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Posted on: March 22, 2016

3 Jan
BB full month. Super busy day. Also did the taimaobi for him so the person came to our house in the morning to shave his head!! My little or ni gu! I miss his hair!
His hair is brown, like mine when I was little.

4 jan
Brought BB to pd to check rashes, he said is normal and gave us a lotion for it. BB weighs 4.6kgs now!
Went for movie at night. Ip Man 3!

7 Jan
Went to see tuina for my painful arm. Had thai food at Sakhon Thai! Happy!
Went home, pumped, then went to Nex to buy baby necessities and then headed home~

11 Jan
BB woke at 4 plus for milk, then pooped twice and didn’t want to go back to sleep. I was so freaking tired, still had to pump. Mr Toh took over for me until BB went to sleep at 6 plus. T.T
Mr Toh see I so tired, he sayang-ed me and said later afternoon bring me go eat Itacho!
But end up we went to Nex cause left home too late. Caught Mojin, quite nice.

13 Jan
Went to Mothercare baby fair at Harbourfront and bought a few things.
Also bought Merries diapers as the pack at home is finishing and NTUC was having a promo. Changed bottles for BB, trying out Tommee Tippee now. I love their bottle shape, so cute.

15 Jan
Bought BB out to gaigai~
Went AMK whse sales to trade in our unused milk bottles gifted by other people. Then shun bian bought spectra m breast pump for me to bring to work or when we go out for long period of time. Also saw Parklon mat so we got that too as well as a play yard. Mr Toh’s colleagues kindly sponsored the diapers and Parklon mat as a gift for BB. Very kind of them. 😊

We then went to Baby Slings and Carrier to try on some carriers. BB got hungry while we were there so fed him halfway through. Then he pooped so Mr Toh changed his diaper. Tried on the Boba but the straps were kinda bulky and not comfortable for me. Manduca was not bad too but quite mafan to wear. We ended up with a emeibaby, very comfy for me and BB seems to like it too. Got it in turquoise for $299. Also bought the drool pads from Boba though I suspect I will source for cuter ones. Heh.

We then headed over to 姑姑’s shop~ Had our lunch there but BB getting cranky having just woke up so Mr Toh helped to carry him while I finish up my lunch.
ε§‘δΈˆ then sent us to Ah Gong’s house and BB was hungry already so was making noise in the car. Mr Toh fasterly made his milk for him while I had to pump. BB started crying badly, turns out he pooped and his butt butt all red…so poor thing! Mr Toh changed his diapers again and he pooped again. T.T Kept crying too cause I think he was too warm. Managed to calm him down a bit and we headed to Dad’s place. Dad’s room got aircon! So comfy and BB fell asleep after having his milk. 阿姨 specially came home early from work so she can see BB, so sweet of her. Dad sent us home and she came along and carried him in her arms all the way. Awww… see BB, your ahma loves you~ He also earned some angbao money as they all gave him a red packet saying it’s his first time visiting them. I didn’t know that. Next time must remember in case.

17 Jan
BB woke for milk at 4 plus but vomitted quite a bit of milk out, suspect is the new bottles giving him too much air. Hais. Maybe changing back to Dr Brown. He didn’t sleep after that, so we put him on the bed and he was making these cooing sounds, like playing with us or trying to speak. 😍😍😍
Brought BB out on my own to Dad’s place! Celebrating 阿姨’s birthday~ Used the Moby Wrap he seems to like so much. Fell asleep while waiting for the LRT. Heh. So adorable. MRT very noisy though but he didn’t wake. Woke up when reached Dad’s place and sweating abit as the wrap is quite warm.

19 Jan
While feeding him his milk, I noticed his hand at my back will start to grab onto my shirt. Super cute lah~ But his feeding very erratic…. keep drinking a bit each time then stop then a short while later wanna drink again. *faints*
Lots of cooing noises, super cute, like he wanna talk.

20 Jan
Fed BB early this morning at around 5am plus but he didn’t finish his milk again. Mr Toh came in and I told him about it. He then proceeded to lecture BB who’s lying on our bed. What happened next makes me think that he really understood his father.
BB was looking at me at first as I was pumping. When Mr Toh started lecturing him, he glanced sideways at him and then averted his eyes. After that, he wouldn’t even look at me! And his face just looks guilty lah. Lol!

Having my bfast of lactation cookie and milk when I turn to check on BB who’s napping beside me. His eyes were open and he was just lying there. So cute.
Then the next moment I turn to look at him, he’s fast asleep. So fast! πŸ˜‚

BB’s stroller newborn parts were delivered today! Amazon UK damn efficient! Assembled it myself with the Youtube video for guidance. πŸ‘

Went to Waterway Point with Mr Toh for lunch. We chose to eat at Fish & Co, service sucks. I waited more than 30mins for my seafood platter and the food was cold! Zzz. We then headed to SLS to change the Starhub DLink router, then bought butter chicken back for dinner. Standard drop liao, not as nice as before. 😦

23 Jan
Was supposed to be doing my hair at Focus today with sis but she has decided to save $ and I also thought of doing the same. Maybe get a haircut at the salon behind my house and DIY hair dye. Told Mr Toh about it and he said I should go ahead with Focus and he will sponsor cause… got good news! Wa seh~ so sweet of him. Haha. Decided to go together with him next week~
Met him at Waterway Point after his work to buy fruits. NTUC damn crowded at 10pm plus. Zzz. Bought BurgerUp for supper too. Their fish burger is nice! Fried mushrooms not nice though.

24 Jan
BB took his nap in the morning sleeping on me. Awww, major love!

27 Jan
Went for supper at 126 after Mr Toh’s work with Daniel and his colleague. Missed the food here!

28 Jan
Hair appointment at Focus with Mr Toh~ Both of us got a haircut and dyed our hair too! Love the color recommended by my stylist, Don. Realised that I really like this salon and my stylist! 1st time ever that I’m gonna be sticking to a salon for a long while. =)

29 Jan
Realised BB kept sticking his tongue out, like licking his lips also after drinking milk.
BB projectile vomitted today in the afternoon. 😦

30 Jan
Retainer appt. I went to Paragon to shop around and bought socks for BB!
Gerald came to fetch us, celebrating Daniel’s birthday at Imperial Treasure Steamboat. Gerald kept raving on the yummy steamboat. Glad they liked it!


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