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BB is 8 months old this month.

BB really loves to clap his hands. He will clap his hand at any opportunity, even when he’s about to sleep. 👏

He can point at things now, especially love to poke his toys or anything we are holding. He will also wave his pointing finger as if saying “Orh hor..” Lol, so funny.

He can now wave Hi and Bye to people. Will always wave bye to mom and helper when he’s going to bed, then wave Hi in the morning when I bring him out and he sees our helper. 👋

He can sit up by himself when crawling now~ at first can only kinda sit on one side, half sit half lying down, super cute. But slowly, he can sit properly. 👏

He can pull himself up to kneeling position in his cot. He can even stand although only for a very short while. 😱

Sometimes he loves to shout when he’s sitting in his rocker, for no reason. T_T He has a very loud voice, inherited from his Daddy. Haha.

1st August
Went to Hello Kitty cafe with Mr Toh and his colleagues to celebrate him getting good news! Yay! Congrats my Mr Toh and good job!

Food was quite OK, very normal but edible.

4th August
BB the nap fighter. Didn’t nap again after his last nap at 1pm. Haiyo this notty boy.
Came home and read 2 books to him then made milk and brought him to the room to sleep. He waved goodbye when saying goodnight to the helper. Awwww.. my baby is growing up. 😳

5th August

Brought BB to Bridges Montessori in the morning to check it out. The location very ulu… though they had a full Montessori system, somehow we didn’t like it very much. Had lunch then went back home.

Daddy shopping, we wefie~

We watched League of Gods with mom later in the evening. What a crappy show!

6th August
Our helper’s birthday! Brought her to Orchard for dinner~ we tried the Indo restaurant at Paragon. Food was quite good. BB didn’t want to nap in the carrier at all today even with the hood up. 😖
Got home and we cut the cake~ then fasterly put BB to bed.

7th August
Brought BB out to my cousin’s house, his 2nd daughter’s full month. BB very clingy as usual. Lol.

Pokemon-ing while babywearing and making BB sleep. Babywearing FTW!

9th August

Brought BB out in the evening to Dad’s house~ he was such a good boy today. I fed him his porridge there while Ah Yi held him on her lap. He also played with them for a while before I put him to bed. But he woke up after a while crying, I managed to pat him back to sleep. He slept till Mr Toh came and woke up crying again. Faster carried him out cause Audrey was also sleeping inside.

Sleepy grumpy baby

But no use, Audrey woke up too. So we cut the cake, cake for Singapore’s birthday. Lol.
While wiping down BB, he kept reaching out for the lotion bottle. Gave it to him so he wouldn’t struggle so much and I realised he seems to think that was his milk. 😅 So I faster made his milk, fed him and he KO-ed. Poor BB, must have been really hungry.

12th August
BB seemed sad today when I was leaving for work. 😥 Sorry baobei, Mama need to work. Mama love you~
Went to suntec to collect the toy I pre-ordered for BB and the item was so big I had to cab home to put first. Then took the train back to work.

Pokemon hunting at night with his brothers @ 401.

So crowded!

13th August
Wanted to assemble BB’s new toy but upon opening the box, I realised the condition of the item was so bad! Got scratches, got opened bag and whole thing just looks used. So disappointed with this fair organizer SuperMom. Never buying anything from them ever again. Took pictures and FB msged them plus emailed them too. At first they were only willing to exchange item but I refused. Who knows if I will get another 2nd hand item. So they agreed to collect back the item and refund me the $. Never ask them to refund my cab fare very good liao.

Lol @ his expression.

Met up with Char and Jia+Kevin for dinner at Serangoon Gardens, Steam Box.

Dessert, the durian mousse at Dessert Bowl is awesome~

Kevin sent me home after that, thank you!
Changed and went out to 401 with Mr Toh after that. Pokémon time~ 😄

14th August
Brought BB to my uncle’s place in Woodlands. We took the bus! BB slept the whole journey. BB is such a good boy. Mama love you~
He was clingy at first and wary of my aunts as he seldom sees them. But towards the end, he was ok already and even laughed when they played with him. Mama so proud of you baobei~ baobei 很棒! 👍 Cabbed home with mum after that.

15th August
Took half day leave in the afternoon to go collect my IC. Wanted to eat our fave bak chor mee but it was closed on that day.
So I met Mr Toh at Bugis instead. Had our late lunch and went Pokémon hunting~

16th August
His favourite sleeping position.

18th August
Met Mr Toh at Vivocity after work, that place so many Pokemons and Pokestops with lures! Lol. We had dinner at Morganfield’s, the bacon wrapped pork balls were so yummy!

Their pork chop not bad too but kinda salty after a while.

While having dinner, we saw groups of people running towards the Sentosa Boardwalk so we checked our map and turns out there was a Lapras at Sentosa. But too far…. =(
Two Caucasian men sitting beside our table were amazed by the scene, lol.

19th August
BB today morning.

Met Mr Toh at Vivo after work again! This time we were headed for Sentosa. But that place sucks, very big and very hot. =(
We walked back to Vivo and decided to have a snack at Brewerks.

Yummy calamari & pork belly satay!

My silly husband

The boardwalk was really quite lovely.

21st August
“You better give me my food now, when I am asking nicely, I tell you.”

23rd August
BB playing with my sweets.

“妈咪,我跟你讲啊,不要吃这么多糖果🍬。还是给我吃比较好哦. ”

24th August
His super cute pajamas.

26th August
BB today morning. New expression, Mama melting liao!

Concert day! Ended work earlier and met Mr Toh at Suntec for dinner before our concert~
Terry Lin One Take 2016.
We felt so young there cause the majority of the audience were our parents’ age. :X
His concert was amazing! One of the best I’ve been to and his voice is just so good that it gave us goosebumps!
We then went to MBS for Pokémon~

27th August
Mr Toh’s off day~ I woke in the morning, played a bit with BB then went back to bed and slept till 3pm. Woke up with Mr Toh then we went out for lunch without BB cause the haze was too much.
Caught Train to Busan and it was such a good movie!
I then went to Eu Yan Sang to see a sinseh about my right thumb. Starting to hurt again.
We then went to Hougang Ave 10 after that, saw Charlene and her hubby near there when we were looking for a Vaporeon! Then saw Wensheng and Huimin too at Ave 10. Lol. Sg too small liao.

28th August
Met Huiyi at Somerset to go do our hair together~ Had lunch at Supply & Demand. Turns out Huiyi and her bf were also playing Pokemon! Lots to talk about. Haha.

29th August
Someone can sit up by himself! Though not very stable but good effort baobei!
Putting him to bed is quite a chore now. If he’s not tired, he will climb all over the bed. I then put him in his cot, but he went to pull himself up by holding on to the railings. He then tried to stand and succeeded for a split second. Then he fell on his back and my heart almost stopped. But then he squealed and laughed so happily I couldn’t help but join in. 😄 But pls don’t make this a habit baobei~
Carried him up after that and realised why so smelly. Turns out he pooped! No wonder didn’t want to sleep. Were you trying to tell Mama you pooped baobei? Sorry Mama didn’t pay attention. Lol. 😆

31st August
Mr Toh’s off~ met him at Chinatown for dumplings. Wanted to go for the Abra nest at Pearl’s Hill Park but realised we can’t access it because of some construction going on….so we went back to Waterway Point to buy fruits for praying. Headed home to put the stuff then headed out again for supper~ Mr Toh said he want to watch movie… Told him I accompany you for supper not enough, you still want movie, 太过分了! 😄


06 Jan 2015
Was on half day leave as I was headed to SPH to collect the movie tickets I won from Kiss92! Won 4 tickets for the movie Serena. Met Mr Toh after work to catch the show at Nex. Ummmmm I thought the show kinda sucked…didn’t really liked the directing, thought the pace was really slow.

07 Jan 2015
I was on leave today. It was my dad’s death anniversary so we were going to San Qing Gong to pray. We were done at about 12pm plus. Gave ZW the extra 2 tickets for Serena so he can catch it with Sis-in-law. He then sent mom back home first then sent us to Mt Alvernia as we were visiting Keavy sis who just had her baby, Jezelle! Bought flowers and a piglet toy for Jezelle, Mr Toh insisted on the piglet, says it’s his trademark. Lol. We didn’t manage to see the baby but she looks damn cute in her photos. So happy for them~~
We headed to Toa Payoh after that, Mr Toh needed to visit the Phillips Securities office. We had our lunch and headed to Ikea to double check on the Billy bookcases that we wanted to get for our study room. Went home after that to rest first then Dad came to fetch us and we headed to Ikea again to buy the bookcases. Cannot believe how heavy they are, thank goodness Dad was available to help us.

10 Jan 2015
Mr Toh was off on Saturday~ Happy day! We woke up quite early, about 10am plus and headed to the area around 姑姑’s shop for breakfast as Mr Toh had to buy something from the hardware store. We decided to have MCD’s breakfast! Headed home after that as we have a lot to do. Mr Toh started fixing the bookshelves while I helped a little. Mostly I was just passing him stuff that he needs or lazing around. It was fun. :X He finished assembling the 3 bookshelves by 4pm and we were starving so we went for a quick lunch and continued unpacking our display items / books to put on the shelves. Super happy with the way the study room looks like now, very neat and love how the Billy bookcases have a shallow depth~ Can never understand why normal bookcases need such a huge depth when books or files are so small. Was done for the day at 10pm plus and we went for prata and mutton curry at RK. Yums~!

13 Jan
Was too tired today plus I had a headache so I took a nap when I got home. After Mr Toh called me to say he will be having dinner after work with his colleagues, I decided to turn that nap into my bed time. Woke up at 3am with a painful, parched throat. Headed to the kitchen for water and meds. Mr Toh saw me and followed, then tucked me back into bed. He mentioned that he was home at 12 plus and I must have been very tired because when he came into the bedroom, I was snoring. Oh goodness. T.T He said he patted me and I stopped snoring but didn’t even move a muscle. He then kissed his oblivious wife goodnight and went to the study room. I must have been damn tired because I usually wake up when he comes into the room to kiss me goodnight. Lol.

Met Mr Toh at the LRT on 14 Jan to have his dinner after he got off work as the poor thing only had 1 meal the whole day and was starving. He ended up buying the food home so we can game while he eat. Have been playing Aura Kingdom together with his brothers. The characters are very cute, I suppose it’s kinda fun, I especially love playing games with Mr Toh. He will always do a lot of research into all aspects of the game then teach them to me. But I contributed this time too as I started playing earlier than him.

16 Jan
I had my final theory test today. Soooo kan cheong!! Been practising for weeks but still wasn’t very confident. I breezed past the e trials as I thought we could do all, but turns out I only had 2 tries. Passed the e trials with flying colors so I was slightly more relaxed after that. Soon, it was time for the actual test. Took my time doing the test and reviewed it 1 more time before I submitted it. And I passed! Woohoo! Not surprising actually as theory’s my strong suit. I am much more worried about the practical driving lessons. My palms sweat just thinking about driving a car on the road. T_T
Met Mr Toh at Nex after that and we caught Taken 3. No comments about the movie because I love Liam Neeson. Just thought they should have stopped after the 1st movie.

18 Jan
Met Mr Toh after his work and we headed to Cathay Cineleisure to watch Blackhat.
Hmmmmmmm, storyline’s pretty interesting but there were some slow parts and I almost fell asleep.

Yummy cheesecakes & ice chocolate at Starbucks before our movie.

23 Jan
Mr Toh was off today, we were planning to visit his grandfather at SGH who was admitted a day ago. Told him to meet me at Tanjong Pagar for dinner first, so I walked over after work. Called him when I reached and he told me he was at the toilet below my office! He had reached earlier but needed to go to the toilet first and he forgot we were supposed to meet at Tanjong Pagar. The blur dear didn’t even call me to let me know. T_T We had Gyoza King for dinner. $13.90 for their set meal that consists of 5 gyozas, 2 side dishes and a bowl of rice. I thought everything was delicious or maybe I was too hungry.

Glad to see that his grandfather was much better already and will be discharged the next day. =)

We headed back to Nex for a movie and we decided to catch the new Thai movie, I Fine … Thank You… Love You. So glad that we did! Very funny movie, great acting and I love the whole cast. A must watch!

Stayed at home the entire day on Saturday and did housework. T_T
Did not spend a single cent as I had breakfast & lunch at home.

My mushroom aglio olio spaghetti.

Went to meet Mr Toh after he got off work and we decided to head to Bedok 85 for dinner~ Amazingly, the cab driver did not know where Bedok 85 was and insisted on an address which we had to google for. *sigh*

Had a long wait for the bak chor mee, as usual. Mr Toh also ordered satay and BBQ stingray, pity they were not as yummy though. The bak chor mee was ok. Not as fantastic as what I remembered though.

Mr Toh was off again on 25 Jan and we had lunch at Itacho. Everything was delicious as usual. Love the new deep fried Inari item on their seasonal menu, so yummy even Mr Toh agreed!

We went shopping after that for new inner wear as CNY was approaching. Mr Toh is very particular about what he wears, there’s only 1 brand of underwear that he wears. As we were at Orchard, we started from Plaza Singapura and swept all the departmental stores for that particular brand in his size. Managed to find 10 of his size in the color he wanted. As for me, I got everything from Marks & Spencer, 4 bras, 10 panties and 4 sets of lounge wear for wearing at home! Someone is complaining how my home clothes look like shit. =X

We also went browsing for kitchen appliances at John Little.

PINK rice cooker! Tiger brand somemore, not bad! But the whole build was very plasticky.

Really pretty minty cookware!

We ended our shopping spree at Ngee Ann City’s Louis Vuitton boutique. We went in to ask for the price of their men wallets and was so pleased with the service provided to us that Mr Toh decided to buy it on the spot. He got the Slender wallet in Damier Graphite Canvas. I’m not a huge fan of LV but I love that design and how they have personalised initials hot stamping or embossing. It just adds class to the whole wallet. Service was really awesome too, we were served by Belle Tay and she was very friendly and professional at the same time. Actually, every service staff was really friendly and helpful, even the door man. Awesome shopping experience man!

We then headed to Changi Village for dinner as Mr Toh has been craving the ipoh hor fun for ages like a pregnant woman. =X We shared 3 plates of hor fun……full die me.

After dinner, we went to Ikea as we still had to buy the doors for the bookcase, without the doors, the shelves were getting really dusty and we couldn’t stand it anymore. Got home and Mr Toh started fixing them up and we brought out all our stuff that we had collected over the years for display. So awesome!

Was a really awesome weekend.

Don’t we all?

I love it because I can sleep in more! If only I don’t have to do household chores though. But no matter, it’s good too because I have more time to clear my backlog.

Yesterday was the most  夸张. I woke when Mr Toh left for work then continued sleeping till 1pm. Woke up and did some chores / watch Game of Thrones / played Wow. Then napped again from 6 plus till 9:30pm.

O.O  Shiok. Hahaha.

Speaking of WOW, damn pek chek. I need to win 2 battlegrounds for the legendary quest, I’ve managed to complete one BUT the other one, it’s been a week and I still can’t seem to win no matter how many times I play! TSK. Alliance sucks at PVP. =(

Caught Ice Man over the weekend with Mr Toh….boy, were we disappointed.


In the Ming Dynasty, there are four orphans, Ying (Donnie Yen), Yuanlong (Simon Yam), Sao (Wang Baoqiang) and Niehu. Raised in Taoyuan Village, the four are close as brothers.

Their exceptional martial arts allow them to reach the highest rank among the imperial guards. They take the order to kill the Japanese troop leader, and return in triumph. The Emperor then orders Ying to escort the Golden Wheel of Time from India back to the capital, which is said to have the power of time travelling and foreseeing the future. On the way of escorting, Ying is set up by his brothers and he chooses to fight against them. The duel has shaken the earth, an avalanche strucks and buries the four.

Travelling 400 years in time to modern Hong Kong, Ying meets wasted May (Eva Huang) who gives him shelter


We were really excited for this movie at first. I love Donnie Yen and the storyline seemed really interesting. But, I felt the whole movie was so lame! They were trying so hard to be funny. I barely laughed and Mr Toh thought the way it was filmed sucks. Just badly made but we loved the two male actors, Donnie Yen and Simon Yam. Simon Yam is SO handsome! Classic example of aging well. Donnie Yen too, but his hair is just ridiculous in the movie. Tsk. So….erm, I think don’t waste $ watching this in the theatre.

Met Mr Toh at Tanjong Pagar MRT last Monday for dinner. I wanted to try Men-Tei on my colleague’s recommendation.

We walked right past the restaurant as we were too busy talking but it was easy enough to find.

Mr Toh’s spicy miso ramen was not bad but my miso ramen was too salty. T_T The charsiew was tender enough but I didn’t like the egg, not flavorful enough.

Miso ramen.
 photo 20140217_190920.jpg

My colleague said their tonkotsu ramen is nicer though…will give that a try next time.

Mr Toh was off on Friday but had to go back to the shop early for stock take. So he asked me to wake him up and he will accompany me for breakfast before heading to the shop. Wee! Been so long since we’ve had breakfast together on a weekday~

Act fierce face. =P
 photo 20140221_071443.jpg

After my work, we met up with Jiahui and Chris for dinner for Jia’s advance bday celebration at Gyu-kaku!

Sooooo looking forward to it! Bought a small nice strawberry cake from Glace for Jia’s birthday~~ Luckily I reached slightly before her so I could put it with the restaurant first before she sees it.

My cutie hubby with the bib they provided. None of us used it actually though it was a nice gesture.
 photo 20140221_194026.jpg

We ate a lot…..partially because we were waiting for Christina who was held up at work. We were so full until we didn’t touch the cake, only brought it out to sing birthday song and take pictures. Rofl! I love the food at Gyu-kaku and their service too, with the exception of this Chinese lady who took our orders. Everyone else was pleasant enough.

Saturday, I was hard at work with the weekly household chores. Wanted to clear them all as I was going out on Sunday with Mummy.

Had lots of extra white chocolate chips so I made cookies!
Recipe from here!
I followed one of the tip in the comments and reduced the number of white chocolate chips by half. I also used butter as I did not have margarine at home.

Prep in progress~
 photo collage.jpg

Ta-daa! Finished product!
 photo IMG_20140222_164342.jpg

Color didn’t seem very nice. But feedback was pretty positive though I personally feel that the cookies weren’t chewy enough for a recipe that said irresistible chewy cookies!

From google, I learnt that a higher ratio of 2 parts brown sugar to 1 part white sugar would help make it more chewy.

Just found this recipe with higher rating and more reviews, shall try this again!

On Sunday, we went to my 姑婆’s home at Bt Timah with some of my other aunts and uncles. It was my first time there.

Elder females with 姑婆.
 photo 20140223_130800.jpg

Mummy & me with 姑婆. She’s already 89 this year~~ If my grandpa was still around, he’d be 90 this year. Wow.
 photo 20140223_131125.jpg

Saw pretty flowers outside their home~
 photo 20140223_132220.jpg

Is this a gorgeous shot or what!
 photo 20140223_132213.jpg

Mummy’s cousins were very nice and ordered Yum Cha delivery for us! Yummmsss~~ The owner of the house even gave us red packets even though it was no longer CNY.

When I rejected and told him I’m married, he just said it’s ok, just take it as it’s my first time there. So nice of him!

Went to visit 三舅 after that and headed to AMK hub after leaving there.

My shoulders were feeling really itchy and it was all red and slightly peeling….turns out they were sunburned! Wtf!!

I just sit on the lorry for a while only also can sunburn. Tsk tsk tsk…. Even my arms are darker. T_T Who ask me not to apply lotion before going out……..hais! Mr Toh says it’s because I’m too fair. Hmm. This is only my 2nd time getting sunburned. The 1st time was wayyyyyy back when I was 16 and at Escape Theme Park with my classmates. Lol.

Mr Toh bought Korean strawberries back!! Not a huge fan of strawberries because they’re all so sour. But he said these are very sweet. Well, they weren’t sour but not that sweet either though. But thanks laogong~ *muacks* They were delicious!~
 photo 20140223_205429.jpg

Finally managed to up my item level. Am at 486 now….still very low but so much better compared to last week. Tsk.

Gotta chiong dungeons for justice points to get better gear! 8 today and 8 tomorrow!! Ain’t nothing stopping me!! *ROAR*

On a serious note, Icy Vein’s guide for resto shaman is DAMN good!! I’m now almost always in top 4 of every raid I’ve been to even with my sucky equips since reading the guide. Awesome.

I had an awesome Valentine’s Day this year. =D

Royce chocolates from Eric! He gave me an extra one for Mr Toh. So nice of him to remember~~
 photo 20140214_095054.jpg

I posted a Valentine’s Day photo and message on Facebook to Mr Toh for him to see. He usually does not reply to stuffs like these hence I was super surprised to see that he replied me in the afternoon.

 photo untitled.png

It may be a small thing to most but to be honest, stuff like these makes me happy knowing that he thought of me and made the effort to reply when he usually does not. Love you!

I was supposed to go to Grandpa’s house after work as their family was celebrating the 15th day of CNY together. Called him as I was walking to the bus stop, as usual, when he asked if I wanted to find him at his shop before going to Grandpa’s house.

My first thought was “Flowers?” but I didn’t say anything and told myself not to think so much also. No expectations = no disappointment.

When I reached his shop, he was busy with paperwork so I waited for him. Once he was done, we chatted a bit and he suddenly said, “我有买花给你.”

I was like, O.O “真的吗? 你有买花给我?”

And he brought out the flowers from behind the counter.

Awwww…my favourite tulips! Such a gorgeous gorgeous shade!

What I posted on FB:

Gorgeous blooms. This surprise put a big smile on my face. I admit. I love tulips. I can’t justify spending too much on a bouquet for Vday so Mr Toh sourced for a more reasonably priced bouquet. Mr Toh asked me to find him at his workplace after I knocked off. Am I BHB if I say I suspected flowers? But told myself not to think so much. :X However I was pleasantly surprised when he said, “我有买花给你。” Awwww…so touched! Am a super happy girl this Vday. Thank you my love.

I couldn’t stop smiling. =X Heehee. Very glad that he was sensible and did not buy a $100 bouquet. This only costed $50. And for tulips on Vday, I find it very very reasonable! xD

Took super many photos of it over the next 2 days~~

These were taken on 15/02. Pwetty~
 photo 20140215_132308.jpg

 photo 20140215_110738.jpg

Fully bloomed on 16/02! So pretty~~
 photo 20140216_104513.jpg

The stalks in the middle started growing. Lol!
 photo 20140216_104404.jpg

Happy that Mr Toh had off on 15/02 Saturday so we could go for a Saturdate!

I woke up really early to finish up Mr Toh’s Vday card. I had the idea during the week to do a pop up card. And since we were playing WoW again, I really wanted to do a WoW themed card.

Since I was also the healer in the guild, I thought of telling Mr Toh that I’ll be his healer forever regardless of what game we were playing. Heehee. It helps that I like to play healers!

Cover page. Trying to be humorous. Though I should have added “a lot.” LOL.
The 2 hearts are paper doilies I bought for $2 from Daiso! Good buy huh! Haha~~ The wordings were supplies I got from Huiyi~ She has lots of materials for scrapbooking and those were perfect.
 photo NA201402151106490077-61-090000000.jpg

Inside of the card. I used our own characters! Print screen, then printed and cut them out.

“I’ll forever be your healer”

Got the poem off Google, thought it was very cute!
 photo NA201402151106110016-61-090000000.jpg

Left the card on Mr Toh’s keyboard and went to wake him up after I did some dungeons.

When he saw the card, he said something like “我也有礼物啊?"
He laughed after seeing the card. Muahahaha!

Once he saw the phrase “I’ll forever be your healer”, the 1st thing he said was, “Forever be my healer? 你说的hor. PVP?” LOL. Bth…~~

Am really glad he likes the card. He thanked me and again when I was going to bed. Aww… *touched* *muacks*

We didn’t really go anywhere special, just had our favourite sushi.

Selfie time while otw. Thank you Mr Toh for indulging me. =*

@ LRT platform~~
 photo 20140215_153837.jpg

Waiting for our food~~ Him.
 photo 20140215_163636.jpg

 photo 20140215_163647.jpg

Itacho Sushi @ Plaza Singapura. Ordered quite a lot and I tried their salmon sashimi on Mr Toh’s assurance that it is very fresh.
And it is really fresh!! Texture was awesome, not slimy like the ones from Sakae Sushi I tried many years ago. This was very similar to the one I tried in Hokkaido!! Just lose by a bit only! Damn nice!!
 photo 20140215_170235.jpg

Mr Toh said he purposely chose the fattiest slice for me to try and asked if I got taste any fragrance/sweetness from the salmon.

Um, to be honest, no.

He said “我选最肥的给你try, 你跟我讲没有香味. 我要跳楼!”

LOLOLOL. 这样夸张嚒???

Yummy gyozas!
 photo 20140215_165345.jpg

Unagi / grilled pork / tuna / fatty salmon / crabstick sushi!
 photo 20140215_165758.jpg

Sadly, Mr Toh said the fatty salmon sushi was not that good, not very fresh. He ordered the tuna sushi to try but realised that he really does not like the taste. Grilled pork was good this time. Unagi taste was good and quite a thick slice, but the meat was kinda old. My crabstick sushi was awesome.

Crab and crab miso / roast duck breast warship sushi. Crab sushi was so so…a bit too much miso. =X
Roast duck breast was quite good, had a very fragrant taste according to Mr Toh.
 photo 20140215_170011.jpg

Spicy minced pork mini don / top salmon belly with black pepper / clams with butter & pepper.
 photo 20140215_165035.jpg

The pork don was quite spicy but shiok! I love my salmon belly as usual but there were so many bones, I was afraid of swallowing it. We super love the clams here~~! I love the butter flavour.

Had an awesome satisfying meal. =)

Went to Dad’s house to meet up with his brothers as we’re catching a movie later that night! Wee~~


Marcus Luttrell, a Navy Seal, and his team set out on a mission to capture or kill notorious al Qaeda leader Ahmad Shahd, in late June 2005. After running into mountain herders and capturing them, they were left with no choice but to follow their rules of engagement or be imprisoned. Now Marcus and his team are left to fight for their lives in one of the most valiant efforts of modern warfare.

Had no idea what this movie was about but I liked it. I was very into it and was very kan cheong throughout the movie! Love how graphic the movie was, very violent but entertaining. =X

Wanted to have Ah Seah porridge for supper but it was closed. T_T So we cabbed back to the coffeeshop near Dad’s place for dinner. 阿姨 treated us to zi char, though the sotong was a tad undercooked, the rest of the dishes were good.

Sunday was housework day. Had to clear my backlog. Lol. WoW-ed then napped and waited for Mr Toh to come home to help me complete my quest. Haha. My healer’s DPS sucks balls. Hai.

Mr Toh’s off again today. Wonder if he wants to go for spaghetti or ramen. Hmm. Hungry now just thinking about it.

Lookie what I got from Kukup!

Cute neck cushion from Kukup that Mr Toh bought for me and a cute chopper fan Xiang Ming bought for me! Awww~~ Love them both!
 photo 20140209_113354.jpg

Company CNY dinner on Friday 07/02 at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant, Grand Pacific Hotel~ We got off work at 6pm! Shiok!

Me! 黑眼圈吓死人. Hai.

Shark’s fin.

8.5cm abalone, according to our boss. But I forgot to bring a ruler along to measure. =X

Roast duck. Before.

After. This was pretty yummy~~

Bird’s nest~~ Nice. I have learnt to appreciate bird’s nest as I get older. =X


Wa, Eric so cool sia.

Us girls wanted to take a selfie together and this Weiliang came and kpo. Singing still want to take photo~~!

Me and Daphne who was sitting beside me.

“Hot” lady that night, Irene, who was busy pouring hot water for those who wanted to mix with their cordon bleu.

We finished 6 bottles of cordon bleu that night, 1 more bottle not pictured.

Prize I won from our dinner! Cute Nescafe coffee machine~~
I was eyeing this the entire dinner, hahahaha! Sooo happy when my name was called! Heehee~~!
 photo 20140208_012255.jpg
 photo 20140208_012341.jpg

Cash!! Finally broke the curse of winning vouchers every year. Yay~~!
 photo 20140208_013704.jpg

Went for my dental appointment on Sat morning~ Was in and out of Dr Djeng’s office within 5 minutes! Super fast, haha!

Meeting the babes at Char’s place after that, so I bought cupcakes and 4Fingers chicken wings! YUMMEH.

Char’s house is not yet ready but she was there to enjoy the condo facilities as they already have to pay the monthly maintenance fees. So we kpo along to view her house. Sooo nice lo!! Have already started planning to visit her and her house more often. Wahahaha =X

Chilling at the jacuzzi pool which I stupidly submerged myself into 10 mins later and wet my denim shorts. LOL. Luckily Jiahui has extra shorts which she lent me~~ Love you babe~~!

My fat legs~~
 photo 20140208_125308.jpg

Gorgeous pool~~~~ Perfect length for serious swimmers.
 photo 20140208_124155.jpg

After Char’s swim, we proceeded to buy lunch and headed to my house. Char’s hubby was very nice to drive us around~~

Our yummy yusheng from Ichiban!!
 photo IMG-20140208-WA0008.jpg

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0019.jpg

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0010.jpg

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0017.jpg

Us and Mummy! Hee.
 photo IMG-20140208-WA0011.jpg

After dinner, while Christina was sitting in the living room chatting with Char’s hubby, we fasterly brought out the cupcakes and sang her a birthday song as Jia was leaving soon. Christina was like, “Huh? Whose birthday?” LOL.

Birthday girl!! I bought a rose cupcake for her! So pink and pretty!
 photo IMG-20140208-WA0003.jpg

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0012.jpg

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0004.jpg

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0005.jpg

Different artist’s impressions. Hahaha.

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0014.jpg

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0018.jpg

We all had to take a photo with the birthday girl of course~
 photo IMG-20140208-WA0013.jpg.
 photo IMG-20140208-WA0015.jpg
 photo IMG-20140208-WA0016.jpg

So happy to finally meet up and have a proper gathering with my girls~ Jia left first as she has something on. Me and Char then proceeded to show each other our wedding photos as we could not attend the wedding. Hee.

One last gathering for CNY at Mr Toh’s 大姨’s place.

Drank coffee before going out! 乘机 use the new coffee machine, wee~~!

It’s very easy to use and the coffee tastes great! Have yet to check out how much the capsules cost, hope it’s not too expensive!

Making capuccino. Very wasteful, this one. One capsule for milk and one for coffee. I thought one capsule for one cup and was feeling confused why there was no coffee. Tsk.
 photo 20140209_130138.jpg
 photo 20140209_130147.jpg
 photo 20140209_130242.jpg
 photo 20140209_130440.jpg


OOTD~ Floral dress from Forever 21. Got compliments from Mr Toh when I wore it! He said he missed the way I used to dress. =) Shall take note to dress more femininely~
It’s very comfortable but a bit loose on me, have to bring it for alteration~
 photo 20140209_184100.jpg

我. Love the sunlight.
 photo IMG_20140211_101220.jpg

After visiting, we went to catch the Robocop movie.


In 2028 Detroit, when Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) – a loving husband, father and good cop – is critically injured in the line of duty, the multinational conglomerate OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer.


Ummm….I really liked the actor, Joel Kinnaman. But I thought the movie was quite weak….especially the ending. Quite a waste, especially as it took so many years before we got a new movie..

Headed for porridge at Ah Seah after that and then went home to WoW. Yes, we have fallen back to the dark side. T_T

Ran a few dungeons and I was so stressed. Seriously. Like freaking noob. Dungeon only leh, not even raid. Tsk tsk tsk. Gotta take some time to get back on track and build up my equips. Chiong ah~~

On leave tomorrow, hopefully can play more tonight. Hehehehe. =P

Mr Toh had his final theory test on Wed 07/11. After his test, he called me and said he failed and was now booking for his next test. Hai..tbh, I was quite disappointed in him. =X

Then I met him for dinner that night. He passed me a slip of paper and said that was his next test date, so I checked the paper for a date wanting to key it in my calender so that I can remind him.

But when I saw the date showing 07/11/2012, I thought to myself, “That’s today’s date what…” Then I saw the date below showing 06/11/2014 and I thought “Waah, why the next date so far away?!”.

It was only then I saw the word “PASSED”. T_T””””””””””””””””””””””””

I got a shock and then realised that Mr Toh tricked me!! I think I laughed for a minute straight, until my sides hurt… HAHAHAH! Good prank seriously. So glad he passed! Yay! 1 step closer. =) Jiayou!!


Our dinner on Thursday 08/11~ At Shin Kushiya at Vivocity! Sort of a celebratory dinner for him.

Mushroom & tofu soup. I love this dish!

Various sticks, not quite up to standard for the price we were paying.

Garlic rice, this was good. AT $4.80 a bowl, it was fragrant and very appetizing.

Salmon skin temaki~ Not as nice as I remembered from Suntec City. =(

We had Haagen Dazs ice cream after that… O.O
Our stomachs were close to bursting.

We took a stroll along the broadwalk and saw this weird statue. I thought it was a real human working at this hour you know?! Scared me. Lol.

OFTD on Friday~ Fleurty lace shorts from Smooch! Gave in to temptation and bought this item after months of shopping ban. =X Very comfy to wear and love the cutting as usual! The petals are also something unique. I really love the shorts from Smooch!

Don bought us Twelve Cupcakes on 09/11! I’ve been wanting to try it but lazy. =X

Really got 12 cupcakes! =X

The ultra famous Red velvet cupcake. So excited to try it after hearing all the good stuff about it! And it didn’t disappoint! The cake was moist and the cream cheese was smooth. Really yummy! 2 thumbs up! At $3 a pop, I’m not really sure it was worth the price…maybe it’s OK to give it a try or to have it occasionally? It’s slightly cheaper if you buy more though.


We went home for a while to receive our study tables!

I thought this angle looked really cute with all 3 colors popping out. xD

Dinner on 11/11 after I came back from Mummy’s place. We had zi char at the coffeeshop near Dad’s place. Their food is really quite good!


We love their sambal sotong!

We went home yesterday to fix the study tables~~ I love the color of the study table!

This is my corner of the study room. Plus my Mr Toh ingeniously fixed the power plug to the table so there is no visible messy cables on the floor trapping dust and dirt! Wee! Can’t wait to move in really…so I can have my own computer!

Wanted to play more WoW yesterday as I’ve been leveling way too slow but server maintenance! Why like that!

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