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The Man from U.N.C.L.E. / Maze Runner

Posted on: September 14, 2015

6th Sept
BB was very active today, but whenever I wanted to record it down, he’d stop. Teased him about being camera shy like his Daddy. But I did manage to record his kicks down during a particularly active moment. Could see my tummy expand! It’s such a super amazing feeling.

Went to find Mr Toh after his work and we caught The Man from U.N.C.L.E at Nex. The movie is so funny!
We then went to do a bit of grocery shopping after that and headed home.

7th Sept
BB very active today too~ Managed to record his kungfu kicks during lunchtime at work today!

Our nightly routine. Mr Toh and BB bonding time. ^^

8th Sep
MRT was slightly delayed today morning, was stuck at Kovan for a good 15 minutes.
Felt a different movement from BB today. Instead of the usual kicks and/or punches. It felt like he was dragging his hand along the top of my tummy! Maybe kinda like he was stretching? And he was so active too. Loving it!!
Somebody went JB again, so shiok.
Met Mr Toh after work at Dad’s house and we went for dinner with Andrew and Keqing.

9th Sept
Went for my teeth cleaning appointment today at St Andrew’s Dental. The doctor I preferred was not in Singapore, such a pity, I really like her as she is super gentle! Dr Edelwise Tan from St Andrew’s Dental.
So they assigned another doctor to me, he was alright lah. Super hate cleaning my teeth cause it’s so painful. 😦 Really got to keep up with my flossing. πŸ˜₯

Mr Toh’s off again~ Met him at Nex after work and we caught Absolutely Anything. Hmmmm, I thought that all the funny bits were in the trailer already, so ended up the movie wasn’t that great. *shrugs*

Had dinner at Ichiban Boshi after that. Kinda 反胃, I realised I don’t like their food after I got pregnant. Think this BB has refined tastebuds like his Daddy, like to eat ε₯½ζ–™. Heehee. 😘

10th Sept
Yay last day of work for the week before Polling Day tomorrow. Feeling excited hoping for some changes but yet, also feeling pessimistic about how I think the results will be. *sigh*

Bump photo! Colleague mentioned my bump seems big for 26 weeks. Is it?!

After dinner, I was lazing on the bed and talking to BB while using my phone. Suddenly felt both left and right side of my tummy having movements at the same time. Like he was pushing and kicking. So funny! Asked BB if he was dancing, hahaha. The movements continued for a while more before he stopped.

11th Sept
Polling day~~

I woke up at about 8:50am and lazed around till 9am before getting ready to go vote. Felt weird why my alarm didn’t ring, turns out it was set at 9:30am. Anyway, after getting ready, I went to wake Mr Toh up. He started to stir and asked me why I wake so early?! Started feeling angry and told him he was the one that told me to wake him at 9am. He then said “But ζˆ‘δΈζ˜―ζŠŠδ½ ηš„ι—Ήι’Ÿθ°ƒεŽ» 9:30 liao meh?” Stunned. No wonder lah, I thought I set the wrong time on my HP. LOL. I then let him sleep until 9:30am until his alarm rang.

We headed out to the polling station, did our civic duty and went for breakfast after that. Rarely I see the coffeeshop so crowded so we bought prata back home instead. After breakfast, Mr Toh left for work.

Went downstairs for δΈƒζœˆ praying after he came home, we went to Giant to buy drinks and snacks too for munching while waiting for the election results. Fixed a pizza for us to share too.

I was very ζΏ€εŠ¨ when they were announcing the results, BB also affected and kept kicking. Lol. :X

Felt super disappointed at the election results, especially with WP losing Punggol East. Tsk. Really nothing to say.

13th Sept
Forgot to buy fruits for praying yesterday so Mum accompanied me to Giant today morning. She then left for my aunt’s house after we were done. Thankful~
Stayed home whole day as the haze was so bad. T.T

Went out to meet Mr Toh for movie after his work. I checked the PSI online and it was 151! Donned a mask before going out. Once I was downstairs, saw the whole area was so hazy…lucky I decided to wear the mask.

Ninja beware! Hahahahha πŸ˜€

Caught The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials! Mr Toh’s colleague kept telling him how good it was.
We thought the show was good though there were many differences between the movie and the book. We thought it was well directed and well written.
Went for supper at RK and headed home after that.

14 Sept
Looking forward to baby Audrey’s birthday later tonight.
Was taking the MRT today morning when this Chinese woman snatched the priority seat from me. SNATCHED. She RAN from the other door and sat down right in front of me. Wtf! Then pretend never see me. O.O
I was kinda stunned for a moment. Could see everyone else around was stunned too. After a few seconds, I ‘woke up’ and went to find other seats. 😦
*sigh* Told myself never mind…she can sit all she want, I did find another seat after that.


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