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Posted on: July 24, 2015

We had a wonderful time in Bangkok! Even though the weather was very hot but surprisingly, it cured my pregnancy acne and the rash on my right shoulder. So weird. Haha. Will update on the trip another time.

13 July Monday
Back from Bangkok last night and still on leave today! Did our laundry and woke Mr Toh up at 2pm. Headed to Dad’s house to take some documents from him as well as lunch at the coffee shop below. We then headed to his uncle’s office to pass the documents. Stayed and chatted for a while with him and we then left for 姑姑’s shop. Stayed till closing and we went for dinner together with Keqing who had jogged there earlier and they sent us home after that. Thankful for 姑姑 & 姑丈 ~

16 July Thursday
Met Mr Toh at Nex after my work. Had dinner at Taileiloikei Macau, curry noodles for me, pork bun for Mr Toh. Food wasn’t nice at all though I liked the noodles texture. 😕

Mr Toh.

My noodles.

Mr Toh’s pork bun. He hated it. =X Too dry and tasteless.

Some sawdust cake and his iced milk tea.

Went to Hougang Mall to buy a present for Sat’s full month party and headed to Dad’s house after that~

18 July Saturday
Attending Mr Toh’s cousin’s baby full month with Wensheng and Huimin.

Otw to Dad’s house to meet them~

Don’t know what he was saying then. Lol

Everyone was congratulating me and Mr Toh, lol…
People’s baby’s full month, I also get present. His cousin gave us a box of bird’s nest saying it’s good for baby. Kinda paiseh but really appreciate her goodwill. Later, they brought us up to their house to see the baby cots and asked us to choose one to take if we need it. They had lots of baby clothes too. So thankful that they are so nice though we’re not very close. 😊 Lots of things to be thankful for.
We left for home after that to put our stuff, Mr Toh had a short nap and we headed to Nex for Ant Man with Wensheng and Huimin~

Super looking forward to Dr’s appointment on this coming Thurs and our Taiwan trip next week! Loveeee July!!
It’s a super slack month for me~~ 4 days work week on the week we came back from Bangkok. 4 days work week for the next week due to Hari Raya holiday. 4 days work week this week due to my Dr appointment. And then it’s our Taiwan trip! Woohoo!

Met Mr Toh at Chinatown where he changed money for our upcoming Taiwan trip (!!!). Decided to have dinner at Chinatown food street, very crowded and hot. Atmosphere was great but the food wasn’t nice.

Long queue for this but not nice de.

Long queue for this too but at least it was decent.

Another long queue for this and really not nice!

Wanted to have dessert but 味香园, the dessert store we always go to was closed on Mondays. 😦 So we decided to go to Bugis to have Ah Chew’s! But the mangoes in my mango sago was so sour.

Mr Toh’s honeydew and watermelon sago, not bad!

What my side table looks like now. Came into my room to see the CD player there and I burst out laughing! Mr Toh was playing the classical music CD. Lol…so funny. =X

Mr Toh also bought Anmum for me, chocolate flavor somemore! So loved~~

Was on leave today for BB’s 20th week scan at Thomson Medical Centre at Pacific Plaza. Mr Toh asked me yesterday if I was on half or full day leave, when I told him I was on full day leave, he cheered. But when I informed him it’s because the scan appointment is at 10am, he groaned. Haha, silly piggy.

Reached a little late as there was a bit of a jam along the way but it’s OK, there wasn’t many people. The whole place was very nice, very atas. Staff were friendly too.
The scan today was to check on baby’s internal organs and external features. Things progressed well until she tried to scan for the heart and facial features, BB was facing inside so she couldn’t see very clearly. Seemed like he was sleeping. So she asked us to go for a toilet break and a walk around the clinic to try to get BB to move. While walking, I was talking to BB all the while too. When we went back for the scan, BB was in a better position. Yay~! We could also see him moving his head, his hands and even his lips. Gaaah! Sooo cute! Thanked him for a job well done once the scan was done.

Very hungry after that and was thinking what to eat when I thought of Wild Honey. Had always wanted to try and since we were in the area on a weekday, why not~~~

Headed to their branch at Scotts Square. No queue though the cafe was quite crowded.

I had the English breakfast while Mr Toh had the Monte Cubano sandwich.
Food took a while to arrive but was piping hot. Portions were quite big.

Loved the chairs we were seated in, so comfy!

Mr Toh acting pissed. =X

Mr Toh’s ice latte, loved the presentation! It tasted better the longer we left it, I stole a sip and it was niceeee!

My English breakfast was good, I liked all the components, especially the scrambled eggs and mushrooms.

Mr Toh initially thought his sandwich had a very strong herby smell but after a few bites, he quite liked it.

Switched plates with Mr Toh and I thought his sandwich was….interesting. I thought the pickles seemed weird at first but the whole thing worked well. The pulled pork was a tad dry though.
Mr Toh thought my dish was good too, overall the place left a good impression on us! Good service, good food.

Wanted to go home initially as I was feeling a bit tired and we were waiting for the MRT when I suddenly remembered that I wanted to go to Kinokuniya. So we tapped out and walked over to Ngee Ann City. I was looking for a pregnancy journal and almost wanted to buy one from Etsy but the shipping was too expensive. Looked it up online and saw that there was options at Kinokuniya.

Initially I wanted to do one from scratch myself but I soon realised I have no creativity at all. When faced with a blank page, I froze. Lol.

Managed to find what I wanted thanks to help from the sales assistant. We bought a pregnancy journal, “Hello, I’m Pregnant!” for $29.62 and Mr Toh saw a baby’s journal that was really cute so we bought it too. Baby’s Record Book for $25.68.

Movie time! Because Shaw Lido did not have the movie we wanted to watch, we walked over to Cathay Cineleisure. Had time before the movie so we went for a drink at Old Town and chilled~
Watched Monster Hunt, it was nice! Quite touching and very cute and funny too!

Thought of having ramen for dinner so we decided to head to Santouka. Didn’t think there was gonna be a queue but there was a short queue when we reached.
Told Mr Toh that this is the reason why Santouka is still around despite it’s isolated location. Got seated after a 10mins wait.
As usual, we had their miso ramen plus a side of pork gyozas to share. Hmmmmm we thought their soup wasn’t as nice as before, less flavourful but also less salty. Their pork gyozas were awesome!

Headed home after that~ Was a fun day~


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