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November Rain

Posted on: November 5, 2015

Weather has been super good the past weekend! Loving the cool weather and hazeless days~

Having dark pigmentation on my armpits recently. Sad. 😦 Hope it goes away after giving birth!

Feet starting to swell again, notice it only swells during weekdays. Weekends they’d be fine! Cannot fit into any of my old shoes so am surviving on my slippers and sandals. Hope my feet size goes back to normal too!

Tummy also itching like crazy since Sat, asked Mr Toh to help me double check my tummy and he said got rashes too. πŸ˜₯

Called up the clinic and they said can apply calamine lotion so I asked Mr Toh to help me buy and he fast hand fast leg bought it. Love him so much! 😘

I realised the rash feels so much better already after applying it for 2 days and restraining myself from rubbing. Mr Toh said heat from my hands make it worse, maybe he’s right. Anyway, yay!!

I also realised I lost my debit card when I got home on Tuesday. Apparently I left it at the top up machine after topping up my ezlink card. πŸ˜’
First time this ever happened to me, so can i blame it on my pregnancy brain? πŸ˜‚

Called up the bank to check for any recent transactions and also to block it temporarily while I try to find it.

Told Mr Toh about it yesterday and he laughed at me. He then gave me back my atm card for the time being as we hold each other’s atm card and our own debit cards. Hee. Thanks Laogong~

Went to the control station just now to ask and yes, my card was really there! Yay again!! Thankful to the person who turned it in instead of throwing it away or something. Weeee~~ But then still have to replace as they are concerned someone might have copied down my card details and can use it in the future. Wow. I didn’t even think of that. Hmm.

Met Mr Toh at Nex after my work yesterday. Fish soup for me again. XD Yummy~ Mr Toh didn’t eat as he already ate shortly before meeting me.

We collected his altered pants and headed to Grandpa’s house to visit him. Glad to see that he’s much better now.

Left at 10pm to meet Andrew and Gerald for supper at Rivervale Plaza McDonald’s. Fat fat me. πŸ˜› We stayed chatting till 12am plus and Gerald gave us a lift home again. So nice of him. 😊

Gonna be having a maternity shoot on next Monday morning and then appointment with Dr Chua later in the afternoon. Hehe. BB, we’re gonna be seeing you soon lo~~~ He’s hiccuping away right at this moment as I type this. Lol. Such a funny feeling. πŸ™‚

Tuesday’s also Mr Toh’s off! Yay! He’s gonna be collecting BB’s cot from his cousin with the help of Dad.


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