in a rush this morning to get out of the house with Mr Toh so I skipped that. Oops. Rushed to Kovan to help Mommy buy roast chicken for praying today. I was kinda late so the stall that I usually buy from didn’t have any roast chicken left. I tried my luck with the other stall, the lady mentioned she has a half roast chicken left but it’s already chopped. That was exactly what I wanted! So yay!! So lucky to get the last chicken!

It appears that every Sunday is Pamper Myself day! Did a hair treatment followed by a facial mask.  I have to try to mask at least once every week. I still have 1 1/2 box of masks left! Got to finish them before they expire. Heh.

Waiting for Mr Toh to get off work….I am hungry!

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