I am Mrs Toh

Week 36

Posted on: November 20, 2015

Discovered a few red areas on my legs around my ankles. 😦 Previously only had 1 area and I asked Dr Chua and yes, it’s normal too. My case is considered mild already. Lucky they don’t itch or anything. Just looks ugly. *sigh* Hope they will disappear after giving birth~ My back’s also making noise every night, every time I roll over to get up to go to the toilet. Lol. Tsk. Never mind, all these are worth it. I especially love it when BB moves around. ❤

Hope BB is growing well~~ Next gynae appointment is on 25/11, can't wait! 😀

Been feeling tired recently, perhaps because every night sleep at 12am after watching Empress Ki with Mr Toh. Hehehe. 😀

Had our company's Xmas dinner yesterday, introduced them to Ritz Carlton Colony and feedback was pretty good. Just that service was a tad lacking, perhaps due to another large table in our section.

But I must add that the chefs at the cooked food area were very helpful. Their food was served in pans that had a separate glass cover and it tends to be quite heavy so I had a little difficulty handling both the plate and the cover at times. Twice, the chef, upon seeing that, came out of the kitchen area and helped me with that. If I'm not wrong, both times was the same chef. So nice of him lah~~ 🙂

Started eating with Rojak~~ Not bad but sauce a bit too sweet.

Roast duck & lotus root soup.

Mash potato, mushroom and pork chop was not bad~

A bit of everything. Cereal prawn was pretty good. Fried rice too dry & a tad undercooked.

Chili crab! I didn’t eat this, only had the sauce with the fried rice. 😀

Laksa~ Not as good as I remembered but still OK.

Warm chocolate tart. Had to wait 6 mins for this so I took other desserts first and forgot about it. The chef ended up bringing it to my table. So nice of him!

Was super full after everything, we were resting and drinking tea after that when BB started moving and everyone just stared at my belly. Lol! So funny.

Received a card & gift from my customer the other day. So sweet & nice of her~~ 🙂

Our helper is coming next week!! Just in time to get the house spruced up to welcome BB~~~ But I’m kinda nervous as I’ve never hired any helper before and my Malay sucks.
Mr Toh will be doing up a timetable for her and I will be teaching her the housework stuff.
Hope we can at least communicate through sign language and simple Malay la hor. Hoping she is good too and can look after BB well~~ *crosses fingers*

So excited for the next big change in our life~


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