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Posted on: March 31, 2016

1st March
Brought BB to 姑姑’s shop but they were closed! Oops. So we ended up just buying stuff for praying and having our lunch. BB slept in the stroller while we ate.

Watched Zootopia, very nice movie! Loooove the graphics!

4th March
Massage at Babies Bellies again, signed up for their 5 session package.
Met my boss & colleagues for dinner at 555 Villa Thai~ It rained halfway through dinner but it was fun though!

5th March
Went to pray tai sui for Mr Toh then Christina and Gary came to fetch us to choose bridesmaid dress for me to wear on their wedding day. My dress was different as I was the maid of honor. So touched and honored that Christina asked me.

After that, we parted ways with them and we headed to the Stadium area for dinner and Hebe concert later! Dinner at Nihon Mura Express, ummmmm….. no comments. It’s unlikely we’ll go back again.

Our seats were pretty good in the centre, her voice is damn good actually but I feel that some of her songs were very weird, not nice one.
Supper at curry rice after that. YUM.

6th March
Brought BB out to my uncle’s house. BB kinda overwhelmed because too many people and unfamiliar house. T_T

9th March
Brought BB for his injection! His poor butt, kena 2 injections on both left and right side. *sayang*

We brought him to Grandpa’s house after that. But he wasn’t in. We stayed for a while playing with Audrey while BB napped. Just as we were getting into the cab, we saw ah gong coming back! Aiya.

We then went to 姑姑’s shop, she had fun carrying him. Lol.
After that, we went back to ah gong’s house again cause we felt bad then headed home.

12th March
BB did this today, soooo cute lah!! *heart eyes*

I met sis for dinner at Waterway Point. I brought BB out alone in the carrier! *bites fingers*
We ate at Miam Miam. BB slept for a while allowing me to eat, thank you baobei~

She bought these gorgeous tulips for me!

Headed home to deposit the BB then I ent to look for Mr Toh after his work and we went to Golden Mile for mookata. A bit far to travel to Changi. 😡 Jio-ed Gerald but he already had dinner.

13th March
Let Mr Toh sleep in today. When he woke up, he asked if I wanna go to the IT show at Suntec. Of course I said OK~

Not many pretty ladies this time though. 😡 Was looking for the small Asus ROG desktop but many booths didn’t have it. Was about to give up and buy from Lazada when we asked Newstead, our last option. Turns out they have it! $1299 with free RAM upgrade to 16GB, $10 NTUC voucher and a pair of movie tickets for Batman vs Superman! Bought it on the spot.
We also got the Fuji Xerox multifunction printer at $439, came with $80 NTUC vouchers and a free black toner. Bought another set of toners to make it a total of 5 items and got additional $50 off.

Headed home to put the stuff first then we went out for dinner with Gerald. Had steamboat at this shop at Liang Seah St.
Didn’t know that they sealed the road on weekends, quite cool~ Food’s ok, not bad, no complaints for the price we paid.
Dessert at Ah Chew’s after that! Super yummy durian sago and watermelon & honeydew sago.
Went to Waterway Point NTUC after that to buy BB’s milk powder with the vouchers we got. Not bad huh, Daddy & Mummy buy things got free 2 tins of BB’s milk. Lol.

14th March
Mr Toh off again~
Dim sum lunch at Pan Pacific~~ Food’s pretty good.

We went to Marina Square the new Japanese emporium to walk walk after that. Interesting things but don’t really think it will last long.

Live giant crab.

16th March
Happy 100 days my baobei!

Mummy love you so much, my fatty boy~~

17th March
Went to Waterway Point NTUC with mum, yx and helper to buy some stuffs. Then headed out in the evening with Mom to watch Long Long Time Ago. Can’t believe it’s still screening and tickets sold till front 2 rows somemore. It was quite funny.
Then we waited for Mr Toh and had supper together at BurgerUp.

18th March
Morning massage at Babies Bellies and Mr Toh went to his course at NP. He came to meet me and we went for lunch after that. Then headed home where we KO-ed for a while. Had dinner at the zi char stall at Kadaloor then the 2 of us headed to Waterway Point for movie~ Caught the Allegiant. Hmmm, it was ok I guess.

When Mr Toh came to bed, he told me to wake him up in the morning because he couldn’t find his handphone and he thinks he lost it. Most probably in the cinema. Again?! Zzz. He is so careless and scatter brained! Haiz.

19th March
Meeting Christina today~ Selfie!

But before that, I headed to Waterway Point Shaw to check if anyone found and returned his phone.
No luck there, left my details with them in case they find it.

20th March
Let BB try on the tuxedo bib we bought from Taiwan.

AWWWW! Looking real dapper!

24th March
That day I saw him sleeping in his chair, found it funny so I snapped a pic even though I’m not supposed to. =X

His arms were in that position the whole time. Not tired ma baobei?!

25th March
Supper at Waterway Point with Mr Toh’s friends before catching Kungfu Panda 3. It was nice~ funny as usual but I was so sleepy.

26th March
Midnight show with Mr Toh! Batman vs Superman, I fell asleep again. 😡

27th March
BB chilling on his chair.

He then opened his legs and stepped on the cushion, become like that. Haiyo!

Put him in the stroller and his legs became like this. Omg. I always said luckily he is a boy! Lol.

Brought BB to Dad’s house~ As the weather was too hot, I used the stroller instead of babywearing and took the MRT.

Dressed him up nicely too~ Couldn’t really figure out the seat belt so the red release button ended up at his crotch. LOL.

He chilled on the stroller like this the whole journey, one hand up, one hand on his book. Heh.

But he started crying at Dad’s house cause unfamiliar. Sigh. Managed to calm him down and he fell asleep fast. Woke a while later for milk, played with him for a while and he seemed tired so made him sleep again. He slept the whole way, missing the cake cutting until I carried him to go home. He woke then and stayed awake till we reached home. Wiped him down and put him in his cot and he slept.
Then it was my turn to bathe and pumped before I slept. Whew.

28th March
Mr Toh was on night duty as I was working. But at 4am plus, BB still didn’t wake for milk so Mr Toh went to bed first. BB then woke at 5am for milk, lol… I fed him and we both went to bed.
I woke at 6am to pump and prepared for work and helper brought BB out to Mum’s room as he was talking to himself. Mr Toh said he had been talking to himself for quite a while. 😂 Lol. He was asleep when I left for work.
Oh my god, I will miss him so much!
Was going to take bus 666 to Mapletree Anson but I took the wrong bus and ended up at Changi Business Park. LOL. Blur like sotong! Luckily there was a cab so I cabbed to work. Haiyo.

Work was uneventful, with someone pulling a stunt again. *sigh* Can feel everyone’s morale damn low. Anyway, I managed to pump 3 times (9, 1, 5), it was a tad inconvenient but still manageable. I will persevere! I think my supply might even go up as I will be pumping more regularly than when I was at home.

Knocked off work on time and headed home. When I stepped in the door, I called out for BB and went to carry him but he didn’t wanna look at me! 😢 Don’t know if he was unhappy that I wasn’t around the whole day? But he was alright after a while and I played a bit with him before showering and having my dinner. Pumped while watching my show and BB went to bed. I went to bed too after pumping, need the sleep before I woke at 11 plus to pump again.

29th March
BB didn’t wake for milk at all until 5:30am. Mr Toh helped me to feed him while I pumped as he was off today. 😊
Chatted for a while with Mr Toh while BB slept with his mouth open, baobei 你很累吗? 😅
Met Mr Toh for dinner at Vivo after work, bought dinner back for helper.
BB already slept, he didn’t see me today. 😢
Was about to go to bed after pumping when BB suddenly went “HNGHH!” Rushed over but he was just stretching in his sleep, hahahaha gave me a shock. 😅

30th March
BB was sleeping when I got home, didn’t get to play with him again. 😢 This is killing me. He woke for milk at 10pm plus but didn’t finish his milk.

31st March
I dream fed him at 1am plus but he woke at 4am plus for milk again. So after feeding him, I pumped and went back to bed and woke up for work later.


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