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BB is 8 months old this month.

BB really loves to clap his hands. He will clap his hand at any opportunity, even when he’s about to sleep. ๐Ÿ‘

He can point at things now, especially love to poke his toys or anything we are holding. He will also wave his pointing finger as if saying “Orh hor..” Lol, so funny.

He can now wave Hi and Bye to people. Will always wave bye to mom and helper when he’s going to bed, then wave Hi in the morning when I bring him out and he sees our helper. ๐Ÿ‘‹

He can sit up by himself when crawling now~ at first can only kinda sit on one side, half sit half lying down, super cute. But slowly, he can sit properly. ๐Ÿ‘

He can pull himself up to kneeling position in his cot. He can even stand although only for a very short while. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Sometimes he loves to shout when he’s sitting in his rocker, for no reason. T_T He has a very loud voice, inherited from his Daddy. Haha.

1st August
Went to Hello Kitty cafe with Mr Toh and his colleagues to celebrate him getting good news! Yay! Congrats my Mr Toh and good job!

Food was quite OK, very normal but edible.

4th August
BB the nap fighter. Didn’t nap again after his last nap at 1pm. Haiyo this notty boy.
Came home and read 2 books to him then made milk and brought him to the room to sleep. He waved goodbye when saying goodnight to the helper. Awwww.. my baby is growing up. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

5th August

Brought BB to Bridges Montessori in the morning to check it out. The location very ulu… though they had a full Montessori system, somehow we didn’t like it very much. Had lunch then went back home.

Daddy shopping, we wefie~

We watched League of Gods with mom later in the evening. What a crappy show!

6th August
Our helper’s birthday! Brought her to Orchard for dinner~ we tried the Indo restaurant at Paragon. Food was quite good. BB didn’t want to nap in the carrier at all today even with the hood up. ๐Ÿ˜–
Got home and we cut the cake~ then fasterly put BB to bed.

7th August
Brought BB out to my cousin’s house, his 2nd daughter’s full month. BB very clingy as usual. Lol.

Pokemon-ing while babywearing and making BB sleep. Babywearing FTW!

9th August

Brought BB out in the evening to Dad’s house~ he was such a good boy today. I fed him his porridge there while Ah Yi held him on her lap. He also played with them for a while before I put him to bed. But he woke up after a while crying, I managed to pat him back to sleep. He slept till Mr Toh came and woke up crying again. Faster carried him out cause Audrey was also sleeping inside.

Sleepy grumpy baby

But no use, Audrey woke up too. So we cut the cake, cake for Singapore’s birthday. Lol.
While wiping down BB, he kept reaching out for the lotion bottle. Gave it to him so he wouldn’t struggle so much and I realised he seems to think that was his milk. ๐Ÿ˜… So I faster made his milk, fed him and he KO-ed. Poor BB, must have been really hungry.

12th August
BB seemed sad today when I was leaving for work. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Sorry baobei, Mama need to work. Mama love you~
Went to suntec to collect the toy I pre-ordered for BB and the item was so big I had to cab home to put first. Then took the train back to work.

Pokemon hunting at night with his brothers @ 401.

So crowded!

13th August
Wanted to assemble BB’s new toy but upon opening the box, I realised the condition of the item was so bad! Got scratches, got opened bag and whole thing just looks used. So disappointed with this fair organizer SuperMom. Never buying anything from them ever again. Took pictures and FB msged them plus emailed them too. At first they were only willing to exchange item but I refused. Who knows if I will get another 2nd hand item. So they agreed to collect back the item and refund me the $. Never ask them to refund my cab fare very good liao.

Lol @ his expression.

Met up with Char and Jia+Kevin for dinner at Serangoon Gardens, Steam Box.

Dessert, the durian mousse at Dessert Bowl is awesome~

Kevin sent me home after that, thank you!
Changed and went out to 401 with Mr Toh after that. Pokรฉmon time~ ๐Ÿ˜„

14th August
Brought BB to my uncle’s place in Woodlands. We took the bus! BB slept the whole journey. BB is such a good boy. Mama love you~
He was clingy at first and wary of my aunts as he seldom sees them. But towards the end, he was ok already and even laughed when they played with him. Mama so proud of you baobei~ baobei ๅพˆๆฃ’! ๐Ÿ‘ Cabbed home with mum after that.

15th August
Took half day leave in the afternoon to go collect my IC. Wanted to eat our fave bak chor mee but it was closed on that day.
So I met Mr Toh at Bugis instead. Had our late lunch and went Pokรฉmon hunting~

16th August
His favourite sleeping position.

18th August
Met Mr Toh at Vivocity after work, that place so many Pokemons and Pokestops with lures! Lol. We had dinner at Morganfield’s, the bacon wrapped pork balls were so yummy!

Their pork chop not bad too but kinda salty after a while.

While having dinner, we saw groups of people running towards the Sentosa Boardwalk so we checked our map and turns out there was a Lapras at Sentosa. But too far…. =(
Two Caucasian men sitting beside our table were amazed by the scene, lol.

19th August
BB today morning.

Met Mr Toh at Vivo after work again! This time we were headed for Sentosa. But that place sucks, very big and very hot. =(
We walked back to Vivo and decided to have a snack at Brewerks.

Yummy calamari & pork belly satay!

My silly husband

The boardwalk was really quite lovely.

21st August
“You better give me my food now, when I am asking nicely, I tell you.”

23rd August
BB playing with my sweets.

“ๅฆˆๅ’ช๏ผŒๆˆ‘่ทŸไฝ ่ฎฒๅ•Š๏ผŒไธ่ฆๅƒ่ฟ™ไนˆๅคš็ณ–ๆžœ๐Ÿฌใ€‚่ฟ˜ๆ˜ฏ็ป™ๆˆ‘ๅƒๆฏ”่พƒๅฅฝๅ“ฆ. ”

24th August
His super cute pajamas.

26th August
BB today morning. New expression, Mama melting liao!

Concert day! Ended work earlier and met Mr Toh at Suntec for dinner before our concert~
Terry Lin One Take 2016.
We felt so young there cause the majority of the audience were our parents’ age. :X
His concert was amazing! One of the best I’ve been to and his voice is just so good that it gave us goosebumps!
We then went to MBS for Pokรฉmon~

27th August
Mr Toh’s off day~ I woke in the morning, played a bit with BB then went back to bed and slept till 3pm. Woke up with Mr Toh then we went out for lunch without BB cause the haze was too much.
Caught Train to Busan and it was such a good movie!
I then went to Eu Yan Sang to see a sinseh about my right thumb. Starting to hurt again.
We then went to Hougang Ave 10 after that, saw Charlene and her hubby near there when we were looking for a Vaporeon! Then saw Wensheng and Huimin too at Ave 10. Lol. Sg too small liao.

28th August
Met Huiyi at Somerset to go do our hair together~ Had lunch at Supply & Demand. Turns out Huiyi and her bf were also playing Pokemon! Lots to talk about. Haha.

29th August
Someone can sit up by himself! Though not very stable but good effort baobei!
Putting him to bed is quite a chore now. If he’s not tired, he will climb all over the bed. I then put him in his cot, but he went to pull himself up by holding on to the railings. He then tried to stand and succeeded for a split second. Then he fell on his back and my heart almost stopped. But then he squealed and laughed so happily I couldn’t help but join in. ๐Ÿ˜„ But pls don’t make this a habit baobei~
Carried him up after that and realised why so smelly. Turns out he pooped! No wonder didn’t want to sleep. Were you trying to tell Mama you pooped baobei? Sorry Mama didn’t pay attention. Lol. ๐Ÿ˜†

31st August
Mr Toh’s off~ met him at Chinatown for dumplings. Wanted to go for the Abra nest at Pearl’s Hill Park but realised we can’t access it because of some construction going on….so we went back to Waterway Point to buy fruits for praying. Headed home to put the stuff then headed out again for supper~ Mr Toh said he want to watch movie… Told him I accompany you for supper not enough, you still want movie, ๅคช่ฟ‡ๅˆ†ไบ†! ๐Ÿ˜„


1st Oct
Hazy day. Wearing the Air+ mask. Kinda small.

Mr Toh’s off day again. We didn’t know what to have for dinner, wanted to try the truffle wanton mee but it wasn’t open for dinner so Mr Toh suggested Soon Kee braised duck. Yay! Been super long since we’ve had it, ever since they moved from Longhouse. Took the train to Farrer Park and walked over to Jalan Besar Stadium but we had a hard time finding the foodcouet because we approached it from the other side and didn’t see it until we asked for directions. Blur! Lol. Food’s still as good as ever. Yum!!

$21 for 3 pax portions and 4 bowls of rice. Hehe. So full after that!

2nd Oct
Massage day! Slightly better than the previous time though feet was still kinda swollen. Ordered compression stockings and sleeves from Amazon, hope they’ll help~
Went to find Mr Toh again and we had Sin Chie Toke Huan curry rice for supper. Yummy~ tastes good when we have it once in a while instead of almost everyday.


3rd Oct
Stayed home the whole day and did housework plus nap. Shiok.
Spent some time trying to film BB’s movement in the afternoon but wasn’t successful. ๐Ÿ˜” He’d stop whenever I start recording, so ๅŽ‰ๅฎณ meh?! Camera shy like his dad? ๐Ÿ˜„

4th Oct
Mr Toh’s off day~~ Went to Hougang Mall for Nene Chicken and Starbucks. Yummms.

Super hot day.


Headed to Dhoby Ghaut and caught Everest, movie was free because we had vouchers! Wanted to watch The Martian at first but no seats. Mr Toh called it Martin, I was like, who’s Martin? ๐Ÿ˜‚

Great movie, very exciting and sad. I realised that BB always moves a lot during the start of the movie and until around the middle of the show. A tad distracting but I love it when he moves!

Itacho for dinner after that.

Bought a Nexcare postpartum support belt from Mothrrcare for $64.90, hope it’s good.
Had Starbucks again and chilled for a while before heading home. Somehow, I wasn’t in a very good mood today, felt kinda moody / sian, don’t know why, must be the hormones. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
Watched The Lincoln Lawyer on Ch 5 with Mr Toh, nice movie. Slept at 1am plus. ๐Ÿ˜จ Like a zombie the next day.

5th Oct
BB very active the whole day with a lull around 5 or 6pm plus. Can keep feeling him wriggle. Super love it~~ Hehe. Ankles still swollen, bo bian. *sigh*
Went to Kovan and had dinner alone before heading home. Had western at the coffeeshop along Hougang St 21, cheap and good western food!

But so sad that I ordered the wrong item, their pork chop not nice.

Mr Toh met his friend for supper/tea so I went to sleep early.

9th Oct
Took half day’s leave today~ Had Foong Kee roasted meats with Mr Toh.

Their char siew is major love! But the roast meat was too salty and wantons weren’t nice too. Weather was really hot! ๐Ÿ˜ฐ We then walked over to Bellaluna for our couple massage but Mr Toh didn’t like their massage. He much prefers Thai style or acupressure style massages.

Walked over to 100AM for Starbucks~~ made use of Mr Toh’s 1-for-1 and got a caramel hot chocolate for myself but the guy charged us for signature hot chocolate which was cheaper. So yay? ่ตšๅˆฐ! Hehe.

Cabbed over to Expo for Mummy’s Market baby fair! Bought so many things~~
– Moby Wrap Organic for $90. Mr Toh dislikes the other baby carriers so we got this.
– Goon diapers for $19.90 per pack, we got 4 packs Newborn and 1 pack Small and they will provide free delivery on 22 Oct.
Wanted to get Merries but their size S and NB were already sold out by the time we got there. So fast, 1st day some more. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
– Nursing bras, 3 for $49 from Autumn for work and 5 more from another brand for home wear.
– Another set of Dr Brown’s milk bottles, we kiasu scared not enough to use.
Toes kept cramping suddenly! 2nd time this has happened and always after I’ve been walking a lot. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

Now I know that my tummy really seems quite big leh! We happened to see another lady who said she’s due in December but her tummy was quite small as compared to mine. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
But my tummy’s very sharp cause everyone who’s guessed my BB’s gender got it right at the 1st try, including Crystelle, the massage lady and the lady at the joss stick shop. Lol.

Time for dinner so we were thinking of what to eat when I thought of Changi Village ipoh hor fun! Still as yummy as ever. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Cabbed home after that.

10th Oct
Finished my housework and I couldn’t stand my frizzy hair any longer so I made an appointment for 5pm with Focus Hairdressing for a straightening treatment, their Mucota Dyna treatment.
Bought Popeyes there as I haven’t ate lunch yet. :X The stylist was nice enough to ask me to eat first, hehe. Though later he told me he was also eating at the same time. Haha.

@ the salon.


After. =D Pretty pleased with the results, he also trimmed off quite a lot of my hair.

He was very nice and kept reminding me to be careful whenever I got up to go for a rinse.
He also gave me advice as he’s a father of one, was really humorous too. I really enjoyed chatting with him.
Super pleased with the results, it costs me $280 and I bought a label m dry shampoo to prepare for my confinement. He wanted to give me samples to try first but they were out of stock. I saw good reviews online hence I bought it, costs $35.
Headed to Kovan to look for Mr Toh. As it was still early, I went to have dinner first. Many stalls in the hawker were closed already so I settled for Western Cowboy Grill and had fish & chips. Not nice. Fish was so dry. Pfft.
Mr Toh was hungry after his work so he had Alishan porridge while I accompanied him before we headed home.

11 Oct
Mr Toh’s 2nd Sun off this month! ๐Ÿ˜
Had a cupcake for breakfast. After Mr Toh woke up, we went to have our lunch and then headed to ๅง‘ๅง‘’s shop to ask her for her opinion on the domestic workers.
Was feeling a little giddy and nauseous suddenly…think the weather was too hot. Felt better after having some water.
So…we have a rough criteria set up and ๅง‘ไธˆ sent us over to the agency at Hougang Green. Shortlisted 2 choices, now waiting for them to interview them with our questions before we decide.
We headed home to rest and watch some TV before heading out for dinner. Mr Toh had a sudden craving for Gyu Kaku so off we went! Wee!
But when we reached, we realised the menu had changed, a lot more beef choices and other side dishes plus a more affordable pricing. But no more Iberico pork. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
The meat’s quality was also poorer. It’s still quite good but not the same as before.
We asked 1 of the long time staff and apparently they have a new manager from Japan as the previous one had retired and he has a different idea for the restaurant. He lowered the prices to make it ๅคงไผ—ๅŒ–, they even have a card to collect chops now!
But sadly, we won’t be returning because what we loved about Gyu Kaku was their exceptional meat quality and now that’s gone.
Our favorite Jap BBQ, no more. ๐Ÿ˜ข
We’ll have to start looking for a new place.
Went to Starbucks after that and shared a choc chip frappe before heading home as I was tired already.

13 Oct
Had a 3 hr lunch break today with boss and colleagues. Lunch at Sushi Tei and drinks at The Chop House after that. Shiok~

Curry ramen with tempura. Average.

More food.

Snake eating in progress.

Oreo milk shake at The Chop House. ๐Ÿ˜›

But I started feeling quite down on my way home. Don’t know why. Was watching TV when I suddenly felt like crying and the tears came. Seriously!
Decided to just shower and sleep. Don’t even feel hungry because lunch was too filling.

Been trying to stay active and do more exercises. Slacked too much for the past 2 weeks hehe, now trying to climb more stairs. Ankle still swollen, ankle bone, ไฝ ๅœจๅ“ช้‡Œ?! ๐Ÿ˜ต

BB moving a lot everyday, I love it~ I talk to him everyday, every opportunity I get, even when I go to the toilet at work. If people hear me, they might think I’m crazy. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Week 30 now. Legs get tired easily, I get tired easily. Also been feeling really hot these past few days, partly also due to the stupid weather.

Birthday coming soon! This year, it’s finally on a Saturday but sadly, Mr Toh has to work that weekend. T_T It’s ok lah, will be going for brunch with Christina~~ She messaged me that day, “Someone’s big day coming soon!”
I was like ?.? for a while before I realised she’s talking about my birthday. Hahaha.

Saw the letter from ICA on our table yesterday when I was leaving for work. Asked Mr Toh to burn it! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Just kidding, time to change my IC picture!

My Amazon parcel ETA SIN today, hope I can receive it tomorrow!

21st Sept
Met Mr Toh after my work at Clarke Quay for Santouka! I tried their shoyu ramen but decided I still prefer miso. Pork gyozas were still yummy.

We then headed to Nex to buy some more stuffs for BB. Bought his bathing supplies, Gaia brand from Watsons. It’s so pricey… ๐Ÿ˜จ But heard that it’s good. It better be! Bought a receiving blanket from Spring. Super love their line of baby clothing. The material is soooo soft!

22nd Sept
Mr Toh’s 3rd straight off day. Shiok sia, like a long weekend for him but only once in how many years, haha.
BB was active a lot today too, always during the morning and afternoon time.

23rd Sept
Pre-celebrated Hongyi’s birthday at Dad’s house! Yay! The naughty boy is 5 years old already! How time flies!
Went to Vivo Toys R Us to buy him a Lego toy set before heading over.

Wanted to cab over but the taxi queue at Vivo is horrible so I ended up taking the MRT to Hougang and cabbing over to Dad’s place.
Had Pizza Hut for dinner since our usual, Rite Pizza wasn’t delivering to our area that day. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Eric also passed me this package before I left, apparently a gift from our vendor.

Came in a cooler bag.

Pretty colored box.

2 bowls of birds’ nest inside. I thought there was only 1 bowl so was pleasantly surprised. Lol. Also came with a airtight lid indicating the date of preparation and a ceramic spoon. Very very cool idea.

Eric said he’s passing it to me as he doesn’t eat birds’ nest, then he mentioned it’s for BB. Awww…so thankful for such a nice boss! The quantity is quite a lot but it wasn’t very clean…could see quite a lot of debris. o.O

24 Sept
Haze very high today again. Woke up late and got ready to go out to attend my boss’s housewarming party. Changed to bus at Dhoby Ghaut and was messaging with my colleagues when I realised….I took the bus in the wrong direction. ๐Ÿ˜‘
Fasterly got down at Suntec and crossed over. Lucky the next bus came soon enough. Hais. ๆœ‰ๅคŸ blur!
Super crowded at the party as usual, passed him the angbao and had some food. Didn’t have chance to see much of his house, very small but nicely renovated.
Left at about 5pm plus and I headed back to Dhoby Ghaut with the intention of having dinner but didn’t know what to eat. *sigh* Suddenly thought of cutting my hair so I headed to Clarke Quay to see if there were any slots at Cleo as I wanted to give them a try.
I was lucky and there was a slot and I was attended to by Kasahara-san, the boss of Cleo, I didn’t know who he was till I was leaving and he passed me his namecard! ๐Ÿ˜จ ๆœ‰็œผไธ่ฏ† orh ee orh. Lol.
He was very nice, very gentle especially knowing I was pregnant. His English wasn’t very good but we could understand each other, probably also because I didn’t have many requirements.

Required selfie after cut, wash and blow~

Had rosti at Swissbake before heading home. Never again, food sucked. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
Bleurgh food.

25 Sept
Super high haze today morning. ๐Ÿ˜ท

Dessert break at work, thanks to Eric.
Durian sago from Ah Chew’s Dessert. YUM. No more durian after this, scared of getting high sugar.

No appetite for dinner…don’t know what to buy. ๐Ÿ˜–
Had zi char in the end.

26 Sept
Woke early and headed to Nex with Mr Toh, I was there to get mooncakes and he was there to run some errands for the shop before he started work.
Mr Toh has fell victim to Starbucks marketing. ๐Ÿ˜‚ He wanted to start collecting the Starbucks card so he bought the Singapore Starbucks card, the Starbucks planner (which came with a gorgeous Starbucks card) and an ice mocha.
I headed home after that while he went to work.
Went to collect the mooncakes then met him after his work and we headed to Grandpa and ๅง‘ๅง‘’s house to pass them the mooncakes.

Peony Jade Heavenly 4 mooncakes & Goodwood Park Mao Shan Wang mooncakes~

At Grandpa’s house, Mr Toh playing with baby Audrey.

27 Sept
Mr Toh was off today~ I woke early to pray and we prepared to go out. Headed to Nex to collect 1 box out of 3 remaining boxes of mooncakes. We had an unsatisfactory lunch at Ya Kun, the chicken curry was bad, tasteless and chicken meat was tough. Mr Toh’s tea also tasted like coffee. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ My mee rebus was not bad.

We had collected the mooncakes and I thought we were gonna be leaving for his cousin’s house when Mr Toh changed direction to go up the escalator. I got caught by surprise so I asked where he was going. He smiled cheekily at me ๐Ÿ˜ and said, “Starbucks.” Lol! His expression was so funny!

We headed to his cousin’s house after that but she wasn’t home yet so we went to Thomson Plaza to walk walk first. They seemed to have renovated or something, there’s a few different stores too, been super long since we’ve come here.

She fetched us from Thomson Plaza and we headed to her house to choose what we wanted to get from her. ไธ€่พน choose ไธ€่พน chat until 6pm plus and they dropped us off at Nex.

We had dinner at Long John Silver, collected the last of the mooncakes and we cabbed home first to drop off the stuff then headed to Dad’s house to pass him the mooncakes.
Stayed and chatted until 10pm plus and we headed to Seletar Mall to catch Attack of the Titans II.
Less gory than the 1st movie but also a bit more boring, I fell asleep at one part. :X

28 Sept
Had my prenatal massage after work. It was raining so heavily + the haze, I had a miserable time getting to the salon. T.T

This was at 6:30pm. So dark!

My massage this time was so so though, have another one this Friday, hope it will be better!
Met Mr Toh at Kovan and I felt like having zi char. Tried the one that Mr Toh had with his colleagues before and it was good~ A tad salty but yummy!

29 Sept
Met Mr Toh after my work at Hougang and we went to the maid agency at Hougang Green. Got a few biodatas of the domestic workers they recomended and we brought it home to consider.
Had dinner at Chef’s Hat, so-so food, very average, not worth the price paid.

Mr Toh’s carbonara, can tell it’s not nice.

My pork chop. So so lor.

30 Sept
Was relaxing on the sofa and watching TV when BB was kicking and moving a lot. I took out my phone wanting to record his movements down when he stopped moving. Seriously. So camera shy like the Daddy! So I talked to him and asked him nicely to let me record this time, can? And he really did! Sooo cute lah!! It felt like he was turning around or something. Lol, really don’t know what he’s doing sometimes. Hahaha. I don’t know how to post a video here though…so they shall remain on my phone. xD

Time really flies. In the blink of an eye, 2/3 of November has passed!

03/11 (Monday)
Mr Toh’s off day~~ I met him at Dhoby Ghaut and we headed to Shaw Lido to catch John Wick which XM recommended.
We had dinner at Watami at Ion before that because Itacho’s queue was too long. The food was ok at Watami, the Caesar salad and their grilled pork skewer was nice. Salmon sushi was not bad too.
John Wick was good, lotsa action and pretty good acting by Keanu Reeves.

04/11 (Tuesday)
Mr Toh met me at Vivocity and we decided to have dinner at Shin Kushiya. What a bad decision. Their food was so salty! We feedback to the staff and his response was that the food is supposed to be prepared that way. Pls leh, you want to give your customers kidney problems?? WTF you mean by the food is supposed to be salty. Stupid answer.
Anyway, the meal costs us $70+, super not worth it! We could have lots more satisfaction at Itacho!! Why isn’t there an Itacho at Vivo?! =X

We then headed to Mustafa to check out handphones. Nothing caught my eye but Mr Toh saw a red HTC One E8 that he liked. The color is really pretty, I saw a deal online but the red set costs $120 more than the black one. Mr Toh ended up settling for the black one as he couldn’t justify the $120.

05/11 (Wednesday)
Met Mr Toh after his work to catch Sifu vs Vampires at Nex.

Helped Mr Toh order his handphone on Lazada from this seller Kile.

They are damn efficient!! I ordered on 06/11 night, phone was packed on 08/11 morning and shipped on 09/11 and I received it in the office the next morning! Amazing service.

08/11 (Saturday)
I went to the gym at Tampines to attend the hot yoga class! Tampines much nearer and the timing is more suitable than the Tanjong Pagar branch. The gym at Tampines is so much bigger but less atas than Tanjong Pagar, but still had a good experience here. =)

09/11 (Sunday)
Mr Toh’s off day! โค
We went to Punggol Settlement for brunch! Tried out Bacon & Booze but hmmm, food and service not up to our standard. Mr Toh was so happy at first to see that they had croissants on their menu but it was not available. Tsk. We ended up sharing a breakfast platter, we felt that none of the items were really delicious. Their Nutella milkshake was awesome though. While waiting for the bus later on, we saw Li Nanxing! I almost gathered up my courage to ask him for a photo but decided not to in the end as he was in a break from filming and the weather was so freaking hot, he just looked very poor thing lah.

We went back home to rest and Mr Toh headed out at 4pm to celebrate his colleague's birthday while I stayed home to prepare myself to attend Corine's wedding at Novotel! Was contemplating taking the MRT there was it was at Clarke Quay only but Mr Toh was very sweet, he passed me some cash and asked me to take a cab there. His reasoning was that, I would be all dolled up and if I take the MRT, I could end up being a sweaty mess by the time I get there. Heehee. Thankful that he is so thoughtful. =) Had an enjoyable time at the dinner, loved seeing her gowns, very pretty and Korean style! Congratulations to Corine & her husband, wishing them a lifetime of everlasting bliss.

13/11 (Thursday)
Mr Toh was off and he had a craving for bak chor mee. Specifically the stall that used to be at Marina Square. So I ended up meeting him at Lavender for the Hill Street Tai Hwa Bak Chor Mee. Damn yums. We realised the $6 portion is too small for Mr Toh. Next time must add noodles.
Then headed to Dhoby Ghaut to try to find screen protector for his E8 but the shops were closing already. *oops*
We then met Daniel for dim sum at 126. Goodness. Really is fat die me. Lol.
It ended up raining when we were finishing eating……and we had to accompany Daniel to wait for the rain to be smaller before he could leave on his motorbike.

15/11 (Saturday)
Went to the gym again for yoga! Then headed to Kovan to try out the scalp treatment at Bee Choo Origins. Hmm…not much comment for the scalp treatment as I've only done it once. Still thinking if I should go back again.

16/11 (Sunday)
Mr Toh's off day again! Wee! I love it when he has weekends off.
I asked Mr Toh if he wanted to try a $4 million charsiew recipe. He was game for it but we were sorely disappointed. Char siew is ok, fatty parts were yum. But honestly, yummy fatty char siew is quite easy to find. The roasted meat was damn blah, like chewing cardboard. And the rice! Worst item on the plate, so dry and tasteless. We think Bedok Cooked Food at Kovan hawker tastes much better overall. I think Aztech Group kena con.

Cabbed over to Queensway Shopping Center after that. I managed to find a really cute sized and functional deuter gym bag that comes with a built in shoe compartment. I also bought a smaller sized Camelbak eddy water bottle, it's really cute! We have the Camelbak water bottle in a bigger size which is perfect when cycling long distances outdoor but I find it too bulky to bring to the gym.

After that, we went to Ikea to walk around and we saw the Billy bookshelves that could work in our study room, so am in the midst of planning~~
We had our dinner at Ikea and cabbed home after that because I was feeling under the weather. Had a bit of flu and cough, thankfully I recovered in a few days time.

In other news, I bought myself a new phone too! The camera on the old phone was busted and I couldn't stand not having a camera. After days of research, I finally decided on the ZTE Nubia Z7 Max. Also bought it on Lazada from T-Dimension. I bought it at only S$379!

They are slightly slower but I supposed I was spoiled by the efficiency of Kile. Lol. Ordered on 14/11 and received the phone on 19/11. Also very fast! Very pleased with the phone~~~ Ordered the casing on Taobao, can’t wait to receive it! Then went down to adix82 mobile shop at Burlington Square as I saw on hardwarezone that he has the tempered glass screen protector. The phone came rooted and with a screen protector already but the fingerprints on it were too horrible! So I decided to change it. =)

Meeting my girls later tonight for K. Cook Korean BBQ for Charlene’s belated birthday~~ Hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long. I cannot wait!


My hair’s getting so long…last rebonded it a month ago at the salon, Hair Lab behind our home. Spent about $200, which I thought was reasonable. I quite like the effect but the lady was very rough when washing and drying my hair…so…probably will think twice about patronising them in future.

Been 3 weeks since my 4th Datsumo Labo appointment and the hairs are much thinner now. Cannot wait to see the results after 6 sessions~~

Supper on Sunday after Mr Toh’s work. One of our fave ba chor mee from Kovan~
 photo IMG_20140831_230938.jpg

Mr Toh wearing matching uniforms with the mooncake carriers when we were heading out to Godma and Godpa’s house. HAHAHA.
 photo IMG_20140904_200428.jpg

Woke up early on Sat 06/09 and went out with Mr Toh who went to work while I went to Ngee Ann City armed with Mr Toh’s credit card to see if I could get Goodwood Park’s Mao Shan Wang mooncakes~ Sampled a few durian mooncakes but none really wowed me. So, when Goodwood Park’s sales assistant told me there was stock for their Mao Shan Wang, I did not hesitate and bought 2!

Love the design of the cooler bag~
 photo IMG_20140906_113739.jpg

Pleased with my buy, I went to Coffee Bean bistro for breakfast~~ Pretty yummy.
 photo IMG_20140906_114659.jpg

On the way home, I was chatting with Mr Toh on the phone while walking through Wisma Atria and was so tempted by Famous Amos and some of the other stores. Mr Toh kan cheong sia…and asked me not to be rash. LOL.

Went back to Dad’s home for dinner that night. Mr Toh was unable to join us as he was working. We decided to catch a movie together with his brothers after dinner instead.

Decided to watch the latest part of the Step Up series at Nex.


Sean brings his dance crew known as The Mob to Los Angeles to try and make it. But they haven’t had much luck, eventually the Mob decides it’s time to go back to Miami but Sean decides to stay. He learns of a dance competition is Las Vegas wherein the winner will get a three year contract. Sean needs a new crew so he asks fellow dancer Moose for help. And Moose introduces him to Andie, another friend and dancer who got injured a few years ago and is now ready to get back in. He recruits some other friends and they head Las Vegas as Lmmental. When they get there, they discover that the Mob too is also there, which is very touchy for Sean.


Ummmm. I’m kinda getting sick of this series. Doesn’t help that the male lead is not memorable at all and I don’t like the way the female lead dances. Overheard some patrons mentioning that the poster looked like it had been Photoshopped heavily. =X
I also thought their dialogue were really cheesy.
Anyway, the dance scenes were still amazing, that’s the one good thing. Second good thing was Moose!!! He has matured and I think he is SO good looking and buff now! *swoon*

Lots of mooncakes this year! Mr Toh ordered the Teochew yam mooncakes for everyone, they tasted really good the first few days. After we kept them in the fridge and reheated, they were too hard…. T_T Must remember to eat them fast next year!

Then Eric gave us a box each of cheese mooncakes from The Bakery Chef! They were not bad, rather special flavours.
 photo IMG_20140827_194533.jpg

Treat from Daphne, beautiful pastel rainbow cake from The Bakery Chef too.
 photo IMG_20140902_172614.jpg

Gift from a customer all the way from Klang. These were awesoooommmee! First time trying them and they were all melty and yummy!
 photo page.jpg

Mr Toh was off on Sat 13/09 so we went to the hospital to visit Nelly and Audrey.

We were thinking what to eat for lunch when I suggested to eat at Novena. Mr Toh gave me a wtf look. He was thinking, “I’m so hungry already, still have to wait till we get to Novena to eat?!” Then he was enlightened and looked at me and said “BOM”. Precisely. A bit slow but great minds think alike! We were thinking of having the volcano ramen for lunch! Hiak hiak.

While waiting for the food. Mr Toh busy playing Heroes Charge. The game is fun!
 photo IMG_20140913_132450.jpg

Food was good but we thought the standard had dropped.
 photo IMG_20140913_132756_1.jpg

Audrey’s the newest addition to our family! The first female baby for 2 generations! She’s gonna be soooo spoiled by us! Am already thinking what to buy for her when I go to Taiwan in October. =X

We bought a floral basket with bird’s nest for Nelly and a baby Piglet doll for Audrey.

Soooo cute!!
Mr Toh says this is so she will remember him. Yup, the uncle who’s born in the year of the Pig aka Uncle Pig. =X
 photo IMG_20140913_153919_1.jpg

Headed to Hougang after that to have dinner with my family as mum was giving us a treat, thanks to her $500 lottery win. Woohoo~~~

Sunday was catch up on housework and ironing day.

Reached home yesterday and worked out. Been a while since I’ve worked out due to being sick.

The workout I usually do. Really like Jillian Michael’s videos.


But wanted to try something different yesterday.


Don’t think it was that high intensity but I sweated like mad, shows just how unfit I am. T_T

 photo a.jpg

Felt sooo good to sweat it all out. Am going to continue working out today. Go me!

Met Mr Toh at Chinatown to settle the guo da li stuffs. Shun bian had Sichuan food for dinner!

Food is so so only…their standard dropped. =(
 photo 2013-11-28-20-47-43_photo.jpg

 photo 2013-11-28-20-47-51_photo.jpg

 photo 2013-11-28-20-48-00_photo.jpg

Met the ladies on 05/12 for dinner at Poulet, Raffles City Shopping Centre for bridesmaid meeting~

Mushroom soup, very yummy but I think you get sick of it after a while.
 photo 2013-12-05-19-59-37_photo.jpg

Sausages~~ So so only.
 photo 2013-12-05-20-07-12_photo.jpg

Sauteed mushrooms. This was good, very yummy.
 photo 2013-12-05-20-06-48_photo.jpg

Their famous chicken~ Meat was tender but I didn’t care for the orange sauce though..
 photo 2013-12-05-20-07-02_photo.jpg

Pork belly. This was not good. It was quite tough. We didn’t manage to finish it.
 photo 2013-12-05-20-07-18_photo.jpg

The meetup was good, we got to discuss a lot of things. Really thankful for their help~~

Chris gave me cookies! Thank you! They were yummy! Mr Toh was jealous. Haha. =P
 photo 2013-12-07-15-08-56_photoA.jpg

Guo da li on 02/12. We bought all the stuffs from Amanda Dreamweaver. The guy in charge was quite helpful.

Dowry stuffs~ I love the towels, so pink and fluffy.
 photo 2013-12-12-23-25-15_photo.jpg

Yummy cakes from Gim Thye at $10.80 per box.

Rest of the pictures are with Dad~

Deco went up on 12/12.
 photo 2013-12-12-23-25-56_photo.jpg

Closer look.
 photo 2013-12-12-23-26-10_photo.jpg

We super love this deco, damn cute!
 photo 2013-12-07-19-53-27_photoA.jpg

The day before the wedding, Mummy, Huiyi and I went over to Woodlands to do our hair! As we were using my aunt’s place for the morning tea ceremony, we were gonna stay over at her house.

Before going to her house, I met Mummy and Huiyi at the hair salon to dye my hair~ A bit last minute lah but I had no choice. I super love the color though, reddish brown but not too red. xD

Slept quite late the previous night as we were preparing the gate crashing stuff, chatting and having ice cream that my uncle bought. Hehe. So nice of him~~

1 of the tests for gate crashing: Pick the right key in blocks of ice. Huiyi had an awesome idea to have rainbow colored ice blocks!

So pwetty~~~~ It took us a few tries to get the colors we wanted as the coloring was quite potent and the colors turned out very dark the 1st few times. But we still managed in the end.
 photo 2013-12-13-20-21-46_photo.jpg

Collected my gowns on Thursday~~ I love them!!
 photo 2013-12-13-04-52-38_photo.jpg

Mr Toh sent me to Toa Payoh after we collected the gowns where I had an appointment to do my nails together with Huiyi.

We were doing the nails at Junying‘s place. Got to know of her from Kaykay and I thought her nails were always done nicely.

Asked for pink scallop tips, double hearts and ribbons and this was what she did for me. Also did extensions for 2 of my nails.

It was my first time doing nail extensions and 3D nail art. *suaku* I was amazed by the process, it seems so ็ฅžๅฅ‡ for them to come out from just some liquid and powder.

Total price of $85 was very affordable and really worth it!

Clearer look. I love it all, especially the shimmery pink base. Soo pretty!!

Huiyi did a minty base with gold glitters.

The actual day was a tad of a blur for me…lol.
Was kinda tired but it was really enjoyable at the same time~ Everything was almost perfect. Shall blog about the actual day when I get the photos from the photographer.

Mothers’ Day is coming~ May is the month of broke for me, what with Mothers’ Day + Mummy’s birthday and Mr Toh’s birthday. T_T But at least we can combine her birthday and Mothers’ Day. That means 1 less present! Muahaha. =X

Starting with a lovely picture of my cute mom. We were at the waterway opposite our place after visiting the food expo with our relatives earlier that day (28/04).
 photo 20130428_175017.jpg

Brought Mummy to try DTF the other day on 04/05. She remarked the xiao long baos were so so only. But the fried rice and pork rib soup were still good!

Almond pudding with black sesame paste. Didn’t try this but the sesame paste was quite nice though Mr Toh hated it.
 photo 20130504_182628.jpg

Mango Pudding. Not bad.
 photo 20130504_182736.jpg

Been busy during weekends doing housework and accompanying Mummy. =D

Some random things I bought over the weekend!

Purple handphone casing~
 photo 20130507_191032.jpg

Super love the lighter shade of purple of the case inside!
 photo 20130507_191304.jpg

$15 shoes from Bata! Comfy too!
 photo 20130507_191100.jpg

Wanted to buy a bag for Mummy but she’s pickier than me when buying bags so end up she got a pair of shoes instead, after more than half an hour browsing Metro @ Compass Point. =X

Good deals at Metro as it was Mr Toh’s birthday month so we had 20% discount off blue tag items! Mr Toh went on a shopping spree, buy pants lah, buy belt, underwear, socks lah. Good deal~~

Also went and rebonded our hair on Sun at the salon near our home. Goodness, I becoming more auntie liao!! Damage was $340 for me and Mummy.

The salon was Hairplus @ Punggol Damai. Hmmmmm. Service not very good. The guy attending to me was quite rough, especially during washing & combing of my hair. I also felt he didn’t do a good job flat ironing my hair. He did it in big sections so he was done very fast. Tsk. Results so so only. =(

Initially Mummy wanted to go to Kian Seng Seafood but for Mothers’ Day, they are only accepting tables for their set menu. Their dishes weren’t very exciting so we decided not to patronise them.

So, I looked around on the web and booked a table at Kam Jia Zhuang Seafood.

Pretty good reviews I saw online so decided to give this a try. Hope they won’t disappoint!

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