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July – Week 16 / 17

Posted on: July 8, 2015

2 July Thursday
Appointment with Dr Irene today!! Met Mr Toh at Orchard after half day of work and we had lunch at Takashimaya before heading over to Gleneagles.

Doctor said baby’s growing well and stable. Heartbeat was also good. She also asked if we wanted to know the gender and I said yes with no hesitation before Mr Toh can change my mind. Haha.
Once she scanned and explained what part of the baby we were looking at, we could see ‘it’. She told us “You can see it huh? Very clear, it’s a boy.”

Of course can see! Baby’s 小鸡鸡 very clear and obvious! Told Mr Toh later that it was kinda like he wanted us to see clearly, 1 hand and 1 leg was up in the air and was like “Ta daah! 给你看清楚一点.” Lol.

Although we had discussed this before and maintained that it doesn’t matter if it was a boy or a girl, as long as he/she is healthy, that’s all that matters. I did prefer a girl but was also trying to adjust my mindset to follow Mr Toh’s
But when I learnt that we were having a boy, I was kinda in shock for like 5 mins. :X But then I got over it because I kept thinking of the 小鸡鸡 during the ultrasound and thought it was extremely adorable. Now I’m just glad that he’s developing well.

Headed to 姑姑’s shop to tell her after that as she had called to ask Mr Toh about the scan earlier. She just seemed very happy no matter what. 😀 Funny how warm that makes me feel. Baby, you’ll be so loved. *kisses

6 July Monday
Met Mr Toh at Nex after my work for a movie~ Mr Toh didn’t appreciate the vulgar-ness of Ted 2 so we watched SPL 2 instead.

Had dinner at Ichiban before that. I was famished at first but my appetite was gone when my food arrived. Don’t know why and I didn’t manage to finish my udon. T.T Went walking around Nex and when we passed by Andersen’s ice cream, I couldn’t resist. Didn’t know what flavor to order so I followed the lady in front of me and had a cone of Danish Nougat. It was pretty nice!

Movie was pretty good, the action scenes were awesome. Love the happy ending too although it was pretty unbelievable.

Bought 2 maternity dresses but they were horribly big. Got them altered but still really too big so am keeping them for the last few months. But Mr Toh said very ugly. Lol.

So have decided to buy normal clothes from normal shops instead, much nicer too.

TSW Lunchbox Lady Swing Dress in Midnight Blue


The courier for TSW is insane! Very efficient but still insane! I received the parcel on Tuesday at around 6:40am! Lol.

Was trying it on for Mr Toh and he commented it kinda looked like the aprons they used to don during D&T classes. What! Damn sad. Lol.



Can’t wait for them to arrive~~

Am leaving for our babymoon tomorrow morning to Bangkok! Have a very early flight at 6:30am. O.O Was doing our last minute packing yesterday as usual. =X
Almost wanted to do the packing today but Mr Toh told me to go and sleep after dinner because we have to wake up *really* early.

Yay! Can’t wait! Dreaming of my shibuya honey toast!


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