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Labour Day

Posted on: March 17, 2016

Didn’t manage to blog before I popped unexpectedly at week 38! BB wasn’t due till 16 Dec but he decided to come out on 08 Dec. Lol..

Typed the below entry on Monday and I popped on Tuesday!

Week 38
Wow. Today’s my last week of work. It just dawned on me today while on the bus. Last gynae appointment with Dr Chua on Wed and it’s just waiting for the right time now.

Met the ladies on 28 Nov for brunch at Cafe Melba and board games at Mind Cafe! Food was pretty good.

Jia brought us pressies! Love love~

Random photoshoot cause Char thought the building looks nice.

Board games time! Condition of some of the board games were quite poor though.

4th Dec – Friday
Attended the last lesson at Mt Alvernia today alone as Mr Toh was working. Besides, the lesson today’s on breastfeeding and I thought it wasn’t that vital for him to attend. Very useful lesson and I really liked the speaker, was this slim Indian lady who spoke very concisely and you could tell she knew what she’s talking about.[/quote]

Sent this picture to Mr Toh with the caption “My boob fell out!” Childish I know but so funny. Hahaha.
He replied, “Omg, why didn’t you tell me it’s fake before marriage?!” HAHAHAHHAA. Too late! =P

So anyway, I went to work as usual on the 8 of December and started feeling these mild contractions during lunch. It persisted the whole day but I thought it was a false alarm as it was really mild and I wasn’t due for another week.

Cabbed over to Dad’s house to meet Mr Toh who was off on that day. Contractions were still quite mild but I called Dr Chua to ask just in case. She did advise to go to the hospital to be on the safe side. I decided to wait some more. So we went for dinner, me timing the contractions all the while. Just as we were finishing dinner, I realised the contractions were getting nearer to the 5 minutes mark and more painful. O.O

We went back to Dad’s house and he sent us home to get the hospital bag and I took a shower too. By the time we reached Mt A, my contractions were soooo painful! Went in to the A&E department and they wheeled me up to the delivery ward in a wheelchair.
First thing, nurse asked me to weigh myself, 63 kgs. Went in to the delivery room and got changed. Noticed it was 10pm.
Nurse checked and said I was already dilated 5cm. Wow! Was given an enema, 1st experience. Feels quite shiok, lol.

Contractions getting stronger but still bearable. Mr Toh said the score was up to 9 plus and he asked the nurse how painful will it get to and the nurse said 10 so he thought it’d be ok. Nurse said I was doing very well.

Mr Toh then went down to do the admin stuff while I laid on the bed. Contractions started getting worse and worse. Mr Toh took a long time, he later said the admin staff quite slow. By the time he came back, I was in such pain that I was gripping the bed rails and half screaming. He said he got a shock at how the pain progressed because I was fine when he went down. Sometimes the contraction seemed manageable then the next contraction will feel like it’s splitting me apart. The laughing gas did not help one bit, it only made me woozy and nauseous. =(

At around 12am plus, the pain was so bad I was considering epidural. But I changed my mind twice. Mr Toh said he teared upon seeing me in such pain, he’s never seen me like this before. The nurse came in to check on me and said I was already 9cm dilated! Wow, those squats I did everyday really helped!

So they called Dr Chua and started preparing for labour. But when Dr Chua came, she said BB wasn’t low enough and some more his face was facing up, this sunny side up baby. So she said we’ll need some time to see if BB will turn. I realised I couldn’t take the pain anymore so I opted for epidural in the end. Dr Chua also recommended that as I wasn’t able to relax enough for BB to try turning. The anaesthetist came in about half an hour, damn fast but that’s half an hour of excruciating pain. When she came in, she asked Mr Toh to wait outside. I vaguely heard her saying something but it didn’t register. I only remember the nurses telling me to lie on my side and stay still. Didn’t even feel the needle going in and within seconds, no pain! Mr Toh said he was outside less than 5 minutes. He heard her say “You give me 1 minute don’t move, I give you one hour no pain.” And the relief was huge when it didn’t hurt anymore. Mr Toh was standing beside me all these while until he saw that I was no longer in pain and falling asleep did he sit down on the chair beside me.

I managed to sleep for 2 hours and Dr Chua came back at around 3 am to check. But BB was still facing up and still not low enough. So she got one of the nurse to guide me in pushing, she gave me an hour to push. I was trying my best but because of the epidural, I couldn’t feel anything and definitely not know if I’m pushing correctly or not. But the nurse was very encouraging and somehow towards the end of the 1 hour, I started to get the feel of it to push correctly. Dr Chua came back and said BB was a bit lower but still not turned but we were going ahead anyway!

She got 2 nurses to assist me, they stood beside me and pushed BB down from outside my tummy. After 2 pushes, Dr Chua said I’m on my own so I pushed when she said push and after 2 pushes, BB was out!

The moment they laid him on my chest, I started to cry. Just felt so overwhelmed and happy and thankful that everything was OK. Dr Chua then got Mr Toh to cut the umbilical cord. They then took BB to clean up, he was crying the whole time, loud and clear! He got his first shot after that and he didn’t cry! So brave my baby boy.

While they cleaned him up, Dr Chua did her thang, delivered the placenta and sewed me up. Apparently, I was in very bad shape down there. Luckily I couldn’t see or feel a thing.

After BB was cleaned up, they brought him to me for skin to skin. It was love at first (or second) sight. I thought to myself, how cute he is and he’s mine! The feeling of joy is indescribable.

After a while, they placed him back in the cot and wheeled us up to the ward. BB went to the nursery while I went into the room to rest. Total labour took about 6 hours which was quite fast, better than expected.

We are ever so grateful to Dr Chua, I believe if not for her, I’d have underwent C-section already. She was damn calm and steady in the labour ward, so different from her usual smiley self during our checkups at her clinic. Heh. I even recommended her to Christina who’s getting married this April~

All in all, it was a very pleasant experience for my first birth at Mount Alvernia. Many many thanks to the wonderful team at the labour ward!


4 Responses to "Labour Day"

Hi, I saw your birth story while googling on the things to expect during the delivery process. Just to check will the hospital make us clear our bowels prior to delivery? I have constipation in my third trimester so I’m quite worried about this. Thanks a lot 🙂

Hi, not to worry, they will do that when you are in the labour ward after you change into the hospital gown.

Thank you 🙂 Glad to know that and hopefully it will not be another painful procedure.

You’re welcome~ It’s painless, just a tad uncomfortable but not painful at all. Wishing you a smooth delivery and congratulations!

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