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Posted on: August 4, 2016

BB is such a curious baby, always looking around him when he hear voices or when he sees lights etc.

Whenever we are holding things when carrying him, he will always stretch his hand out wanting to grab it.

Always stay this way, my kpo baby. 😘

When we carry him near the window, he will know to look at the cars and LRT trains. 👍

When he’s lying down and his pacifier drops, he knows to find it and pick it up and bring to his mouth. Heh so clever.

Stopping breastfeeding this month, slowly decreasing the amount of pumping so I stopped pumping in the middle of the night and I realised it makes me miss the moments with Mr Toh. I rarely see him during our work days, only on his off day can see him. 😥
But the friends have been jio-ing me for drinking sessions! Bad influence much? Haha. 😅

1st June
BB woke on the wrong side of the bed today, he woke up crying really loudly, I wonder if he had a nightmare?
BB was asleep when I got home. He woke at 10:45pm and 4:15am for milk. The 2nd time he woke, he didn’t fall back asleep immediately but I was too tired so I just let him fall asleep on his own in his crib.

2nd June
Luckily Mr Toh woke me up today, don’t know why my alarm did not ring?
Was pumping and Mr Toh was showing me nice music videos. Done pumping and went back to our bedroom so I can prepare for work.
Saw BB’s upright head in his crib the moment I stepped into the room. The little darling was already awake but not crying. 乖宝贝~ Asked who he was waiting for, whether he was waiting for Mama and he said “Ahhhh…”. Lol.
Mr Toh played with him while I got ready for work then I carried him out so Mr Toh could sleep.

5th June
Watched TMNT, not bad.

7th June
On leave today! Mr Toh had class in the morning so I took a mid morning nap together with BB. 😁
Met Mr Toh at Serangoon at 12pm, we were going for the Friso car redemption. But omg, the queue was craaazy! People had to queue for hours, the longest I heard was 4 hours, end up they didn’t have enough stock. 😦
But we didn’t queue that long, we saw a shorter queue so I went to check it out and was told that was for home delivery at a charge of $30. So we opted for that and we still spent 2 hours there even though the queue was really short, less than 20 people. Wtf wtf. First experience and such a disappointment. Tsk.
We then had lunch before heading home and Mr Toh took a nap.
We then brought BB to Takashimaya to try the Lillebaby carrier. Very comfy so we bought the All Seasons! $239 with 15% discount works out to around $203. Pretty good deal. 👍
We had dinner, udon at the foodcourt before heading home. The little one was so tired that he was falling asleep in the carrier while we were queuing for the cab. 😅

09 June
Baked a sweet potato when I got home, to prepare for BB’s venture into porridge. Got to let him try millet, sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkin before I can cook milllet porridge for him. It was those purple skin yellow flesh ones. Stole a bit to taste and it was very sweet! So yummy. I’m sure he will love it.
Went into the room and he had just got into bed after his milk. He wasn’t asleep yet and he saw me and kept looking at me. Then started whining. Carried him up and realised he was very sweaty. So I on the aircon and carried him for a while waiting for him to cool down before putting him back in his cot. 😘

10 June
Went to Albert Centre during my lunch time to buy ikan bilis! Bought those without the head and backbones to grind into powder for BB. Mum can use in soups and stir fries too. 👍

Helper fed him the sweet potato today, he liked it! But he pooped 3 times after that. Like whoa. Wonder if it’s normal?
Did some googling and apparently yes, it helps in constipation. Haha.

Went home to put the dried goods then headed out to Waterway Point for dinner. Had mentaiko chicken bento at Kuriya, Mr Toh had the salmon sashimi and kurobuta bento. Their salmon sashimi is very fresh! 👍 Bentos were yummy too! Headed home after that so I can pump (am down to 3 pumps a day) and lie down for a while before we headed out for movie with KQ, XM & Nelly. Watching Warcraft! Nice!! I thought I’d fall asleep but I didn’t!

11 June
Brought BB out for a while, he slept on the train and woke up when we reached Novena. Did my errands then headed back to Punggol. Went to Waterway Point to buy stuffs. I put the hood up and shortly after that, he fell asleep again! Yay to sleepy dust! 👍👍👍
Transferred him to the bed after I reached home, the poor thing was very sweaty, think the hood makes it really hot even though I had unzipped to the mesh.
Cooked oatmeal porridge for his dinner, I kay kiang added in the avocado. BB gave his funny expression then wouldn’t open his mouth for the 2nd time until a while later. He took 3 spoons before totally rejecting it. Didn’t wanna open his mouth and gave us his funny expression. Hahahaha! Threw it away then gave him rice cereal. Lol. #momfail

12 June
Playing with BB on the sofa, he grabbed his chou chou and wanted to put in his mouth but I pulled it back. He tried a 2nd time and I did it again and he went “Arghhhhhh” is a deep tone. Angry ah? LOL.

13 June
Took time off earlier today, met Mr Toh at Liang Court to collect BB’s hand and footprints from Best Imprezzione. The uncle there so friendly and funny, kept saying to bring BB along next time so he can play with him. Makes me wonder how BB would react to him. 😄 Probably cry.

I had the tonkatsu omurice at Meidi-ya, it’s very nice! 👍 Mr Toh already ate something before coming so he only tried some of mine.
We then headed to Parkway Parade as he needed to collect something. He then had KFC there before we headed home. I went to pump and slept after that while Mr Toh went to meet his friends.

14 June
Mr Toh on MC, having bad cough. But he still went to open the shop 1st till their part timer came to work.
Went home after work, woke Mr Toh up for dinner, we just ate something simple at home. I went to bed first around 10pm, so tired.
BB woke a few times but never even finish 100ml of milk. Hmmm…

16 June
BB woke when I was pumping in the morning but he didn’t cry, I only saw him when I went in to change after pumping. He guai guai laid on his tummy waiting for me to finish changing before I carried him out. 😘
He was drinking his milk when I needed to leave, so I said goodbye to him. But when I reached the door, he stopped drinking his milk so the helper brought him to the door and I was telling him byebye when he responded, kinda sound like he was saying 呃. Super cute lah.

21 June
BB know how to turn while on his tummy liao! Turning like a tornado for weeks after, he gets everywhere by turning and rollinng. Hahaha super cute!


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