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New Phone!

Posted on: November 13, 2015

Was at Grandpa’s home on 4 Nov.

Mr Toh with Audrey. This little girl getting so talkative, so cute.

Week 34 bumpfie! BB getting biggerrr~~ Jiayou BB~~

Received my new phone on Friday 06 Nov! Yay! Shipping was quite fast and delivered within the promised date.

1st look – Phone is super gorgeous! Quite slim and I love the gold and white color! Now awaiting the casings and screen protector from Taobao! Have to be very careful with it for the time being. Hehe. πŸ˜€

Never really thought I’d own a Xiaomi phone but couldn’t resist the 5.7″ screen, 4GB RAM and basically a total upgrade from my old phone lah.

Brand new sealed in box.

Got a bit worried at first when I couldn’t turn it on. Turns out it just needed charging. Charging was pretty fast with it’s default charger too.

Tong Heng egg tarts at work that boss bought for us. YUM.

Waited for Mr Toh to reach home before I started fiddling with it. Needed to install Google apps. 1st time I’m doing this.

Backed up my photos and whatsapp first. At first, I thought it’d be easier to download the stuffs on my laptop then transfer to the phone but it didn’t turn out well. Spent quite some time troubleshooting it.

Was busy while Mr Toh prepared supper for us! Just some airfried Taiwan sausages and chicken wings. Yum yum.

Mr Toh then said why I don’t just do everything on the phone itself. Listened to him and it worked!

Loaded my pictures and whatsapp back to the new phone and everything worked well. Woohooo~~ So happy!

Saturday 7 Nov
Paid for my taobao orders this afternoon and started getting notifications that most of my items have been despatched. Like wow, super efficient lah. I thought I’d have to wait till Monday.
Chose to ship direct from Taobao using 4PX this time as the discounts are quite worth it to buy direct instead of using daigou. Payment was also a breeze using eNets.
Napped twice today, shioks~
Mr Toh came home and we had pizza for supper while watching Empress Ki. Show’s quite nice with solid acting.

Sunday 8 Nov
Mr Toh left for work while I lazed in my bed. Then I received a notification that all my orders have reached 4PX warehouse. Seriously, I’m impressed! So I got up to make payment for shipping. Later can nap never mind.
But apparently I was mistaken, not all my items had reached but 7/8 of my orders have, now I’m only waiting for BB’s cot mobile! Ironic. The main reason why I’m buying from Taobao is the slowest item to reach. πŸ˜‚

BB as usual moving a lot at around the time Mr Toh gets off work, then he tones down slightly when Mr Toh gets home. Sometimes he will be moving and I will ask Mr Toh to feel but then BB will stop moving once Mr Toh touches him. So funny, so purposely one. Lol!

Monday 9 Nov
I am on leave today! Woke bright and early β˜€ to prepare for the maternity photoshoot later.
Cabbed over to the studio at Ubi and was a bit late. πŸ˜… The studio was really nice, done up in a loft style, quite cosy.
Changed into our 1st outfit and the shoot commenced. Told the photographer we don’t really do photoshoots besides our wedding photoshoot so we’re very noob. So she had to give us a lot of directions but the shoot was pretty fun. Because the clothes I brought was very limited, she asked if I would consider using their fabrics for a ‘nude’ style photoshoot and I agreed lah. Before coming, I had already decided not to but I felt pretty comfortable with her. Also, it might be a once in a lifetime thing so why not. 😊

After the shoot, we were supposed to choose the photos and package we want or can choose ala carte too.
In the end, we chose their package C for $1500 which included a photobook and can combine with BB’s newborn shoot ($400+20% discount). So we chose to come back with BB again and will choose the final photos then. Can’t wait! 😘

We then walked over to Breadtalk building for lunch at Ding Tao Fung. We had xiao long baos and zha jiang mian and we find that the food there wasn’t very nice.

Cabbed over to Gleneagles for our appointment with Dr Chua. We were really early but she saw us first so it wasn’t a long wait.

Told her about the rashes and as usual, it’s normal. Since calamine lotion works for me, she won’t prescribe anything.
Did the scan and all is good! I only gained 0.1kg this month but BB gained 0.5kg and is now 2.5kg~ Yay! Good job BB! 😘 That means I don’t need to take the aspirin anymore. Yay!
Fluid in the waterbag also at a good level. πŸ‘
Again, there was no doubt as to our BB’s gender. Very funny the way Dr Chua will confirm with us his gender for every scan and every time can see the xiao jiji very clearly. LOL. Not shy this boy!!

Booked my next appointment for 2 weeks later and also for the subsequent weeks since Dr Chua’s schedule quite tight.
It just reminds me of how near we are getting to the end. *bites nails*

We then headed to Chinatown to check out the confinement herbs at this old Chinese medical hall, Teck Soon. Their package is really expensive, starting at $800 and goes up to $1500. 😰
We went off to have a drink at the nearby food street and to think about it.
Decided to go with the $1500 package in the end as we decided my health was most important and the best time to θ°ƒ was during confinement. The package also includes ingredients for the red date water I’ll be drinking everyday as well as the herbs for bathing water.
Paid for it in full so Mr Toh will have 1 less thing to think about after BB is out. Today really is spend and spend. πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ
But it’s ok! It’s all for the best. 😊

We had egg tarts at Tong Heng which was right opposite and then headed to Waterloo St to buy pajamas for my confinement. Managed to find it only after some help from the nice aunties there. Got 2 sets which is not enough so I guess I’ll search Taobao for more.

We headed home after that to rest and had a shiok nap.

Mr Toh wanted to catch the new Thai movie, May Who? and also felt like eating Thai food so we headed to Golden Mile first to eat.

Mr Toh~


Food at Diandin Leluk wasn’t nice at all. So disappointing. 😠

Tom yum soup and basil pork. Basil pork was OK, the soup was really spicy.

Cashew chicken, not nice at all.

Caught our movie at Nex. The movie was really nice! Very funny!

Tuesday 10 Nov
Happy Deepavali!

Mr Toh’s off again today! Yay! A rare public holiday off for him. ^^
We went to the new hawker centre at Hougang to see see look look.

Ci Yuan Community Club Hawker Centre
Address: 51 Hougang Avenue 9, 530917

The place was really big and spacious and clean, probably because it’s still rather new. But quite comfortable for a hawker centre.
Saw a queue for the hokkien mee so I decided to give it a try.

Not bad! Quite tasty! The pork lard was very fragrant but chili was a tad too spicy.

They were using a new system for payments, so cool.

Went to Dad’s place after that as Mr Toh and Dad were going to collect BB’s cot from his cousin, while I waited at home and chatted with WS and HM~. Yay~~ BB finally got sleeping place le. Haha.

Soon, they came home and we headed out together as Dad was fetching WS & HM to HM’s parents’ place to put some stuff. Then we went to Giant Tampines for grocery shopping.
Realised grocery shopping makes me very tired. Maybe because we shop for very long as there was a lot of things to buy. Somehow, walking for long period of time outdoors not so much a problem for me but inside the supermarket, I tend to get dizzy and legs very tired. 😦
Probably also because I was hungry. Dad kan chiong when he heard I giddy and dizzy. Lol. So we had a simple dinner at the food court beside Giant.
Loaded all the groceries in Dad’s van and he drove us to Courts as we wanted to get a rice cooker and I needed a new pillow.

I wanted a Zojirushi rice cooker and we were deciding between 3 models. 1 model has a induction base or something that apparently cooks the rice more evenly. It came at a crazy price of $888!! Siao ah!! For 1 rice cooker?!
So ended up we got another model at $328 that has the Gaba brown rice function. Very curious to use it and see how nice will the brown rice turn out.

We were left with 10 mins before they closed so we were really kan cheong when choosing the pillow. End up I chose a King Koil micro gel ultra firm pillow for $92. Current promo is 2 for $175 but no one else needed another pillow so never mind lah.

Been sleeping on it for 2 days now, really quite shiok!!

Dad then drove us home and WS & HM helped Mr Toh carry all the groceries up to our home. Thank you ah!! So glad for their help~~ Really. If not, my Mr Toh very ke lian.

Had Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle @ Lavender for dinner on Wed, somebody’s craving again. But I certainly didn’t mind. Haha.

I had the $8 portion while Mr Toh had the $10 portion. πŸ˜€ We really love the vinegar and noodles were just the right texture. Vinegar a lot very shiok! Chili also nice, not too spicy. Ingredients wise very normal, amount is considered OK for the price we paid I guess. I do like the dumplings though! Felt very satisfied after our meal.

Went to buy fruits for today’s praying, then we headed home. As it was still early, we watched Empress Ki again! So far, this is the only drama show I’ve managed to watch with Mr Toh after god knows how long. Usually he will chiong finish on his own at night after I sleep so, this time I’m happy he waits for me to watch together with him. I’ve missed watching animes and dramas together with him. πŸ™‚

Week 35 bumpfie! *waves to BB*

Mr Toh came to Vivo to fetch me yesterday and we headed to Novena together and had the volcano ramen at Novena Square 2 for dinner. But we find that the standard has dropped, the soup wasn’t as tasty as before. Gyozas were OK though, hot and crispy.

We then headed to United Square Mums & Babes to buy some spare parts for the Medela breast pump his cousin gave me. Also bought a bottle warmer and a few other small things.

Headed home with Starbucks in hand to sip while watching Empress Ki! Yay~~

Also showed Mr Toh my Taobao shopping cart with all the pajamas that I shortlisted. Going to place another order later today~~ Not much time left!!

Company Xmas dinner next week. =X Super early, I know but boss insisted as he didn’t want me to miss it. Awww…so sweet. πŸ™‚ We’re having it at Colony Ritz Carlton. πŸ˜€
Looking forward to it~~


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