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Posted on: March 22, 2016

2nd Feb
Went to buy bak kwa. Kim Peng Hiang. Too bad pineapple sold out.
Went to Ci Yuan CC withdraw new notes. So convenient! Had dinner there before heading to 姑姑’s shop to buy table for steamboat dinner. Our dining table too small. Bought CNY decorations at the pasar malam there too.
Noticed BB kept eating his hands nowadays. Aiyo… His hands still on mittens as we haven’t cut his nails.

4th Feb
Gai gai day. Brought helper out to buy CNY clothes for her. Mom came along too. Had kway chup at Kovan. Super long never eat le, damn nice!
Went to ah gong house pass him bak kwa then went to 干妈’s house to pass bak kwa too. Last stop, dad’s place. Dad sent us home. Very thankful~

5th Feb
Headed to 姑姑 shop area to buy stuff for praying. Went home to put our stuff then headed out to Waterway Point buy food for steamboat dinner. Watched Monkey King 2 after dinner.

7th Feb
Woke early to prepare stuffs for praying. Plus last night didn’t sleep much as had to feed bb… fucking tired.
Poo- nami today because BB didn’t poop yesterday. 😅 After washing his butt butt, he seemed to be in a very good mood. Kept smiling at me. Aiyo…*heart melt*
Headed out to Mothercare at Seletar Mall to do last min shopping for BB. Bought a pair of pants, mittens and hat for him~
Reunion dinner at Grandpa house but very little food left. 😐 Oh well.
Dad sent us home after that, so thankful~
Stayed up late to prepare food for praying again. Tired until wanna die still kena hiam by some people. Pui.

8th Feb
After feeding BB at 6am plus, I put him on our bed to sleep and laid down beside him, with my head at his belly level.
When I woke a while later, I saw him awake and just lying there looking at me, awww, so cute! 😍
Went to Grandma’s place.
Then went to Grandpa’s place. Next is lao m’s place. Then we headed home.

9th Feb
Met the brothers at Hougang Mall for lunch then went to Mr Toh’s 大舅 place. Stayed till 5 plus and we headed to my 二舅’s place. He cooked dinner for us. Super yummy! Headed home and Daniel and Andrew came over for pizza. But I didn’t entertain them as I was too tired.

10th Feb
Mr Toh went back to work.
Let BB do some tummy time today and he managed to hold his head up! Yay~~ good job BB!

11th Feb
Mr Toh MC. Watched Mermaid 2.

12th Feb
Went to Gugu house for CNY dinner. Didn’t bring BB cause raining.

13th Feb
Watched Deadpool in the morning with WS and KQ. Headed home to pick up BB and headed to his ahyi house. BB very well behaved, everyone got to carry him. Big clap! Good job baobei!
Went home to deposit BB, lol. Headed to AMK to meet the babes at Kam Jia Zhuang. Dinner was good! Total bill came up to $178. 一起发! Huat ah!
Went for dessert at Xin Wang. 4 of us shared the huge mango snow ice. Damn shiok.

14th Feb
Stayed home with 小情人. At night, went to find 大情人 for supper at RK~ And he passed me the flowers! Gorgeous tulips~!

15th Feb
Went to Waterway Point in the afternoon to buy some things. Tried Chop Chop, not very nice… bought London Fat Duck back for dinner.
BB didn’t sleep much the whole day, when Mr Toh came back, he said BB’s eyes were wide open. Fed him milk and he went to sleep after a while. BB woke again at 3am plus and I wanted to change his diapers first before feeding him. I got a surprise when I opened up his diaper, it was full of poop! He usually doesn’t poo at night so I wasn’t expecting that. Then he started crying and Mr Toh came in the room luckily. Asked for his help to calm BB while I cleaned his butt. Not working. He didn’t even want his pacifier. So I had to work faster but the poop was sticking to his butt already and it made it harder to clean. Aiyo, poor BB was crying his head off. Finally cleaned up everything and changed his diapers and the poor thing was still crying a bit. Mr Toh carried him and tried to calm him, he gave us a super 可怜 look with downturned lips. See liao I also heart pain. 😢 He was ok after a while and finished his milk and went back to sleep. Whew.
He has now gotten into the habit of ‘talking’ to the fish painting in our living room. Everyday we will put him in his chair and he likes to see the painting and recently started ‘talking’ to it. He will get so happy he will keep smiling and sometimes even laugh! Super duper cute!

16 Feb
Went to meet Mr Toh after his work and we headed to Nex NTUC to buy foods for his steamboat dinner with his colleagues tomorrow night.

17 Feb
Mr Toh’s off day~ We went to the market in the afternoon to finish buying the food. Went back home and brought our helper to Singpost to remit $. Brought BB along in the emeibaby ssc too~

18 Feb
Brought BB to Waterway Point today in his emeibaby ssc to buy dinner! He was fussing on the way there but fell asleep when I was buying food. BB guai~ 😘

20 Feb
Brought BB out today to Lavender to eat bcm! Then headed to AMK to meet Daniel and Andrew. Then went to Dad’s house.
Reached home and wiped down BB. Then let him lie down for a while and he seemed hungry as he didn’t seem sleepy so I fed him his milk. He then fell asleep shortly. Watched 我是歌手4 episode 5 with Mr Toh and went to sleep after that. When I next woke to feed BB, it was already 5am! Wa…. I think he must have been too tired from the day’s activities.

Met Mr Toh at Waterway Point the other day for supper but BurgerUp closed by the time we came out from NTUC. So we ended up at Tenderfresh who was still open. Also last min jio-ed Daniel and Gerald for movie! Vegas to Macau, err very lame and a bit boring.

Caught Deadpool the other day. Nice! So funny.

Also watched 13 Soldiers of Benghazi, loved the action.

Met Mr Toh at Waterway again for supper the other day and we watched Zootopia at my request. Awesome show! Very nice graphics and great storyline!

29 Feb
Went for post natal massage at Babies Bellies. Shiok. Not as painful as Bellaluna. Wrap was also tighter.
Met Mr Toh after his work for supper with his colleagues. Farewell supper for a Taiwanese colleague who is going back to Taiwan.
Recommended them 555 Villa Thai which is opened by my boss’s friend. They have yummy mookata and awesome live band and open till late. We sat there chatting till almost 3am! Awesome place with an cosy atmosphere.


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