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Posted on: November 23, 2015

Today’s the start of Week 37. How has time passed by so fast?!? 😯
Dr Chua appointment on Wed to see BB~~ Then labour class on Thurs with Mr Toh. Can’t wait!

Bought a few more things for BB from Taobao over the weekend, hope it will arrive in time! Also made payment for the placenta encapsulation from Heavenly Health Store, luckily they make it in pill form. Don’t think I can stomach anything else. Now just waiting for their confirmation email.

I’ve noticed that BB likes to kick me when my arm is resting on my belly. 😀 It’s almost like he’s asking me to remove my arm cause it’s oppressing him or something. So funny. But so naughty if it’s true. Lol.

Mr Toh slept very late on Sunday morning, around 7am. 😯 So he suggested us to go get breakfast before we come back and sleep. As I was getting dressed and tugging my T-shirt over my belly, Mr Toh suddenly started singing, “衣服本来刚刚好, 怎么现在穿不了? 为什么?”. LOL. 😆 Made me laugh like mad.

Mr Toh’s agenda for Sunday:
Buy baby mattress
Buy mattress protector
Buy bedsheets
Watch Mockingjay Part 2
Eat dinner at Bedok

After breakfast, Mr Toh went to sleep while I prepared to go out to meet this buyer for an item. Finally managed to sell this Tiger non electrical air pot after an impulse buy and putting it in our storeroom for so long. 😳 Buyer was decisive and nice enough, heng ah, have read so many horror stories on Carousell buyers. Thankful for the small things in life. 🙂

Came back home to Mr Toh taking over my side of the bed. Tsk. Poked him a bit and asked him to move over and proceeded to take a nap until 2pm.

Woke Mr Toh up and told him, “刚才hor,有一个人很过分嘞.” Half asleep, he asked me what happened. I told him, “那个人hor,睡到我那边,我都没有位了!”. After a sec, he burst out laughing. Then said I bluff him, I told him that I got pictorial proof, I snapped a photo of his leg overtaking my space, same blanket some more. He say not bad huh, can still find photo on Internet with same blanket. Bth~~~ He thought I was gonna complain about some one bullying me on the MRT or something. LOL. 😆

We headed out to 姑姑’s shop for lunch and to get an additional mattress for BB’s cot~
姑姑 commented that why I never put on much weight during pregnancy and still look radiant, nose also never become big unlike hers. I think maybe because of the bird’s nest I’ve been taking? I feel it really helps in my skin complexion. Hehe 🙂 Thanks to mother in law and Mr Toh for the bird’s nest~~
Jokingly asked Mr Toh if I can continue to eat bird’s nest after pregnancy and he said ok~~ Awww, so sweet. 😛

Also booked tickets for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 for 7:15pm at Nex. 姑姑 sent us to Nex after they closed shop, yay~~ Thankful~ 🙂

As we were early, we went to Isetan to buy new towels and a few household stuff. So many people buying bedsheets as there was a promo going on. We also wanted to get the Le Blanc cotton sateen sets but too bad that they didn’t have additional bolster cases in stock…so Mr Toh decided not to buy first.

Mockingjay was meh…quite boring at times but I thought they followed the book quite well. For a finale, it was really quite anti-climatic especially the ending. Oh well.

We then headed to Bedok 85 for dinner~~

Yums bak chor mee~~


Was thinking of eating the dumplings even before I reached. Mr Toh said he saw someone eating when he was ordering the food so I thought I can tabao back home to eat later. But……the stall already closing when we finished eating. *ARGH* Should have bought first! So regret. *sigh*

Reached home and Mr Toh started re-organising the store room. Helped him a bit until 1am when I couldn’t take it anymore so I went off to bed first. He’s off again today so hope he can finish it by today.

I’m hoping to go to Suntec later after work to buy a pair of Birkenstocks. The cheapo Rubi ones I’ve been wearing have been getting really slippery. 😦

Just realised we forgot to buy mattress protector yesterday. Maybe can get it today~

Happy Monday to all~~ *positive thinking*


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