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Week 37

Posted on: December 1, 2015

On the train home now and butt damn pain sitting on the seat. 😒
No thanks to yesterday’s lesson that over ran while I had to sit in the uncomfortable chair. Pelvic damn pain after the lesson.

Week 37 Bumpfie!

25 Nov
Dr Chua appointment day! Took the bus from my workplace to Gleneagles and waited for Mr Toh at the clinic. Poor thing not feeling well but still wanted to accompany me. Thankful. πŸ˜‡

BB still growing well~~~ 2.9kgs now! Wow! And I gained about 2kgs as well. 😱 62.2kgs now. Never been so heavy before. 😨

Recently discovered a lump in my armpit and got really worried so I asked Dr Chua and yes, again, it is normal. 😧 Cause of the excess breast tissue. *sigh* Sure hope everything will return to normal after BB is out.
Also did a vaginal swab for some bacteria test, just got the phone call earlier today and it was negative~ Means no need eat antibiotics. Yay~

Submitted the pre admission form and also was given the medicines for after birth. Quite a few different medicines….shit, kinda forgot the instructions for it. Hope Mr Toh remember. πŸ˜…

I then brought Mr Toh to try Ramen Bari Uma at Tanglin Shopping Centre after seeing good reviews on edmw. ^^

Set lunch menu.

Nori-Uma for him.

Ajitama-Uma for me.


Though we prefer miso soup base, I find the shoyu base soup here thick and flavourful, really nice. Apparently their soup base is tonkotsu shoyu. No wonder so thick~
Noodles were springy too. The char siew was great, super yummy! Tamago was also nicely cooked and runny, just the way I like it. Gyoza was ok, normal, nothing special.

Service was good, very polite.

Overall, we were quite pleased with the ramen here, had a satisfying meal. Happy to find another nice ramen place!

We then went to UOB to close my account, as we realised I don’t actually need it. Withdrew the money and we headed to OCBC at Orchard Gateway to deposit it into our joint account~

Walked over to Paragon and bought a pair of pink Birkenstock Madrid for me~ Yay! Loving the pink color. They’re so comfy now though I forgot how my feet will hurt for the first few days.

We then went Metro to shop and bought a set of bedsheets and mattress protector for CNY~ Realised we only have 2 sets and they’re getting too old le.
Cabbed home after that and had dinner at home for a change. 😊
Same thing, watched Empress Ki with Mr Toh and had a Daim ice cream. 🍦


26 Nov

Having labour class today! Took an hour time off and Mr Toh cabbed over to fetch me before we headed to Mt Alvernia.

Lesson was ok, just that the lady lecturing was way too lor soh. Very very very long winded and says a lot of unnecessary stuff. Zzzzzzz. Whole thing only ended at almost 9:30pm and we haven’t had dinner plus we have work tomorrow! 😀 Sit until butt damn pain.
Too bad no feedback form for this lesson, I’d have written lots of stuff. Tsk.

We then cabbed over to Central @ Clarke Quay as Mr Toh wanted to eat Santouka but they were closed by the time we got there. 😩
Walked over to Clarke Quay and I wanted to try Hai Di Lao. We had to wait though even though it was like 10pm plus.

At the waiting area, they changed my chair for me as they said the stool was not stable enough. Bo wei gong…service is tip top. πŸ‘

Tidbits & fruits while waiting~ quite yummy.

Waited for about 15 mins I think? Quite fast actually.

Upon sitting down at our table, they gave me this apron thingy, saying it’s for blocking radiation. Looked around and no one else has it, only for preggies I think. Seriously?! They even think of this?

Then they put this backrest at my chair, again, only preggy me have it, really quite comfy. Service jin ho!!! Their actions very fast, it was on my chair before I realised what was going on.

They gave me a ziplock bag for my phone cause I left it on the table, then they gave us each one piece of a wipe for either our phone or specs I think. Very thoughtful.

Black pork, chicken and pork ball was yummy~

Excellent service, average food. Maybe will go back if feeling rich and wanna be pampered. 😁

28 Nov
Met the girls for brunch~ last meetup before I pop!

Cafe Melba. It was at this really inaccessible place inside a school or something. Luckily we had Gary who drove. ^^ Pictures courtesy of Char & Chris~

I had the full breakfast, it was not bad luh. The veggie rosti were yums!

Pretty collage done by Chris~

Jia bought pressies for us! So sweet! Mini speaker for phones. ^^

After brunch, we went to this shop at Geylang to see see look look @ Xmas trees.

Loved this one! Kinda traditional.

Char saw this pretty walkway and so photo taking time~ Haha.

As it was still early, we went to Mind cafe, we were there for almost 4 hours? Had so much fun~~ Love you gals sooo much!! ^^

Char left after that while the rest of us headed to Sunshine Plaza for wanton noodles! YUMMEH~~~ Gary sent us home after that, so nice of him. Thank you!

29 Nov
Woke up late, went for lunch at 姑姑’s shop area, got a pillow, blanket and bedsheets for the helper and then ε§‘δΈˆ drove us to Hougang Green to fetch the helper and then sent us home. Seriously really very thankful for 姑姑 and ε§‘δΈˆ. 😍

Because our house very messy, so straightaway we had the helper to clean up. Also taught her where we put the cleaning stuffs. Quite kelian hor. =X

Asked if she can cook, she said simple Chinese food so we wanted to bring her out for dinner as well as grocery shopping so she can cook tomorrow but she was having a headache so we left her at home with mum.

End up Mr Toh and me just went to the coffeeshop nearby for zi char dinner. ^^
We went to stock up on bread and biscuits for home so at least she have something to snack on.

Hope she is good lah. *fingers crossed*


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