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Wake me up when September ends

Posted on: September 10, 2015

1st Sept
Booked the maternity ward tour for Mt Alvernia tomorrow, am gonna be taking half a day’s leave~
Mr Toh and I have a new favourite pastime, when he gets back from work, we’ll be chatting about our days and everything else while feeling BB’s movements in my tummy. Hee. He seems to really respond to Mr Toh’s voice. I think he’s loud enough I guess. Haha. 😂 It just feels sooo amazing, feeling his kicks/punches inside me. Yesterday he kicked particularly hard and Mr Toh looked so amazed. Heehee so funny. Also really love it when Mr Toh gives BB goodnight kisses. Looking at him interacting with my bump, my heart just swells with love for the 2 most important men in my life. 😘 💑

2nd Sept
Yay, on half day today! Our itinerary for today: Mt A for ward tour, Toa Payoh to sell off the iPhone and then Hougang for WP rally. 😝

Selfie again! Been feeling vain recently and have been taking the effort to doll up a little. Guess I didn’t want to look like a haggard preggie. =X

Met Mr Toh at Mt A and we had lunch at their cafe before the tour started. There were only 4 other couples. The tour went well and we have decided on Mt Alvernia.

Wanted to look at diaper bags so we cabbed to Ngee Ann City but the Kate Spade outlet there was really small, they didn’t seem to have any diaper bags. We then headed to Mothercare at Paragon to look at strollers. Mr Toh preferred something that’d carry BB higher and closer to us and I could only think of Stokke. Got a salesperson to demo the Xplory to us and we found that the folding was a pain in the ass as the seat have to be removed first. Such a pity it is so inconvenient. Imagine if I were out with BB alone and I have to cab back, how to handle!

We browsed around but didn’t buy anything else. We then headed to Toa Payoh to sell off the iPhone for $930. Not a bad deal. Had dinner after that, roast meat platter that we always have when we’re here but we feel their standard has dropped a lot so I guess we won’t be coming back.

Originally wanted to go to WP rally but we decided against it in the end. So we headed to United Square Mums & Babes to look at more BB stuff~
Bought a set of Dr Brown’s feeding bottles, cleaning brushes, sterilizer and detergent and we headed home after that.

3rd Sept
Skinny Pizza with Christina! Had a really wonderful time catching up, just the 2 of us. Am glad to hear of your acceptance and I’m sure you’ll have more blessings coming your way!

Our breakfast pizza.

Truffle fries~

4th Sept
BB very active today! Kicking up a storm during my lunch time and when I got home. 😍

5th Sept
Mr Toh’s off day and JJ Lin’s concert day! Woohoo~

We went to Nex to collect BB’s customized romper and then headed to Orchard to get my old Kate Spade cleaned at ColorWash. Had yummy la mian, xiao long baos and dumpling at Crystal Jade for lunch.

We then checked out Marc by Marc Jacobs diaper bags. I didn’t like their boring black leather ones. They had a nylon one that came in a gorgeous shade of blue, the CROSBY QUILT NYLON ELIZABABY in Salton Sea but there were very little compartments inside.

Checked out Burberry at Paragon, apparently all things to do with babies and children is in their shop at Level 5, not at Level 1. They only had 3 designs, I didn’t like their nylon one. I really liked the House check baby changing tote bag but it was soooo heavy! Not practical at all.

I was giving up when Mr Toh suggested Gucci so we went in to take a look. They had the original gg canvas diaper bag that came with pink leather trimmings and a blue nylon guccissima diaper messenger bag that also came in black.
Again, no inner compartments for the canvas bag, very weird. The messenger bag fits all our requirements so we decided to get it in black as the blue unfortunately reminded me of Naraya. Also, the unisex design meant Mr Toh can use it too. I can use my Kate Spade when I’m alone and we can use the Gucci one when we go out together. Yay~

There was a really cute leather tote that caught Mr Toh’s eyes, he thought it’d look good on me and wanted to get it for me. I liked it too but when I found out it costs $2k, I couldn’t, I just couldn’t. Had to sleep on it somemore. But I really appreciate him for thinking of me. 😘 I also love that although he can be stingy towards other people, he’s not stingy towards me at all. All these years, he’d willingly splurge on me for special occasions and I am very thankful for that. 💑

Satisfied with our purchase, we took the MRT to Stadium for the concert!

We are here!

Oops, double chins.

Using the lousy fisheye lens that we bought from Taiwan. 😀



Wah, I took photo with JJ Lin leh. LOL. Mr Toh’s idea.

Super full stadium.

Bigger setup this time.

My favourite parts of the concert was when he sat at the piano and sang a few of his old songs. Super love a man who can play the piano!
Also another favourite part was when they darkened the stadium and many people took out their handphones, on the flashlight and waved it to the tune of the songs. Soooo pretty!!! Look like shiny stars~!~ It was awesommeee!

BB also kept moving during the concert. We were concerned that the music was too loud for him so I brought along 2 scarfs to cover my tummy. =X Ended up feeling very warm because the aircon was very weak. Even Mr Toh felt the place was too hot.

Went for supper at curry rice after that, yummssss!


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