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BB’s 16 months and 21 days today.

Been super long since I’ve posted here. Heh.

From a chubby baby, he’s become a cheeky toddler. I just love him so much.

He can say some words now and sometimes mumble some gibberish too. Mama, Papa, Popo, bird bird, ou ou (dog), moo moo (cow), ma (horse), bus (pronounced like ba), train train, ma (wipe), na (banana) & pen (open). That’s all I can think of.

When he wants something, he will point to it and nod his head. When he doesn’t want something, he will shake his head, sometimes accompanied by shaking his raised palm too. 😄

He can open a screw top bottle! 😱 His fingers will hold the cap and turn left turn right. Then it will loosen and he will pull it off.

He knows how to open Dad’s gate today. 😱 He tip toed and turned the doorknob. Lol…So clever.

He will hold his own milk bottle now, used to be so lazy. Or the old bottle too fat not nice to hold. It kept leaking so we changed it at the previous baby fair.

When he’s sleepy, he will ask for milk but doesn’t always finish it.

Then he flips around the bed trying to find a comfortable position and finally sleeps after 15 minutes.

He’s developing really well and his check ups have went well too.

I just find him not chubby enough hahaha, activity level really too high.

BB’s daily schedule so far:

6:30am to 7am – Wake up then milk / bathe / breakfast

9:30am – 1st nap

12pm – Lunch

2pm – 2nd nap usually around an hour

Snacks and fruits around 3pm plus.

6pm – Dinner then bathe

7:30pm – Bedtime


Been a while since I’ve updated here, so lazy. Haha. Also been updating on Dayre, so easy to update there day by day!

BB YX 9th month update~

BB’s sleeping position is all over the place. For the first 4 hours or so after he falls asleep, he will stay in position. After that, he moves around everywhere. Especially his favorite position on his stomach with his little butt high up in the air.

He can get to a sitting position by himself now. And also able to sit steadily without support, can even clap his hands or wave his toys around.

He can stand in his cot while holding on to the railings. 👏 Baobei 好厉害!

He has a book called Captain Calamari and the ending page has a mirror in it. When he sees his reflection in the mirror, he leans forward and puts his mouth on it, like giving it a kiss. Cutest scene ever.

When I put my face in front of him and ask him to kiss me, he puts his mouth on my cheek and leaves his saliva there. 😅 Don’t know if he knows to kiss or he just wants to put something in his mouth.

He loves to blow raspberries, nonstop for a few minutes sometimes! 😆💦

He will take 2 toys, 1 in each hand, then let go of one, then when he sees the one that’s let go, he will reach for it again and let go of the other one. And repeat. Lol. Like he can’t make up his mind or he forgot why he let it go and wants it back. So cute.

He has quite a temper, this boy. Will shout and cry when we don’t give him what he wants. Which is usually stuff like remote controls, his comb, his fan etc. *Sweat*

Sometimes when it’s his bedtime, after finishing his milk, he can’t sleep and he will crawl up to our headboard and bang his head softly on it. Was kinda worried but I read that it’s normal though.

His 2 little bottom pearlies have started peeking out! I noticed they were more obvious after we came back from our Vietnam trip. He kept rubbing his tongue or lip against it. Must be very itchy, poor thing~

He has some new sounds added to his vocab now. Haha. And he loves to chatter~ Just like the daddy.

1st Sept
Saw on the CCTV today that BB can sit by himself already and very steady too. So cute seeing him sitting there all by himself clapping his hands. 😍
Mum told me he’s been trying to stand all day and even tried to climb up the sofa. When he didn’t succeed at one side, he crawled to the other side with a corner and succeeded after standing on the helper’s legs. Seriously, kids these days are so smart.
Then at night, he slept immediately after finishing his milk. I think he was too tired from the day’s activities?
When I tried to transfer him to his cot, he woke and tried to climb over his pillow to hold the rail to stand up. Sleep crawling ma? 😆

2nd Sept
BB only woke once at around 1am, crying a little. I carried him and he stopped crying then continued sleeping.
All the way till 5:30am when he woke up for milk. But this notty boy didn’t want to sleep after finishing his milk. Kept wanting to crawl around. 😴
Made a bit more milk for him at around 6am but he still didn’t want to sleep after finishing that. *Sigh*
Put him in his cot, he kept standing up and even started to clap his hands once but he realised he was falling down so he faster held on to the railings. 😂
He wanted to get out after a while so he kept trying to grab my shirt after standing. But he kept saying “Ba ba ba”. Ask him to call Mama and he did, once, almost crying. Lol.
My BB is such a big boy now… 😘😘😘 Time pls pass slower!
Asked Mr Toh to look after him while I went to get ready for work.
Headed home after work first. Finally got Mr Toh to lower down BB’s bed because the little rascal can stand while holding on to the railings already.
After making him sleep, we then headed out to 401.

3rd Sept
BB can pull himself up with the sofa and stand liao! Darn fast! He just learnt to sit up by himself not that long ago. 😱 宝贝好棒哦! Time pls slow down. I can’t bear to see him grow up so fast! He’s already super not babyish as compared to a few months ago, I miss that stage. 😭
Brought helper out to TT $ back to her family and bought lunch home as well.
Naughty boy didn’t wanna sleep when I tried to get him to nap. Maybe cause it was in our room and he kept wanting to stand. T.T

4th Sept
Mr Toh’s off~ Bringing BB out later, luckily the mozzie patches arrived ytd in time~
Headed to MBS after Mr Toh woke uo, Mr Toh babywearing BB! So cute!
Had lunch at Ding Tai Fung after waiting for half an hour. So crowded there. O.O
BB sat in his baby chair and this notty boy started making noise after a while so I fed him some of my soup noodles. This Korean couple sitting beside us kept looking and smiling at BB, BB kept looking at them too but he doesn’t smile. :X
Then when they left, they said bye-bye and the guy came over, cupped BB’s cheeks and said Aneong~ haha so funny.
Nelly and Audrey came to join us later too. Daniel also came shortly. Pokémon time~ I didn’t play much, mostly was Mr Toh helping me to catch. Weather was unbearably hot too. Fed BB his porridge while I was carrying him, heh babywearing ftw!
But it was too hot to sleep so I left for home first. Not much Pokémon-ing can be done when I’m carrying BB anyway~

6th September
My 1st 10km egg hatched an onix. 2nd one hatched a Spearow. 😒 Thanks ah.
Met Mr Toh after my work at Farrer Park and we walked over to Jalan Besar to meet Gerald. Wanted to have our fave duck rice but it’s not there! Moved already but dunno where. Hai.
So Gerald brought us to try this 卤肉饭. Not bad lah but the people damn attitude.
Their braised big intestines damn nice though.
We then headed to Kovan as Gerald’s specs got problem. After Mr Toh fixed it, we went to Xin Wang for dessert.

14th Sept
Stupid F1, made my bus so late. I decided to walk over to Anson Rd to take the other bus but it left just as I was waiting for the traffic light! 😬
Mad rush after work to bring BB to Dad’s house. Luckily our helper already packed most of it.
BB got very sleepy soon after we arrived so gave him his milk and tried to make him sleep. He took a while to fall asleep cause I think he’s not used to the new environment. Hope he will be ok~

15th Sept
Daniel and Andrew came to fetch us. We had breakfast at the airport and off we went~ Reached Vietnam after an uneventful flight. Checked into the hotel at D7 and we walked over to have lunch at Tokyo Deli.
Dinner with Andrew at Hotpot Story at Vivo. Yeap, there is a Vivocity at Saigon, opened by the same company. Daniel flew our aeroplane to meet his gf. Tsk.
We met Yixiang too, for a short tea session.

We are having a baby~~~ Just wanted to post it here after 3 months of keeping it a secret.

So far, I’m currently at Week 16, still having a bit of nausea but have been feeling less tired. But why does no one warn us about the peeing!? Seriously. I’ve been peeing so much that I wake up 2-3 times at night to pee. T_T Also really hate taking the multi vitamins because the pills are so huge but it’s better when I cut them in half so that’s fine. But I have no issues with the soft gel DHA capsules.
Been drinking Frisomum everyday now since Ahyi bought it for me. Luckily it tastes much better than the others I’ve tried like Wyeth S26 and Similac. Brrr. Those were so fishy and smelly I couldn’t even tahan 1 sip.

06 April
Today’s the day my nanny was due but as usual, it was kinda late. I kinda suspected I could be pregnant as I have been feeling uncharacteristically hot the past few days. Also experienced gastric twice when usually I don’t have these. So…..I decided to test with the Clearblue kit we bought last month when I got home. And it was positive.

Whoa. My first reaction was “Yay? Finally, at least I know I’m fertile.” =X Really. Because we’ve been trying for about 2 months and I was starting to get worried. Mr Toh also wanted a 羊宝宝 so there was the pressure there too.

Waited for Mr Toh to come home from work. After talking for a while, I took the test from the toilet and showed him. At first, he was thinking what was I taking. After he saw it, he asked me to test again using another digital test that shows the estimated duration of the pregnancy. I did and it showed 2-3 weeks since conception. IIRC, his first words were “我们要省一点了, no more good food unless it’s your craving”. Lol. Baby, we got priority, yay!

Mr Toh said no wonder I was getting plumper, sheepishly told him actually that’s all me. Extra fats for protection. LOL.

Then he talked about caffeine, told him I know already, max 2 cups coffee or 4 cups tea but I will stop drinking my coffee. He looked pleased. =P

Mr Toh gave me his schedule and I did some research online for a good gynae and called the next day to make an appointment. But the earliest they’d see me was from the 6th week onwards though so we fixed the appointment for 22 April with Dr LN Sim at Thomson.

7 April
Mr Toh telling me he’s done research on what supplements to take. Like so many things! We already know about folic acid, and he also read recommendations on benefits of fermented cod liver oil. He also found it selling on Amazon. We headed to Bugis Watsons to buy the folic acid and ended up buying a prenatal multi vit too. So touched to see him helping me do research on this. He’s not a romantic man but he shows me that he cares by doing practical and useful stuffs like this. =)
During dinner, he also grilled me on what I can’t eat making sure that I know. So long winded. =X

Dinner at this new-ish place, Taan at the shophouses behind Bugis Junction. Food was bad. Everything was bad, some inedible. Zzz.

8 April
Because all my clothes are kinda fitting, I asked Mr Toh for permission to buy a few dresses from Asos to make use of their 15% discount and he readily agreed.

See baby, only you have this privilege, usually your daddy will make noise. Only after making the payment did I realise I did not key in the discount code!!! *faint*
Mr Toh said I am the “best”. Hahaha. Suddenly apprehensive about pregnancy brain worsening. =X

Mr Toh asked me to drink more milk as he read that we will need more calcium and said he’ll buy for me later if he got time after his D&D. I didn’t want to trouble him so I headed to Giant Vivo to buy 1 carton myself~
I went to sleep first after I had dinner and did laundry. Woke up when he reached home.

He was telling me about his day when he started complaining about this colleague who often mooches cigarettes off him after work. I thought of a solution, don’t smoke after work lor! Say “我要赶回家陪老婆,掰掰“. But Mr Toh says that cigarette after work is one of the shiokest. Tsk.

But then he also said, “不要紧,我什么都没有,只有我老婆跟钱“. What sia….. Nonsense.

Then he rubbed my belly and smiled and said, “还有这个”. Awwwww. See baby, your daddy loves you and me.

11 April
扫墓 day! We still needed an extra offering box for the praying stuff for my dad so Mr Toh and I woke up at 6am plus knowing the shop opens at 5am during Qing Ming.

Went for breakfast after that and had vegetarian beehoon at this coffee shop near 姑姑’s shop. Auntie was very friendly, it brightened our morning. Mr Toh went to buy drinks, I asked for Milo, after a while, he came back and told me there’s soya milk, asked me if I wanted that instead, I said OK. 🙂
We then bought some pork ribs to cook soup too.

After 光明山, we headed back to Hougang Kang Kar mall with his family where they ate lunch while we had fruits. Mr Toh bought papaya for us to share. I was apprehensive but it turned out quite nice, soft soft one and not so pukey. :X

We went home shortly to rest before heading to Mandai to 扫墓 for my dad.

Headed to Arbite with my family for late lunch after that, I was starving!

Yummy meat platter~ Photo credits to Huiyi.

Went home for more rest! Set alarm for 8pm but end up oversleeping cause I was sooo tired. Mr Toh woke up by himself at 11pm because he was hungry and woke me up as he was worried I’d be hungry too. We headed to 2am dessert bar at Holland V for desserts! Didn’t realise their desserts are so ‘atas’. Mr Toh’s chocolate H2O was OK, but my churros with hot chocolate was yummy! So yummy that Mr Toh ordered more churros. 😀

Headed home feeling really satisfied.

17 April
Woke Mr Toh up when I woke up cause he has class today. We went for breakfast at Chinatown before he headed for his class. Love to have breakfast together with him and I really cherish this time spent together because it’s so rare!

Met him at Nex after work where we had Mos Burger for dinner. This guy wanted me to eat fish so he suggested Long John Silver, I was like, “I hate their fish.” So we had Mos instead. Service and cleanliness really lacking at this branch, so much so that Mr Toh went to leave feedback on their website. Silly guy said he’s trying to be more proactive, that he’s been emailing other people asking about the supplements that I should be taking hence he’s kinda getting the hang of it, even on things like leaving feedback. Lol.

Wanted to catch a movie but there wasn’t enough time since he’s meeting his colleagues for a meal to send off their intern.

He called me later to ask if I wanted to eat anything, told him no cause I wasn’t hungry. 10 mins after hanging up the phone, I was hungry. Grrr! Decided to sleep it off. Mr Toh came home shortly and gave me a good night kiss. Was really tired so I didn’t really wake up.

18 April
Accompanied Mr Toh to see a doctor at Kadaloor as he wasn’t feeling well and he got 2 days of MC. We had breakfast at the food court before walking home. My breakfast of chwee kueh sucks. =( The weather was so hot.

We napped for a while before I woke Mr Toh up to go for dinner.

Before heading out, I went to the toilet and discovered I was spotting, kind of a light brown discharge. :O Googled and seems it’s quite normal but I was still quite worried. We decided to settle dinner first. Hope it will stop soon. Anyway we are seeing Dr Sim on Wed. *cross fingers*

Decided on xiao long bao at Neil Road but sadly the standard has really dropped. The red bean pancake was still good though.

Hot & sour noodles, not bad.

Dumplings~ So-so lor.

Disappointing xiao long baos…

Yummy red bean pancake.

19 April (Sunday)
Woke up earlier to do some household chores before waking Mr Toh up. As he’s feeling better, he’s decided to go back to the shop to help out. We headed to Kovan for lunch first. Weather was super hot so we bought lor mee and had it inside his shop, take advantage of the air con! 😀 The new lor mee stall at Kovan Hawker was quite yummy.

Mr Toh stayed on to work while I went home. Finished up my household chores and napped before Mr Toh called at 7pm to say he’s getting off work. Apparently there wasn’t much of a crowd. Met him at Hougang and we bought fried beehoon and kai lan from 327 zi char stall to eat at Dad’s place. Not as nice as what I remembered. Stayed for a while more before we headed home.

20 April
Mr Toh’s off day! Told him I wanna eat soupy stuff like ramen and he googled for a new place for us to try.

We headed to 313 Somerset Chabuton. They were having 50% off the 2nd ramen if you liked their FB page. Gave Mr Toh some of my noodles as I didn’t have much of an appetite.

The ramen was not bad. We also ordered gyozas and ika karaage (fried squid). Gyozas were meh. The ika karaage was nice.

Was so tired when I got home and I told Mr Toh I wanna nap before bathing because I was so full and tired. And he let me nap for about an hour before I woke up myself and showered. =)

21 April (Tues)
Met Mr Toh at his shop after his work as we were heading to Dad’s house for dumplings! Was a special day as there was relatives visiting from China.

22 April Wed
I am on half day today~
Met Mr Toh at Novena for another of our favourite, Kazan ramen. Yummy! Walked over to Thomson Medical Centre in sweltering heat. T.T

Waited quite long for our appointment, about 45mins. But Dr Sim mentioned she couldn’t see the baby clearly as still very small. So she asked if we wanna wait for my bladder to be fuller, apparently can see clearer that way. I drank more water while waiting, wait about half an hour more until my bladder wanna burst but still cannot see very clearly hence Dr Sim asked if I wanna do a vaginal scan, I was OK with that so I went to empty my bladder first then more waiting while she sees other patients.
When it was our turn, Mr Toh was smoking so I did the scan alone 1st while Mr Toh came in later. Can see a tiny tiny heartbeat!
We decided to do the Oscar test, just in case. Price was $350 while the Harmony prenatal test was $1250. Very huge price difference. Told Dr Sim I was having brown discharge so she examined me and said everything seems fine, cervix is also OK, also said spotting is quite normal.
She asked me not to run or jump and avoid exercise for the time being and also prescribed hormone pills (安胎药). Am coming back in 3 weeks for follow up with her colleague Dr Yeap as she’s having some personal issues and will not be around from end April to early June.
Mr Toh thought she seemed distracted and not very 细心, maybe it was the Singtel outage thing plus her own personal issues. Spent $403 today including a blood test for when we come back for the Oscar test.
Meanwhile, we will continue to see the other gynaes I shortlisted in May.

We headed to Somerset for a movie~ Decided to watch the Robot Overlords. Eh….movie was interesting but somehow I don’t find it very nice.

We walked over to Centrepoint Orchard, I remembered there was a foodcourt there as I wanted to eat something cheap, didn’t wanna spend too much. But it was closed for renovation! Almost the whole shopping centre was undergoing renovations and there was nothing I wanna eat. Then it started raining heavily! Luckily I have my umbrella, we walked back to Orchard Gateway and used their linkway to walk to 313 Somerset that side. Walked over to Orchard Central but I really didn’t see anything I wanna eat.

Was so tired that I decided to eat at the next restaurant we see which turned out to be Maccha House. Bad choice.

Food was too salty and the dorayaki was undercooked, only had the flour taste although the mangoes were sweet. Headed home after that, *yawn*

26 April Sun
Mr Toh’s off day! Woke up earlier to do laundry and ironing. Told Mr Toh I’m Iron Woman today. LOL.

Headed to Nex for lunch and Avengers!

Felt like eating Fish & Co but what a bad decision. We waited half an hour for our food and if we didn’t ask, it seemed like our food was not gonna be served anytime soon. Prawns and scallops were really not fresh too. Seems like some of the food outlets at Nex really not up to standard.

Headed to NTUC to stock up on shampoo and body wash before we went to Dad’s house for dinner. 奶奶 (阿姨’s ex MIL) cooked for us. So nice of her. We watched Star Awards while eating, quite entertaining. Left for home shortly after that as I was tired already, no afternoon nap today. :X

27 April Mon
Mom cooked pumpkin rice, was yummy so I had 2 servings. Was feeling tired so I slept after dinner.
Woke up for a while when Mr Toh came home with my new specs and my good night kiss.

Woke up again at 1am to pee and was soooo hungry that I decided to make a cereal drink. Mr Toh followed me to the kitchen and started rearranging a kitchen shelf. Tsk, always like to do this kind of things at this kind of timing.

Some time later, I had a nightmare and apparently I kinda shouted and I remember I was shaking my leg, I then felt Mr Toh hugging me from the back and he asked me what was wrong, I said I had a nightmare and there was a frog on my leg. LOL. Mr Toh sayang-ed me and assured me there was no frog. I fell back asleep soon after.

So far, I think I am about 6 weeks along? Have not told a single soul except for the nurses and doctor at the clinics. Damn pantang. Though I suspect my mum suspects cause I was asking her once what kind of herbal soup she cooked.

Also, I woke up at 8am last Saturday to pee and then to eat something because I was so hungry. Very suspicious behavior as I usually wake up late during the weekends. Oh well. *shrugs*

For the past few weeks, I’ve been having this nauseous feeling on and off throughout the whole day. Also, sometimes I feel very hungry but after a while that feeling goes away. Kinda weird, like not much appetite.

Feeling tired very easily nowadays, have been napping more often at work during lunchtime. Been sleeping really early too but also kept waking up in the middle of the night to pee. ><

29/4 Wed
I woke up when Mr Toh came home after work and he had gone shopping at Watsons. Apparently there was a sale going on so he got me a bottle of folic acid for me to take interchangeably with the other prenatal vitamin. Also bought a digital thermometer which we did not have at home, just in case. Yay~ good job Mr Toh. *muacks*


Time really flies. In the blink of an eye, 2/3 of November has passed!

03/11 (Monday)
Mr Toh’s off day~~ I met him at Dhoby Ghaut and we headed to Shaw Lido to catch John Wick which XM recommended.
We had dinner at Watami at Ion before that because Itacho’s queue was too long. The food was ok at Watami, the Caesar salad and their grilled pork skewer was nice. Salmon sushi was not bad too.
John Wick was good, lotsa action and pretty good acting by Keanu Reeves.

04/11 (Tuesday)
Mr Toh met me at Vivocity and we decided to have dinner at Shin Kushiya. What a bad decision. Their food was so salty! We feedback to the staff and his response was that the food is supposed to be prepared that way. Pls leh, you want to give your customers kidney problems?? WTF you mean by the food is supposed to be salty. Stupid answer.
Anyway, the meal costs us $70+, super not worth it! We could have lots more satisfaction at Itacho!! Why isn’t there an Itacho at Vivo?! =X

We then headed to Mustafa to check out handphones. Nothing caught my eye but Mr Toh saw a red HTC One E8 that he liked. The color is really pretty, I saw a deal online but the red set costs $120 more than the black one. Mr Toh ended up settling for the black one as he couldn’t justify the $120.

05/11 (Wednesday)
Met Mr Toh after his work to catch Sifu vs Vampires at Nex.

Helped Mr Toh order his handphone on Lazada from this seller Kile.

They are damn efficient!! I ordered on 06/11 night, phone was packed on 08/11 morning and shipped on 09/11 and I received it in the office the next morning! Amazing service.

08/11 (Saturday)
I went to the gym at Tampines to attend the hot yoga class! Tampines much nearer and the timing is more suitable than the Tanjong Pagar branch. The gym at Tampines is so much bigger but less atas than Tanjong Pagar, but still had a good experience here. =)

09/11 (Sunday)
Mr Toh’s off day! ❤
We went to Punggol Settlement for brunch! Tried out Bacon & Booze but hmmm, food and service not up to our standard. Mr Toh was so happy at first to see that they had croissants on their menu but it was not available. Tsk. We ended up sharing a breakfast platter, we felt that none of the items were really delicious. Their Nutella milkshake was awesome though. While waiting for the bus later on, we saw Li Nanxing! I almost gathered up my courage to ask him for a photo but decided not to in the end as he was in a break from filming and the weather was so freaking hot, he just looked very poor thing lah.

We went back home to rest and Mr Toh headed out at 4pm to celebrate his colleague's birthday while I stayed home to prepare myself to attend Corine's wedding at Novotel! Was contemplating taking the MRT there was it was at Clarke Quay only but Mr Toh was very sweet, he passed me some cash and asked me to take a cab there. His reasoning was that, I would be all dolled up and if I take the MRT, I could end up being a sweaty mess by the time I get there. Heehee. Thankful that he is so thoughtful. =) Had an enjoyable time at the dinner, loved seeing her gowns, very pretty and Korean style! Congratulations to Corine & her husband, wishing them a lifetime of everlasting bliss.

13/11 (Thursday)
Mr Toh was off and he had a craving for bak chor mee. Specifically the stall that used to be at Marina Square. So I ended up meeting him at Lavender for the Hill Street Tai Hwa Bak Chor Mee. Damn yums. We realised the $6 portion is too small for Mr Toh. Next time must add noodles.
Then headed to Dhoby Ghaut to try to find screen protector for his E8 but the shops were closing already. *oops*
We then met Daniel for dim sum at 126. Goodness. Really is fat die me. Lol.
It ended up raining when we were finishing eating……and we had to accompany Daniel to wait for the rain to be smaller before he could leave on his motorbike.

15/11 (Saturday)
Went to the gym again for yoga! Then headed to Kovan to try out the scalp treatment at Bee Choo Origins. Hmm…not much comment for the scalp treatment as I've only done it once. Still thinking if I should go back again.

16/11 (Sunday)
Mr Toh's off day again! Wee! I love it when he has weekends off.
I asked Mr Toh if he wanted to try a $4 million charsiew recipe. He was game for it but we were sorely disappointed. Char siew is ok, fatty parts were yum. But honestly, yummy fatty char siew is quite easy to find. The roasted meat was damn blah, like chewing cardboard. And the rice! Worst item on the plate, so dry and tasteless. We think Bedok Cooked Food at Kovan hawker tastes much better overall. I think Aztech Group kena con.

Cabbed over to Queensway Shopping Center after that. I managed to find a really cute sized and functional deuter gym bag that comes with a built in shoe compartment. I also bought a smaller sized Camelbak eddy water bottle, it's really cute! We have the Camelbak water bottle in a bigger size which is perfect when cycling long distances outdoor but I find it too bulky to bring to the gym.

After that, we went to Ikea to walk around and we saw the Billy bookshelves that could work in our study room, so am in the midst of planning~~
We had our dinner at Ikea and cabbed home after that because I was feeling under the weather. Had a bit of flu and cough, thankfully I recovered in a few days time.

In other news, I bought myself a new phone too! The camera on the old phone was busted and I couldn't stand not having a camera. After days of research, I finally decided on the ZTE Nubia Z7 Max. Also bought it on Lazada from T-Dimension. I bought it at only S$379!

They are slightly slower but I supposed I was spoiled by the efficiency of Kile. Lol. Ordered on 14/11 and received the phone on 19/11. Also very fast! Very pleased with the phone~~~ Ordered the casing on Taobao, can’t wait to receive it! Then went down to adix82 mobile shop at Burlington Square as I saw on hardwarezone that he has the tempered glass screen protector. The phone came rooted and with a screen protector already but the fingerprints on it were too horrible! So I decided to change it. =)

Meeting my girls later tonight for K. Cook Korean BBQ for Charlene’s belated birthday~~ Hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long. I cannot wait!



Posted on: July 9, 2014

World Cup fever has somewhat died down for me because lesser matches are being played now. =X But am still glad Brazil and Netherlands were in the semi-finals.

Was raining heavily today morning when I reached Harbourfront. The thunder sounded so scary too, this long ass deep rumble that lasted for almost 40 seconds. O.O

Finished my breakfast in the office and suddenly remembered that I had not yet checked the results for this morning’s match between Brazil and Germany.

What I saw shocked me. I could not believe my eyes. Was it a publishing error? Was it a cruel joke?

But, no, what I saw was correct.

Germany 7 – Brazil 1.

Their worst defeat in their many years of footballing history.
Seriously?! Are you freaking kidding me?! Watched the highlights and the Brazilian defenders just looked like they wanna go home or be anywhere else but there. Kelong or what?! It’s a freaking joke. I know they’re down without Neymar but he’s not god, this shouldn’t be the result! Saw an article saying that they were missing the defensive stability of Silva too.
Are the rest of the Brazil team so lousy? Actually…..judging from what I saw when I watched Brazil vs Chile, they do not seem to be on top form and perhaps deserved this result.

I just read this article and thought maybe it’s not so bad that Brazil lost. I mean, it’s just a football game, but even if they win, nothing will be gained by their people.

So why root for a Brazilian loss? Because if they win, the cries of the poor and desperate in Brazil will be drowned out by the cheers of the soccer-crazed fans who could actually afford to get inside the stadium. If they lose, the silence of defeat might give those cries a chance to be heard across the country and the world.


It’s a good read.

Netherland’s game is tonight, against Argentina. I’m hoping for a Netherlands win and ultimately, a World Cup win for them. They’ve done well so far and it could be their year!

Stayed up last night to catch Brazil vs Chile on my laptop. 

Was really happy when Brazil scored but I thought that was more of a mistake on Chile’s part than Brazil’s prowess. As the match continued, I felt that Brazil was really lacking, that they didn’t seem to be on top of their game last night and Chile was good. Alexis Sanchez was good. Nice goal he scored there, thanks to Brazil’s defence sleeping. Zzz.

Hated that Hulk’s goal was disallowed but playbacks proved that Howard Webb made the right call. On a side note, Hulk’s name is really appropriate for him. I thought that was amusing.

Chile’s goalkeeper was pretty good last night, I felt. I also really liked Alexis Sanchez’s hairstyle. Haha. 

I do feel that Neymar was being targeted a lot by the opponents and that Howard Webb was trying so hard to show that he was not biased towards Brazil. 

Couldn’t take it anymore at the 75th min as I was soooo sleepy. It was 1-1 then and I hoped that Brazil would not let me down when I woke up the next day. First thing I did was to check the score and saw that Brazil had won thanks to a penalty shootout. Also thanks to the goalpost crossbars. LOL. Felt a mixture of relief and yet also, disappointment as I felt they weren’t playing very well. Why weren’t Kaka and Ronaldinho there??? 

But what do I know? Hope that Brazil can up their game in the next match. The world has high hopes for them

Read that Colombia defeated Uruguay and I must say that I’m surprised because I thought Uruguay would win. But that just proves how much I know. T_T 

Great goals from James Rodriguez who’s so young and really cute to boot. =P 

Alright, the Netherlands vs Mexico match has begun and I’m off to watch it. Van Persie is back! I hope Mexico’s goalkeeper will be off form tonight! I also hope I can last the whole match. 

Go Netherlands!!!!!!!!!!! 

I’ve always been a fan of Netherlands, solely because of Rudd Van Nistelrooy. I loved him when he was in Man Utd! Though he’s no longer in the national team, my support still goes to them.

When I saw that their first match was against Spain, I was scared. After all, Spain was the reigning champions. I couldn’t stay up to watch the match but I checked the results immediately when I woke up.

I saw the score at 5-0 and I was shocked!! Saw the replay of the goals and I decided Robin Van Persie’s header was my favourite.
The result was an absolute surprise.
I asked Mr Toh to guess what the score was and he got it right on his 3rd guess. Lol.

That match also heralded Spain’s downfall. Though I loved their away jersey this World Cup, they were just disappointing in their matches.

Totally apt gif. HAHAHAHHAHHA.


Well, at least they salvaged a bit of face by beating Australia 3-0.

I was also ecstatic at the thought that Netherland’s manager Louis Van Gaal would be at Manchester United next season!! Can’t wait to see if he’d be as good there.

When I next saw that Netherlands was up against Australia, I thought that should be an easy match for them. They did win 3-2, such a narrow call. T_T

When they were going up against Chile, I hoped for a draw, at least, because I thought Chile was playing great football. Mr Toh, however, felt that Netherlands would win and they did! 2-0. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeee.

Now they’re through to the 2nd stage. Go go go!!


I’m guessing the final 4 could be Netherlands, Brazil, Germany and Argentina.

My guess is based on nothing but my biased views and pure guessing. HAHA!

It’s been a fantastic world cup so far. Really great matches and a whole lot of unpredicted surprises.

I mean, USA in top 16?! Spain out?! Wow…

Here’s hoping Netherlands make it all the way to their first World Cup!!!

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