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Happy Birthday to me. :)

Posted on: October 19, 2015

Whoa. On the train to work. BB just had a huge vertical movement on my left side, that my boob felt like it was kicked and his head was pushing on my groin. πŸ˜… That is if his position remains as per the last visit. We’ll know for sure today~ Have been telling him we’ll be seeing him later today. Hee. πŸ˜† Can’t wait to see his progress.
My belly’s button starting to pop out a little bit, a bit sore. Scary…haha.
Legs are still kinda swollen though slightly better after my pedicure treatment.

14 Oct
Saw the ICA letter addressed to me when I was leaving home in the morning.
Messaged Mr Toh later in the afternoon to help me burn that darn letter. πŸ˜‚
BB hiccuping in the evening while I was watching tv, so funny. Tummy kept having this movement like a tick.

15 Oct
Amazon parcel arrived~ Finally~ Shipping was very fast, reached me in less than 2 days. Items were OK, all received in good condition.
Had my prenatal massage after work, time was changed to 6:30pm as my regular masseuse wasn’t feeling well so I had to rush over after work.
The other masseuse was much gentler hence I fell asleep during the massage. Shiok~~~
It was 8pm when I was done. Went for dinner at Gyoza King and had their pork gyoza set with brinjal and mayo prawns as sides and vegetable soup. So yummy~

Costed me $18.70.

The staff and the guests at the table beside me were very nice and considerate too when they saw I was pregnant.
Went to look for Mr Toh after that and we went home together before he went to meet his friends.

16 Oct
Pre bday celebration with Mr Toh today~! Left work earlier at 4pm today and met him at Vivo. Went to Starbucks to chill and share a pear tart as he haven’t had anything to eat yet.

Yummy pear tart.

Grumpy Mr Toh

Walked around for a while before heading to Promenade. Since it was still early for our 7pm reservation, we headed to Marina Square, that place is kinda dead man. No more cinema too.

Saw Cathay Photo and we decided to go check out cameras. We were kinda assured by their shop reputation as they have been around for very long.
The sales attending to us was professional enough. We bought the Olympus EM 10 πŸ“· in the end. $900 and we had the limited edition version with orange body and strap. It comes with an extra battery and a 16gb SD card. The salesman threw in an additional black strap when Mr Toh tried bargaining, lol. The black strap is for Mr Toh who doesn’t like the orange strap and said he wouldn’t use it.

We didn’t realise the time was already past 7pm so we went for our dinner first before heading back to pay and collect the camera later.

We were having our dinner at Colony @ Ritz Carlton~ Saw that they were newly opened, replacing Greenhouse and the place looks good.
We were given a comfy booth seat. 😊

Selfie. xD

Mr Toh’s sashimi. Looks good enough but he complained that though the sashimi was fresh, the cut of the meat wasn’t good, it wasn’t like those he had at Ichiban. The texture of the sashimi here was tough and not enjoyable at all.

Fried rice – pretty good.
Chili crab bun – not much chili crab taste.
Sambal cod fish – tastes good but a tad overcooked. But unavoidable at buffets.
Broccoli – very normal.
Dumpling – normal.

Lobster – fresh but overcooked, hence a bit too chewy. Again, unavoidable.
Har gow – not bad~
Asparagus – no taste..

Their food was pretty OK though nothing really stood out with the exception of the winter melon chicken soup at the roast duck station. The soup was very flavourful and the winter melon was cooked really well. Mr Toh loved it. πŸ˜†

They had a juice section too where you could choose from a few juices or concoct your own. I had their freshly squeezed orange juice while Mr Toh chose to have his own flavours. But unfortunately the rock melon he added wasn’t very fresh so there was a weird taste. 😟

Roast meat platter with chicken rice and the awesome melon soup with the weird tasting juice. Roast meat platter and chicken nothing to shout about, chicken rice was also normal.

Lobster ball laksa. Lobster balls very meh but the laksa itself was quite good.

Pretty dessert section!

I loved their dessert section, there was a chef preparing fresh crepes, we had a nutella banana one each. There were a few varieties of small glasses of desserts too and cakes. Dessert spread was not bad. Kinda reminded me of my first time at Melt.

When the server for our table saw we were having desserts, she asked if we wanted any coffee or tea. Mr Toh had the English breakfast tea while she recommended the chamomile tea for preggie me saying it aids in sleep. Felt like telling her I don’t need help in sleeping, I need help in reducing my trips to the bathroom. πŸ˜‚ But it was nice of her.
Our tea was served in a pot, each.
My fruity camomile was served with a small pot of honey too. My tea was very nice, I loved it.

Ronnefeldt Fruity Camomile tea.

Mr Toh then tried his tea with my honey and came to the conclusion that it was the honey that was nice. But my tea was nice enough without the honey too.
Though the variety wasn’t a lot, the food quality was OK, not bad. The service was excellent.

We headed to Vivo for a movie~ Caught the new Thai movie, Heart Attack.
Omg. Please do not watch it. Movie was boring as hell! I kept falling asleep. The seat at GV was really uncomfortable for me too. I had such a miserable time. 😫

While in the cab on the way home, I asked Mr Toh where’s my cake, he said later go home give me. I thought he didn’t have time to buy it so I was kinda disappointed. I then replied him, “Mooncake ah?” since we still have leftovers. Little did I know…

I was preparing to go bathe when I saw him sneaking in from around the corner with a cake in one hand and trying to light the candle with the other hand. Gave me such a shock! He also got a shock as he didn’t expect me to be standing at the door. LOL. I got my birthday cake and my birthday song! Yay!! Hahahaha.

Very simple looking cake but so moist and tastes good!

Asked him how come got cake cause I couldn’t figure out when he had time to buy it.
It turns out that he got a shock that afternoon when I told him I was knocking off early. So he fasterly prepared to go out and cabbed over to Jalan Kayu to buy the cake before going home, running up to put the cake in the fridge and then rushing to Vivocity to meet me. Oops, made him so busy.

Awww. But I’m so touched. Hehe. So happy. Thank you my darling Mr Toh. *muacks*

Played around with our new camera, haven’t figured out how to upload photos using the wifi though. Haha.

Gorgeous finishing. A tad heavy but we love the fast shutter.

17 Oct
Red packet from Mom. =)

Woke early today to get ready to gai gai~ I was meeting Christina and Gary for brunch~
After Mr Toh left for work, I started getting ready.
They came over to fetch me, yay~ Super nice of them!

Went for dim sum brunch at Tunglok Orchard Central. Food was pretty good, especially their calamari with salted egg yolk. Yums! Thanks to Christina for the treat~
After brunch, we went for ice cream dessert at Cold Stone, my treat this time. Had fun just chatting and taking polaroids. πŸ˜€

My gorgeous BFF and me. So much love for this woman!

They were about to send me home when I suddenly felt like going for a mani & pedi. Hehe, fickle minded preggie here. Called up Snail The Nail Spa at Wheelock and they had an available slot right now so Gary dropped me off there. So thankful for awesome friends and their spouses. 😘

Selfieeeee~ Pretty view~

Did my mani first. Mani station.

The lady, Xerra, attending to me was very friendly and being a mother of 2, she also shared some advice for preggie me. 😝
After my mani was done, we moved over to the pedi station where I decided to do their scrub for both arms and legs. Xerra did the scrub for my arms while a younger lady, Stephy did my toes this time. Such a relief to finally see my toenails clipped and clean. I could do it at home but it’s a chore and I end up not doing a good job. Stephy gave me a leg massage while doing the scrub, very comfy, I almost fell asleep. Haha.
The only thing I didn’t like was the smell of the rice bran oil they applied after that. 😢

Pretty clean nails after the mani~ Been super long since the last mani.

Wanted to go somewhere else to chill after that but being Sat, it was really crowded everywhere so I went home~

Took a nap with the intention to wake up later to find Mr Toh after his work but when he msged me at 9:31pm, I was at home cause I didn’t wake up in time when my alarm rang. Set it for 8pm but I only woke at 8:40pm. πŸ˜‚ 🐷

Mr Toh said his friends wanna meet us for supper so I fasterly went to prepare and cabbed down to Kovan. We went to Xin Wang with Daniel while waiting for Gerald. Daniel was suggesting all kinds of hot drinks to me but I rejected all his suggestions. He also sian. Lol.

Our spread. Their fried rice was pretty good with pearl rice 珍珠米. Fried prawns were yummy too.

Finished my honey lemon and they were still planning to chit chat so I ordered another drink but I really felt like drinking 鸳鸯 so I asked for permission from Mr Toh and he said ok, but drink a bit only, I bargained for half a cup and he said ok~~ Yay~~~ 😘

When the drink came in their mug β˜•, I happily told Mr Toh that I 衚到! Cause their mug was quite big and it was filled to the brim! πŸ˜‚ So yummy~ So satisfied. Hehehe.
Gerald sent us home after that, he even turned into our carpark when we usually just get off at the bus stop. Special privilege for this preggie, haha. Seriously, really very thankful for awesome friends!

18 Oct
It was quite hazy today so I didn’t go anywhere. Stayed home the whole day and waited for Mr Toh to come home~ We watched The Expendables 2 on TV together before I went to bed. πŸ“Ί BB Toh moving so much tonight and Mr Toh kept talking to him. So much love for this 2 men in my life.
Heehee, really very cute. I really love this feeling! No wonder everyone tells me they miss it.

Told Mr Toh the other day that I have a new man in my life but he said no NS means not man yet. Seriously. Lol. So I amended it to say new male lor. Haha.


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