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Week 8 – Week 16

Posted on: July 8, 2015

01 May Friday
Met Mr Toh at his workplace after his work as we were going to his colleague’s new house for a small gathering. Had yummy steamboat and her new place was really very pretty. There was even a sky garden area for the residents to chill.

02/05 Saturday
Woke up early to pray then slept till 3pm after Mr Toh left for work. Stayed home the whole day~
Got very restless so decided to go to Punggol Plaza to buy flowers for tomorrow’s praying. Like that we won’t need to carry too many things when we go buy fruits.
I bought salmon, milk, yoghurt and asparagus too for tomorrow’s lunch~
Met Mr Toh after his work and we also bought a few snacks and had bak chor mee for supper.

03 May Sunday
Housework day~ Mr Toh told me yesterday not to drink too much cold drinks as it’s not good for the baby, constitution will be weak. But I do keep feeling like drinking cold drinks so I just steal sips from Mr Toh and told him it’s not me. He said yah, he know, almost all preggy mums will like cold drinks.

Warmed up my chocolate milk for breakfast today using the double boil method. Not bad, lucky still quite nice. Then I had yoghurt for snack after lunch and asked Mr Toh if yoghurt also need to make hot? That big bully said yes! =( So kua zhang meh! Lol.

07 May Thursday
Went to Dad’s house after I went home to change first and tabao-ed dinner for myself as Mr Toh was still working.
Because there were some unhappy issues at home, we had decided to tell Dad about my pregnancy, kind of to cheer him up. He smiled really widely and congratulated us. 😀 Hope it will take his mind off things, really too many rubbish happening at home.
He kept reminding me to take care of myself, then Mr Toh told him not to worry, that I’ve been really tired but I know to take care of myself, that’s why nowadays I am already sleeping when Mr Toh came home after work.
I also told him that was why I bought dinner for myself first as usually I will wait for Mr Toh, hehe.
He told Mr Toh not to go overseas but Mr Toh told him 2nd trimester stable, can go overseas. So we went ahead to book our Bangkok and Taiwan trip for July! Yay~~ Can’t wait! But also a bit worried about what I can or cannot eat.

09 May Saturday
Had dinner at Nakhon for Mother’s Day this year. Food was served veryyyyyy late, an hour late cause this Kate Pang and Andie Chen tabao-ed damn a lot.

We also helped Mr Toh tabao as he was working and he came to collect the food from us while we were still waiting for my brother who was an hour and a half late.
Seriously. Zzz.

Yummy olive fried rice

But food was still pretty yummy, except their honey chicken & green curry which had changed for the worse.

10 May Sunday
Mr Toh’s birthday today! Just nice he wasn’t working today. Woke him up at 12plus because I was hungry. Bo bian.

Brought in his birthday cake to suprise him while he was getting dressed. Hehe. Durian cake from Emicakes this year, yummy!

We headed to PS for lunch and decided to eat at Hoshino’s. Service damn slow but their egg mayo sandwich was surprisingly yummy! Dessert was so-so. We then headed to Cathay Cine to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.
Hmmmm not very nice, I didn’t remember Paul Blart being so annoying.

We then went to Nex to watch Helios. Nice! Action packed and a nice twist at the end.
We then headed to Dad’s house for pizza and Mr Toh got another cake~

11 May Monday
Met Mr Toh and his colleagues after work and we headed to Horne Road for their dinner and my supper. Food was good and affordable! Thanks to his colleague for recommending.
They had this signature dish, fried fish with chili which was very nice! We also ordered you tiao, fried kailan, sweet & sour pork. Everything else we ordered was nice too.

13 May Wednesday
On leave today!
We went for my follow up appt with Dr Yeap and we were also seeing Dr Joycelyn Wong too, still shopping around for a gynae that we like.

We heard Peanut Toh’s heartbeat today! Last appointment did not manage to hear as Dr Sim said still too early. Dr Yeap’s machine very high tech, can see very clearly!
She told us the machine was new, no wonder. Peanut’s heartbeat was very fast! About 180 BPM, like so kan cheong, haha. Mr Toh said kan cheong because we were looking at him/her. She seems motherly. She asked if I was having nausea, when I said yes, she said “Very good. Means baby is developing well.” T.T Ok lor, for your sake, Peanut Toh, I don’t mind the nausea.

We then took a bus to Lavender for bak chor mee! Mr Toh’s craving, I wonder who’s preggy, me or him? Lol. We saw Daniel & his gf while queuing, such a coincidence! Had lunch together and they headed to ICA while we headed back to Thomson.

We still had time before Dr Wong’s appointment so Mr Toh went to a TCM clinic to see his jaw which was hurting. Then we headed to Thomson to wait for our appointment which wasn’t very long because they had an earlier slot that opened up.
WWhile waiting, a promoter from Nestle approached and gave me a goodie bag. There was a small can of milk powder inside. Just nice I wanted to try it before I buy a full size can.
Dr Wong was very nice, friendly and answered all my questions, was also very chatty. Though I suspect she’s chatty because her consultation fee was for 15 mins, every 10 mins after that was chargeable. Didn’t really like that but what choice do we have?

I don’t have a good impression of her clinic though, receptionists weren’t very friendly, and nobody ever picks up her phone line. I had to leave a message before they call me back when making the 1st appointment.

We headed home for a nap before going out for dinner. Wanted to eat the hokkien mee at Simon Road before waffles at Ice Edge cafe but they had closed down. *sad*
We ended up eating at Ice Edge cafe anyway. Had their vongole and it was not bad, very generous with the clams. Mr Toh’s pork chop was delicious too. And the waffles were awesome! Love their Ferrero Rocher ice cream!

19 May Tuesday
Mr Toh didn’t sleep the whole night as he was coughing really badly. The poor thing. He decided to go see a doctor so we went to Kadaloor and had breakfast together. He stayed to wait for the clinic to open while I headed to work.

21 May Thursday
I’m on half day today~ having an appointment with Dr Irene Chua at Gleneagles.

Met Mr Toh at Orchard, we walked to Lucky Plaza and had lunch at Jollibee. Their spaghetti was surprisingly yummy! Chicken was tender but tasteless.

Dr Irene Chua gave us a very good impression when she came out of her room to call her patients personally, she was also very pretty and had a certain 气质 about her, Mr Toh said she reminded him of 姑姑.
She was also very nice, friendly and seemed very patient and answered all my stupid questions.
When consultation was over, she stood up as we left her room and I thought that was very polite and sincere.
So, we decided to stick with her. Her clinic’s receptionists were very friendly too and they always answer their phones when I called a few times to ask about consultation fees and what medicine I can take for flu. Lucky me, because I had almost decided not to see her as I didn’t really want to waste $ and almost wanted to stay with Dr Jocelyn Wong.

We then headed to Shaw Lido for movie and caught Spy. Damn funny! Had dinner at Itacho before that and then dessert at Honeymoon Desserts. Yums. Mr Toh always feeds me until I’m super full. =X

25 May Monday
Mr Toh’s off day~ I wasn’t feeling well, having the flu so we had porridge at A-One Nex. Two porridge and a dish of salted egg fried fish plus 2 drinks came up to S$61. Damn expensive! Not going back anymore.
We then watched Tomorrowland. Ehhh, the storyline felt incomplete somehow though the settings were quite cool. But somehow we just didn’t like the movie very much.

26 May Tuesday
Reached home, had my dinner and KO-ed. Mr Toh came home with medicine for me, yay~ Woke up the next day feeling much better.

28 May
Felt like vomiting before I left the house and started dry heaving. Omg. Ate some sour plums and it calmed my stomach before I dared to leave home. This has never happened before…scary. T_T

29 May Friday
Was on leave today but had to wake early to go to Thomson for the Oscars test.

We cabbed to Upper Thomson for roti prata at The Prata House but their crispy prata not crispy enough. Mutton curry wasn’t very nice too. Butter prata was quite yummy though.
We then took the a direct bus to Thomson and managed to be on time, quite a feat for us. :X
After registering, still had to wait quite long. After the scan was done, I then had to wait again for taking blood which, luckily had a much shorter waiting time.
The scan took really long, so many things to measure.

I almost forgot that this was going to be my 1st time taking blood. T.T
I was getting so nervous while waiting for my turn. But Mr Toh figured the person should be really pro because she does this all day long, everyday, for adults and kids.

Turns out to be true because it didn’t really hurt that much though I did warn her this was my 1st time. I didn’t even know what to do with the stress ball she gave me. Didn’t even wanna look until it was all over in 1 minute. Whew~

We then headed over to 姑姑’s shop as it was time to tell her. Dad had already told her but we wanted to tell her ourselves too. 🙂 She was so happy too and kept asking us to go eat, scared I hungry. Awww~ Mr Toh also took the chance to order praying stuffs for Vesak Day. We then went home and napped before waking up and going for zi char dinner at Kadaloor with Mum. Their signature tofu was really yummy.

30 May Saturday
Mr Toh was off today too! Wee~

We woke up early and headed to Kovan hawker centre, Mr Toh brought me to try this yummy wanton mee run by 3 aunties. Long queue but so yummy! The sauce and char siew is nice~ Mr Toh tabao-ed for his colleagues too.

We then bought fruits and more praying stuff for Vesak Day and headed home. After resting for a while, we headed back to 姑姑’s shop area to collect the stuffs Mr Toh ordered. Then headed home again to nap.

Was thinking where to go for dinner when Mr Toh’s friends jio-ed us for movie. Gerald came to pick us up~ so nice of him~
San Andreas was awesome, very exciting movie! While the guys were having their smoke break after the show, Mr Toh broke the news to them while explaining why I had to stand so far away. 🙂
We decided to go for supper and had a hard time thinking what to eat and they kept asking me. I was like…”I have no cravings yet so you guys decide pls.”
We ended up at 511 Bedok Hawker but was too late to try the yummy 五香 and kuey chap though. *sad* Still, we managed to order a lot of food. Was a fun night, been a while since we’ve done this.

19 June Friday
Met Mr Toh at Somerset after work for Minions!
Didn’t manage to get a good seat at Nex when booking tickets so Mr Toh booked for Cathay Cineleisure instead. I had dinner at Sudouku before that.
Mr Toh just watched as he already ate while running his errand. We were finding something to eat after the movie when we stumbled on the Gundam exhibition at Ngee Ann City. But it was closed so we decided to come again tomorrow.

20 June Saturday
Mr Toh’s weekend off~
I wanted to eat dim sum at Crystal Jade since we were heading to Ngee Ann City and Mr Toh indulged me, thank you. : )

Discovered their durian pudding was really good too with real durian flesh! Yums!
Then it was time for the Gundam exhibition, Mr Toh was really tempted by 1 of the perfect grade models but it was sold out. He ended up buying the master grade instead. Can’t wait for him to fix it.

We then headed to Grandpa’s house for a while before heading over to Dad’s house. Had durians again at Grandpa’s house that was given by a neighbor, damn nice from Malaysia.

21 June Sunday
It was Fathers’ Day today. Told Mr Toh while he was preparing for work and he said “这样,叫他跟我说 Happy Father’s Day”. Replied him, “Yeesh, baby only how many months in my tummy want father’s day greeting already, so demanding.” LOL.

22 June Monday
Mr Toh’s off again, so shiok. Went to dad’s house again after my work to settle something.

25 June Thursday
Mr Toh had class today morning so we had dinner together at Chinatown Point Mcdonald’s before I went off for work. Been so long since we’ve had breakfast together. ^^

Met him after work at Seletar Mall for Terminator! Pretty good show. Enjoyed ourselves. 🙂

28 June Sunday
Mr Toh’s off day~ let him sleep until 2pm as he was tired and I had food because Mom had cooked something. Hehe.
Also took the chance to finish up my housework.

Oh yes, perks of being pregnant. =) Very thankful to ahyi who bought the bird’s nest for me.

We slowly got ready to go out and headed to have lunch then went to find 姑姑~
Ended up staying there for quite a while until they were closing so she jio-ed us for dinner. We had dinner at Ice Edge cafe, food this time was so so but their waffles were still awesome.

29 June Monday
We had durians in the office today! This customer of Eric’s always brings us awesome yummy durians from his relative’s plantation in Malaysia. So rich and creamy.

30 June Tuesday
Sis bought durian today!! So sinful! Didn’t dare to eat too much. Overdosing on durians.

So far, I’ve only vomited twice but kept feeling nauseated. Thankfully, that feeling is getting lesser.

Regretfully, I’ve also realised I cannot tahan cooked salmon!!! T_T~~~ Had it a few times and I couldn’t even finish them. This baby of ours…really resembles Mr Toh in this aspect. Hahaha.


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