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Posted on: September 10, 2015

Coming soon~ It’s gonna be a baby boy~
Jiayou & 健康成长, our darling boy. Can’t wait to meet you in December. 💓

2nd August
Both of us were still off today after our Taiwan trip so we woke up late and headed to 姑姑’s shop to pass her stuff that we bought in Taiwan. Had lunch there and stayed till they closed at 5pm and they sent us to Grandpa’s house. Stayed there till 7pm before we headed to Dad’s place. Bought dinner and had it there. A quiet uneventful day after our trip. 🙂

4th August
I bought dinner home for myself as Mum was out. Decided to have Soup Spoon Union’s Chicken Caesar burger meal, it was pretty good!

6th August
Meeting my babes tonight! Finally~ work was crazy but managed to clear my stuff and knock off on time! Rushed to Vivo and bought durian puffs + cupcakes for the gathering at Jia’s house~
After dinner, we just sat at her dining table and chit chatted all the way till 12 am plus. Mr Toh was still hungry so we went for supper at Jalan Kayu and Kevin very nicely drove us there. Didn’t want to trouble them so we cabbed home after some insisting on our part.

7th August
Spent the afternoon packing our wardrobe. Went to look for Mr Toh after his work, been a while since I’ve done that. Was buying something at Cold Storage when he called to ask if I had napped in the afternoon, told him I didn’t but wasn’t tired. Turns out he wanted to watch the Taiwan cycling movie To The Fore 破风.
Movie was at 11:20pm so we went for supper at RK first.
Movie was good. Very exciting and gripping. Not to mention the eye candy. *wiggles eyebrows*

8th August
Retainers appointment with Dr Djeng~ Super heavy rain when I got to Orchard, luckily my path is sheltered throughout.

Huiyi brought me out to dinner~ Sunday Market at 22 Lim Tua Tow Road (I really like this road name). We had the spicy tom yum pasta and Ohayo burger. Burger was quite good, pasta wasn’t tom yum or spicy enough. Also had the toast but it was really bad.

Burger looks good.

Went to Heartland Mall to look for Mr Toh as Huiyi wanted to make a pair of specs.
Huiyi went home after that while I stayed to wait for Mr Toh. We got a cup of Milo for me while I waited.
Watched Attack on Titans, good movie! Very gory and graphic but very interesting.
Went for supper at RK again after that then headed home.

9th August
Enjoyed the PH alone at home~

Hot chocolate and red velvet cupcake.

Caught another movie after Mr Toh got off work~ Pixels! Very funny and we loved it!

10th August
Mr Toh was off today but he had something on in the morning so I stayed home to wait for him. He came back with Xiangming and Nelly came over with Audrey too~ We headed over to Hougang Mall as the brothers wanted to go to Poh Heng to settle something. Had dinner at this new ramen place and it sucks, expected because it was under Ajisen. Kena cheated… :X
Went to the coffee shop to la Kopi after that and then headed home.

11th August
First time having a craving and felt like eating char siew, told Mr Toh about it and he fasterly bought a packet for my dinner before it got sold out. Yay~ 老公万岁! 󾌬

12th August
Mr Toh MC-ed today, the poor thing. We had dinner at Hougang Mall Soup Restaurant. Can’t believe this is our very first time trying it.

Super yummy chicken with ginger

Err, this veg dish not very nice at all.

Sweet & sour pork was not bad.

Bland soup…T_T

Ginger fried rice. So-so.

Headed to 姑姑’s shop to buy stuff for 七月. H姑姑, 姑丈 sent us home again. So thankful for them! Major love~ 💓
We later went downstairs for 七月 prayers with Mum and Huiyi too.

15th August Sat
Was about to nap at about 4pm, rubbed my belly and told BB that Mummy is going to sleep and that I think he’s sleeping too as not much movement from him, so let’s sleep together. The minute I lie down, he started kicking the left side. T.T Sorry if I woke you up…lol.
Told Mr Toh about it later that night when meeting him. I said, “你的儿子啊”, and he stunned for a few secs and said he wasn’t used to it because that was the first time I said that. Hahaha!

We headed to TripleOne Somerset for steamboat dinner at Imperial Treasure with his colleagues~ Super shiok and super full!

Our desserts~ Mine was the durian pudding but I think Crystal Jade’s durian pudding was much more satisfying.

16th August Sun
Got woken up really early at 8am plus cause of work issues. T.T
Went to living room to rest when I felt BB kicking so I started recording and managed to record a bit of his movements! Showed it to Mr Toh before he left for work and he was kinda amazed!

Went to look for Mr Toh after his work to buy something for home and to buy waffles.
We were watching TV and discussing the upcoming elections when BB started kicking. Mr Toh placed his hand on my tummy and he felt BB kick! Mr Toh’s first feeling of BB’s kick!

While I was on the way to find Mr Toh, I was feeling a bit bo liao so decide to dee siao my Mr Toh and called him.
Me: Hi Laogong~ 猜我在哪里?
Him: Outside my shop?
Me: Nope. 在你心里~~
Him: Hahaha, 厉害厉害.

17th August
Mr Toh came home from work and we were discussing the upcoming elections again when I asked him if he’ll accompany me to Pince & Pints for lobster. I thought he’d say no, because he’s allergic to shellfish but he 爽快的 say OK~~ I reminded him that there’d be nothing there for him to eat as they only serve lobsters and he said it’s OK. Awwww, feel so touched. Haha.

18th August
Was getting ready to leave home for work when Mr Toh was going to bed and he gave me a goodbye kiss before giving BB a goodbye kiss too. He told BB, “Byebye BB, 去做工了,你要照顾妈咪啊.”
Although I said he’s demanding like a tiger dad because BB still in womb already ask him to go work. Lol!

I realise BB’s kicks are not so strong today, could he really be listening to his Daddy to take care of me so he’s using less strength? I sound crazy. Hahaha!

Met Mr Toh at Farrer Park after work for dinner at Aston’s. Meh food. Service wasn’t good too. We were queuing when this young couple walked straight in and ordered their food and sat down. It was right before our turn. When we were ordering our food, I asked the counter guy why were they allowed to cut queue and his reason was they wanted an outdoor seat which was less popular so they could go first. Zzz. Then shouldn’t they ask the rest of the queue first who wouldn’t mind an outdoor seat?! I mean, we didn’t even know we could do something like this. Mr Toh then wrote an email to their HQ to feedback. Their reply was that the manager has spoken to the staff and will ensure it won’t happen again. Hope so lah huh.

Mr Toh said he got a shock when I questioned the staff because I usually don’t, he said he likes this side of me. LOL.

Had churros from Churros Factory, meh. Mr Toh was thinking of getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab A but the Starhub shop at City Square did not have stock.

19th August
Went to Nex after work to buy something and to see if they had stock for the Tab A. If they had it, I could re-contract and get it for him but apparently it was sold out in all Starhub outlets. T.T

20th August
Met Mr Toh at Somerset after a half day of work~ Dr Chua’s appointment today!

We went to UOB to settle my bank account and 顺便 change the SG50 notes since we were there. So Mr Toh went to queue first while I finished up my stuff and joined him later. We decided to change more sets so he went to withdraw money while I continued queueing. Suddenly the security guard appeared beside me and asked if I was pregnant. I was kinda 吓到 and my 1st thought was, “Shit, did I do anything wrong?”
Collected my wits and told him yes, he then told me I don’t need to queue.
I was like…then I queue where? Apparently my wits not collected enough. He then led me to the sofa seats for the much shorter priority queue. So nice and attentive of him! Although I didn’t mind queueing but still feeling very thankful!

We then walked over to Takashimaya for lunch cause I felt like eating Tori Q. Finished our lunch and we cabbed over to Gleneagles~

We reached quite early around 3pm plus for our 4pm appointment but we had a long wait till 4:45pm. T_T Turns out Dr Chua had a delivery, no wonder~ BB was also kicking up a storm when we were waiting. Think he was impatient cause I had told him we were seeing him today. I was so worried since the last appointment when Dr Chua told us about the blockage but BB was growing really well! He was even slightly larger for 23 weeks at 700g. Yay! Great job BB! He also had long legs just like Daddy. 🙂

End up we were very late for our 5pm massage appointment at Babies Bellies, also no thanks to me remembering the wrong shopping centre. *oops*

We originally had an appointment for both of us but due to our lateness, they could only take 1 pax so Mr Toh asked me to go for it while he went for a drink. The lady seemed experienced but she didn’t really get my spots. Hmm. Also I wasn’t relaxed enough because I was late so the massage wasn’t very enjoyable. =(
Good thing is they did not push me to sign any packages.

We then took the MRT to Dhoby Ghaut to meet Mum and he was holding a Harvey Norman plastic bag. Hmmmmm, I asked him if he bought what I think he bought and I was right! He went ahead and bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. He said it was all the massage place’s fault as they couldn’t take him so he had to go shopping. Hahaha nonsense excuses~

Met Mum and we headed to Mandarin Oriental for dinner to celebrate Huiyi’s graduation! Woohoo!! Christina joined us too and thanks to her, we had a discount. =)

22nd Aug
Went to Singpost in the morning to collect a registered article, it was our JJ Lin tickets!!

Met with a long and super slow moving queue. 😦 Legs were breaking by the time I finish queueing. Too bad no priority queue.
Then headed to NTUC to buy some stuffs, another long queue. But I met an Indian couple who offered to let me go first, so nice of them. 😊 I declined though as I was feeling paiseh. 😅

Didn’t feel much movement from BB today and I got so worried till Mr Toh came home and talked to him and he responded! I was so relieved I teared. Oops. Hormonal much? :X

23rd Aug
Met Mr Toh after his work and we headed to Farrer Park area to meet his friends as one of them was introducing his girlfriend~ So sweet the 2 of them. 😁 We had Swee Choon for supper. I still think that 126 is better.

24th Aug
Woke early and cooked mushroom spaghetti for lunch later today as usually no one tabaos food for us. Every other day is fine, we take turns but only Mondays that person does not. Apparently people very busy. (Like the rest of us aint).

Anyways on to happier things, BB kicking up a storm while I was on the train to work. Hehe. Amazing how happy I feel about that.

Took 2 hrs off work and met with Mr Toh at Vivo OCBC to open a joint account.

We then headed to The Market Grill as I’ve been wanting to eat lobster roll, instead of going to Pince & Pints which only served lobster. Which meant that Mr Toh wouldn’t be able to eat anything.

As for The Market Grill, they had a wide variety of dishes but pls don’t come here if you are in a hurry. Food was served VERY slow. Only 2 tables were occupied when we reached and food still took more than 20 mins to serve. Very slow, I don’t really know why.

My lobster roll~

Mr Toh’s Hungarian pork chop

But the wait was quite worth it, Mr Toh was very happy with his Hungarian pork chop. Meat was cooked well, sauce was good and the mashed potatoes were yummy. My lobster roll was pretty good too, loved the firmness and sweetness of the meat and the bread was really yummy too.

As it was still quite early, we decided to catch a movie so we took the train to Nex where we caught Wild City. Movie was pretty good! We loved the male leads, great acting from them.

Did some shopping at Spring Maternity Wear as we had a voucher. Bought a baby scissors, bottle, some clothes and a customised romper for BB~ Really love their house brand for the baby rompers, the material is so soft!

26th Aug
Met Mr Toh and his friends at Bugis after my work. Someone so shiok go JB today~
As I reached first, I bought ToriQ to bite first then went for dessert. Shioks.

Waiting for my Mr Toh~~

We then went for dinner at Itacho when the guys reached. Yums!

28th Aug
We both took half a day’s leave in the morning to pray ancestors for 七月十五. Woke at 8 and started cooking, lucky that everything went smoothly. Had lunch at home with Mr Toh before I headed to work while Mr Toh went to nap.


29th Aug
Got woken at 10am today due to work stuff again. Decided to start doing housework. Met Mum and bro at AMK for dinner.

Woohoo, selfie!

Finally saw this notty girl after so long!

Still glued to her iPad.

She did the cutest thing today. We were waiting for a cab to go to AMK Hub together and she was running around when she suddenly stopped in front of me and put her face to my tummy! She also rubbed it gently. Oh my god, so sweet! We did tell her there is a baby inside and I told her she will see him in December. Hahaha, wonder if she really understands?

OTW to Nex for our movie~

Booked tickets for Inside Out to watch after Mr Toh’s work. It’s such a cute show! But a tad slow and boring at times, however the movie was very meaningful.

30 Aug
We woke up early to go buy breakfast and some last minute stuff for praying to Mr Toh’s mommy. Cabbed over to pick up WS & HM before heading to Guang Ming Shan. Weather was so hot and I forgot to bring water bottle. Suddenly felt giddy, so scary…faster sat down to rest.

After praying, we went to Suntec for baby fair! Had dinner at Manhattan Fish Market first. Felt that the booths were kinda messy and hard to browse so we didn’t get anything.
We only sat down to talk to the cord blood banks and after comparing, we decided to go with StemCord for both cord blood and cord lining for a promo price of $8k. Whoa. Huge amount, I never knew it was so expensive.
Anyway, we felt it is a necessity for our first baby so money well spent!

Headed to Dad’s house to meet up with Keavy sis and her husband who were there to pass Dad mooncakes. Then we had zi char dinner together at the coffeeshop near Dad’s place before they sent us home. Yay, thankful for awesome people around us.

31 Aug
Went down to StarHub after work to re-contract my mobile line and get an iPhone 6 to sell. Extra cash woohoo!

But damn sian to meet irresponsibility buyer. Confirm date and place to deal but he did not reply sms nor answer his phone. Zzzz.

Been feeling really good the past few weeks. Although I now have to sit down before I can wear my sandals and my ever expanding belly, it’s all good!


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