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Castlewood Battle of the Reds

Posted on: November 17, 2015

Week 36
Woke up to AWESOME weather! Apparently it was raining through the night but I didn’t realise it even though I kept waking up to go to the toilet.

Belly button starting to protrude a bit! Such a weird feeling~~

BB’s movments feeling a bit different the past few days, kinda like all over the place and also getting stronger! T_T But still can tahan and for obvious reasons, I don’t mind the kicking. 🙂 He’s moving away even as I type this. 😀

Bumpfie of the week~~ Hi BB~~~

Mr Toh was off on Saturday and we went gaigai~ Headed to 姑姑’s shop area to buy the lights for praying then we remembered we haven’t ate lunch yet after smelling the fries from McD. 😂 2 sotongs. Had McD for lunch and we cabbed over to Chinatown to collect the herbs for my confinement. So many packets, so heavy. Guess that’s what $1500 buys you. T.T

Cabbed home to put the stuff in the fridge and we headed out again to National Stadium for the Castlewood Battle of The Reds – Liverpool Masters vs Manchester United Masters. ⚽

Yay~ We are here~

1st time at the newly renovated stadium. Looks nice enough but the pitch looks patchy.

But we didn’t bring any cash with us and there was no ATM inside so we couldn’t buy the match program. 😦

I like Mr Toh’s smile in this picture! A rare smile! Don’t know where I looking though. Haha.

BB’s 1st football match! Most likely the last since the Daddy isn’t very into football. Hahaha. I foresee more basketball matches in his future.
” alt=”” />

Manchester United Masters lineup.

Liverpool Masters lineup

Oooh match is starting~

But first, a moment of silence for the tragedy in Paris.

The match was OK but the guy in charge of the sound system very irritating… I know there’s no commentating so he kept playing music during the match but then he kept abruptly shutting it off. Very weird lah. Felt like hitting him.

Some action on our side of the pitch.

1st goal by Liverpool, we missed this goal cause we were busy talking. LOL.

Trying to capture the Kallang Wave in our section. Haha.

Lots of people wearing red.

Silly Mr Toh, heehee.

Mr Toh felt there were more Man U fans judging by the nunber of people wearing their jerseys but I thought there were more Liverpool fans as they were louder.
In the end, Manchester United lost 2-0. 😣

End of match. 2 – 0 to Liverpool. 😦

I think Liverpool had better players, I recognised more names on the Liverpool side than the Manchester United side.

Mr Toh very smiley today in photos. ❤ ❤ ❤

Went for dinner at Kallang Leisure Park after the match, finally had our Akashabu again! But standard drop like dunno what. The meat wasn’t very nice and portion very little. Their sauce was still good though, only that it’s chargable this time. Tsk.

Walked around a little before we headed to Serangoon to meet Vicky and her bf who was visiting her in SG.

Cabbed over to East Coast food village, but the taxi uncle wasn’t clear where it is…errr…you kidding me? But we managed to find the place after all.

I had my weekly coconut juice and we ordered satay, bbq stingray, sambal sotong and satay beehoon. Sadly, the food wasn’t very nice. Especially Mr Toh’s favourite satay beehoon, standard dropped liao. 😕

Chit chatted till 12 plus and we headed to the beach for a breather but the weather was horrible, no wind at all. Had some ice cream and we headed home after dropping them off at their place~
Continued our Empress Ki show! We watched it until 4am. 😝

Spent Sunday resting at home~

Mr Toh was off again yesterday so I met him at Farrer Park to have our Soon Kee duck rice! So yummy! Also tried the popiah this time but it wasn’t very nice. Feeling tired after a heavy meal so we headed home~ Watched a bit of TV and Mr Toh did some packing for my hospital bag. ❤ ❤ ❤ Very thankful for him, although he likes to nag me and scold me for procrastinating. 😛

Oh yes, my taobao parcel was delivered on Saturday!! So happy! I ordered 4 casings & a screen protector for my new phone. Hahahaha kiasu much? =P Happy with all the items~~ can slowly use~~

Also ordered a few pairs of socks for use during confinement. Mr Toh very traditional in this sense as he believes it is for my own good, so I shall be a good girl and not whine………..much. 😛

The 1 item I was looking forward to the most! BB's cot mobile! Mr Toh fixed it up that night when we got home, it took him less than 10 minutes. But I kept it the next day, scared it will get dusty. 😀

After scouring Taobao for days, this was the nicest I could find. Hahaha.

It's super cute and I love the soft colors! Each toy can be detached when BB gets older, 2 can be used as rattles and 2 as soft toys. Have not tried the music box yet though, will try when BB arrives!

2nd Taobao order is currently on the way to the warehouse, think the shipping will take longer this time due to the 11.11 promotion. This time the order is my pajamas and Mr Toh’s HP casings. Hehe. Hope it arrives soon~~~

Went for the lesson on caring for newborns at Mt Alvernia on 13 Nov, had to go alone as Mr Toh couldn’t get off so last minute. =X Quite useful lesson though I’m sure we all will need more practice.

Hungry, luckily they provided sandwiches and hot drinks. ^^ With creepy baby boy doll in the background. Lol. =X


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