I am Mrs Toh

End of October

Posted on: November 3, 2015

27 Oct
Settling my own dinner today as mom not at home. Felt like eating fish so I decided to go to Jamie’s Italian but turns out the dish I wanted wasn’t on the menu. So I had the pork chop instead. Also ordered a mushroom dish.

Pork chop was yummy! Nicely charred, a bit tough at some parts but still tasted good.

Mushroom dish was so-so only. But I would probably return for the pork chop.

Mr Toh called halfway and I was going to meet him after my dinner so I went walk walk for a while first as it was still early. Who knows when I was on the train, he called to say he’s meeting his friends instead. Oh well~ So I headed home instead.

29 Oct
Mr Toh had to attend a meeting in the morning so I had to wake him up in the morning. Set my alarm for 6 plus but I ended up waking only at 7am. 😱 Woke him up and we went for breakfast~ Yay~~ been a long while since we’ve done that.

❤ Sleepy face.

😊 Took the train together and Mr Toh got off at Boon Keng while I headed on to my office. Was a bit late but no matter lah, I’m rarely late.
Met Mr Toh after my work at Nex. We went to myVillage at Serangoon Gardens for dinner at iSteaks. Hmmmm. Place was crowdwd but didn’t take us long to find a seat. Food was so-so lor, quite a long wait and ended up our chicken chops was cold. Zzz. I hate being served cold food. Not returning again.
Took the bus back to Nex and went Starbucks to chill. Wanted to watch a movie initially but I was feeling very tired so we headed home.

30 Oct
Mr Toh’s off day~ Met him at Nex again and headed to the coffee shop outside as I wanted to eat fish soup. Turns out it was a good choice as it was yummy!
We headed back to Nex to walk walk, Mr Toh bought a pair of new pants for work and then got distracted by the Gunpla exhibition at the atrium.

Someone then couldn’t resist and wanted to get the perfect grade Gundam Astray and asked me if ok or not. I said if you can sell off your master grade Gundam Astray then ok lor. He said no problem, he will ask Wensheng $10 want to buy, he sure buy one. *faints*

Someone’s new toy.

Watched Goosebumps after that. It was a good show. Jack Black is so cute. Haha.
Funny how RL Stine was so famous but I’ve never read any of his books. Probably not the genre I like.

31 Oct
Lower tummy feeling very itchy below the belly button! Wondered if it was BB’s hair cause his head was at that position. 😂
Woke up in the morning to wake Mr Toh up then I went back to sleep. Woke up later in the afternoon and was lazing in bed when BB started moving a lot and really energetic! As if like he was asking me to wake up. Mr Toh said as if he was commanding me to wake up. Haha.


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