I am Mrs Toh

Week 38

Posted on: December 3, 2015

Been doing more squats recently. A bit regret that I was so lazy the past few weeks. Also been climbing stairs to the LRT everyday. Scared scared. =X

Bought this super cute fries cushion the other day when ordering McDelivery at work. $5. ^^

Weiliang came back from Japan and had a really cute pressie for BB! Bought from Disney Sea. Super cute righttttttttt?!

Weekly gynae visit yesterday~ took a half day’s leave as usual, slowly made my way over, had to wait longer for the bus today and still earlier than Mr Toh. 😒

Was reminding him to go the correct place this time but don’t know why I said Mt E instead of Gleneagles! Lol. See lah, I also confused already. 😅

Had a slightly longer wait today as there was a mummy before me that had a false alarm earlier.
BB’s at a good 3.1 kg now. Wow~ 😊 Good job BB! 😘 (typing this on the train to work and BB’s kicking up a storm, does he know I’m talking about him? Heehee, so cute lah.)

When Dr Chua was doing the ultrasound to check on the water level, we saw BB grabbing his chubby feet! His feet was planted at my left side and his hand was grabbing the toes. No wonder so much movement on my left side. 😄 So gonna miss moments like this once he’s out~ His head’s also lower now, so…I guess we’re almost there? *bites nails*

Dr Chua asked about BB’s movement, told her that BB has lots of movement daily at certain times. Hehe.
Have to keep track if there’s 10 movements everyday, I think just now was movement no. 2. Movement no. 1 is always when I’m applying the stretch mark oil every morning and talking to him. 😙
Today’s fee was about $170 as there was no supplements. Usually it’s about $200 plus. 😣 Jin expensive but it’s necessary.

After the appointment, we headed to Paragon for lunch~ Tried Daikokuya (大黑屋), I had the spicy miso ramen, Mr Toh said it looks good but honestly, very meh. Nothing fantastic, we thought Bari Uma was much better.


Mr Toh’s. Soup not very nice, gets salty after a while.

Deep fried gyoza cause their machine for pan frying gyozas spoiled liao. Like that also can. Not nice, too dry.

It was raining again today, love the weather. :X We decided to cab to Kovan to buy some household stuff and the queue was horrendous lah. But thankful the taxi stand at Paragon has shelter, fans and seats~ I think we queued for half an hour, sit until my butt pain. Think I’m gonna feedback to Paragon management to implement cushioned seats. 😅

Bought our stuff and I had my weekly coconut juice~ Used to hate the taste of it but for the sake of BB, I’ve gotten used to it. Surprisingly, the coconut here tastes better than other places like Changi Village and East Coast.
Headed home after that and repacked my hospital bag. Mr Toh has decided to bring my medium sized luggage along, too many things, like that more convenient, no need handle too many bags.

We went out to buy dinner and headed home for Empress Ki! So hooked on the show. Episode 30 liao and it’s now just getting exciting!

Our dinner spread~~ Yummmm~~

Our helper is ok, though communication is a problem. But we manage with a translation app and she can also write English so still ok I guess.
Some things she quite careless, like table still have some streaks of dirt after wiping but nobody’s perfect. She also asked if she can nap for an hour as well as pray but we rejected her for both. Not very good for her to pray when we are praying at home too according to Mr Toh. As for the nap, we don’t want her to get used to it because once BB comes out, I don’t think she’d have time for naps lo. She seems ok with our rejection though. Hopefully she’s really ok with it.
We kept her handphone and got a call card for her instead.
She asked to call her family on Tues as she hasn’t contacted them since she reached Singapore a week ago and I let her use the call card. She showed me her husband’s photo, quite a handsome chap, haha. She seemed very happy after the call. Good lah~
Mr Toh passed her the card on Wed and told her we’d get 1 card for her every month, she can use the card when she wants but only at night.
She asked if she can call on 9 Dec, of course can. Apparently it’s her birthday that day. *makes a note* 😊
She gets to rest every night after 8pm or sometimes 9pm as there isn’t much to do at this moment and wakes up at 5plus or 6am. We’re not too particular about the timing. Like that should be enough rest lah hor?

Our only hope is that she takes good care of BB. *fingers crossed*


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