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Posted on: September 23, 2015

16 Sept
BB wasn’t moving much today, got me worried again. Mentioned it to Mr Toh when he got back from work and he told me not to worry, perhaps BB is tired?

17 Sept
BB was very active today. Started moving when I was on the train and also when I was at the office. Love it~ Just when he was so quiet yesterday. Haha.

18 Sept
Gynae appt today! Left office at 12pm and walked over to Bella Luna at 75 Tras St for my complimentary massage. Didn’t want to at first as I saw bad reviews online but Mr Toh persuaded me to give it a try since it’s free. He’d also come pick me up in case of any hard selling.
When I made the appointment, I was told it’d be a 20 mins massage followed by 20 mins hand and 20 mins feet paraffin treatment.

Reached and filled in a form and they advised if I wanted a full hour of massage, I’d have to top up $29.90 and I decided to. 20 mins massage where got enough! They also asked which areas I was having trouble with which was my lower back and pelvic bone.
I was then brought to the room by the massage therapist assigned to me called Debbie. I was left alone to change, the room was pleasant enough. There was also a shower stall in the room but I did not use it though the floor looked disgusting.

The massage was good. Debbie was very helpful in adjusting my posture as I wasn’t in the correct position and she had strong hands. Her technique was good too and hit my sore spots. She was also able to correctly pinpoint my trouble areas and she paid special attention to them especially my back, using the time for my hands instead since my hands were fine. I liked that she was flexible enough. She also gave me a few tips on how to prevent my trouble areas from hurting more.

Overall, I was very pleased with the massage amd Debbie’s service. She offered me a choice of water or ginger tea and I chose ginger tea. She then advised me not to take ginger tea after 30 weeks. So helpful!

After that, the consultant brought me to a table and proceeded to promote the packages they have. The current one on promotion was 10 sessions of prenatal massage at spa and 10 sessions of postnatal massage at home for $1576. But as I was already 27 weeks and they don’t massage after 33 weeks, I still have 4 sessions left over which can be used after my confinement for their detox or massage sessions at their spa.

Told Mr Toh that the massage was good, he no need to rescue me, haha. He then came into the salon and the consultant explained the package to him. He then asked if possible to discount. The consultant said no but she threw in 2 more sessions which Mr Toh can also use for massage! Not bad luh. So we decided to sign the package with them, yay~~~ Thanks to Mr Toh for convincing me to give them a try and for signing the package for me. 😘

We then cabbed over to Dr Chua’s clinic for our 3:15pm appointment. Had a short wait before it was our turn and we informed her of our decision to give birth at Mt A as well as to keep the cord blood and lining and also the placenta encapsulation. I also asked her if it was normal for BB to be active 1 day and not so the next and she said it was normal. Whew.

We then did the scan and everything was great~ BB was now 1.3kgs amd developing well. Saw his 小鸑鸑 again! Dr Chua exclaimed at the size of it cause it was super clear and really seemed quite big. Aiyo, this boy really not shy one! πŸ˜‚
Water bag level was good too. BB’s current position was head at the bottom, legs at my left side and his arms somewhere around the middle. πŸ‘
He’s been very active today too, kept pushing the middle of my tummy, so cute.
I felt a new movement too, something like a wave in the middle of my tummy. Haha so funny~

We then took the bus to Orchard and had 炸酱青 at Crystal Jade again. Yummy!

We then went to collect my Kate Spade fro ColorWash. Hmmm nothing they could do about some of the stains as it was from unuse so I was advised to use it more often from now on. πŸ‘Œ

We then headed to Bencoolen to look at Baby G and Gshock watches. While waking over from Little India, my toes started cramping! First the right side, then the left side! Goodness! Mr Toh see me very ke lian so we stopped to rest at the cafe opposite Sim Lim Square. Felt much better after that, whew.

Saw this black pink Baby G at Win Trading and decided to get it as we both thought it was very nice. Managed to get it for $118 reduced from $129. We didn’t see anything nice for Mr Toh though.

We left the shop and went to another one.
Was browsing when Mr Toh saw a black and gold one that we both thought was nice! He got it for $159. Happy with our purchases and headed home after that.

20 Sept
Breakfast at 51 ζ˜Žε‘ wanton mee. Super long queue! Bought roasted meats for praying today, it’s Mr Toh’s grandma’a death anniversary.

I headed home first so I can start preparing while Mr Toh headed to Hougang Mall to get Starbucks ice blended mocha as it was his grandma’s favourite. But upon reaching the LRT station, I realised I didn’t have keys! It’s never my habit to bring my keys when going out with Mr Toh. T.T So I sat at the void deck waiting for him when he suddenly messaged me saying he took the wrong LRT train. He took the West loop instead of the East loop…lol!! So idiotic the both of us. Idiot no. 1 waited for idiot no. 2 for about half an hour. *sigh* Waste time. But luckily we managed to finish cooking everything and start praying before 12pm.

Rested for a while before we started preparing to go out as we were meeting an AIA agent at Nex to discuss policies for BB.
Ended the meeting at 5pm plus and after saying goodbye to her, we went for dinner at Carl’s Jr. Yay for criss cut fries! They’re so good if they’re fresh from the fryer. Mr Toh has this habit of eating each fry slowly row by row. So amusing so I gave it a try and it was quite fun and somehow made it tastier. Hahaha or my mind playing tricks on me.

We then bought tickets to catch Sicario. Good show! So exciting. Loved Benicio del Toro in the movie, so manly! πŸ‘ BB was also moving throughout the movie, dunno is it because I was so excited. 😯

Headed to Kiddy Palace to get a rocker for BB then we headed home after that. Had a long day and I was tired already. Mr Toh suddenly had the feel to go cycling so he did while I rested. Mr Toh came back after about an hour and we chatted for a while before I went to bed. Cannot tahan already.

Realised I can’t see my ankle bone anymore! Feet swollen already. πŸ˜–
But BB has many new movements, so cute lah~


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