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Week 0 – Week 7

Posted on: June 30, 2015

We are having a baby~~~ Just wanted to post it here after 3 months of keeping it a secret.

So far, I’m currently at Week 16, still having a bit of nausea but have been feeling less tired. But why does no one warn us about the peeing!? Seriously. I’ve been peeing so much that I wake up 2-3 times at night to pee. T_T Also really hate taking the multi vitamins because the pills are so huge but it’s better when I cut them in half so that’s fine. But I have no issues with the soft gel DHA capsules.
Been drinking Frisomum everyday now since Ahyi bought it for me. Luckily it tastes much better than the others I’ve tried like Wyeth S26 and Similac. Brrr. Those were so fishy and smelly I couldn’t even tahan 1 sip.

06 April
Today’s the day my nanny was due but as usual, it was kinda late. I kinda suspected I could be pregnant as I have been feeling uncharacteristically hot the past few days. Also experienced gastric twice when usually I don’t have these. So…..I decided to test with the Clearblue kit we bought last month when I got home. And it was positive.

Whoa. My first reaction was “Yay? Finally, at least I know I’m fertile.” =X Really. Because we’ve been trying for about 2 months and I was starting to get worried. Mr Toh also wanted a 羊宝宝 so there was the pressure there too.

Waited for Mr Toh to come home from work. After talking for a while, I took the test from the toilet and showed him. At first, he was thinking what was I taking. After he saw it, he asked me to test again using another digital test that shows the estimated duration of the pregnancy. I did and it showed 2-3 weeks since conception. IIRC, his first words were “我们要省一点了, no more good food unless it’s your craving”. Lol. Baby, we got priority, yay!

Mr Toh said no wonder I was getting plumper, sheepishly told him actually that’s all me. Extra fats for protection. LOL.

Then he talked about caffeine, told him I know already, max 2 cups coffee or 4 cups tea but I will stop drinking my coffee. He looked pleased. =P

Mr Toh gave me his schedule and I did some research online for a good gynae and called the next day to make an appointment. But the earliest they’d see me was from the 6th week onwards though so we fixed the appointment for 22 April with Dr LN Sim at Thomson.

7 April
Mr Toh telling me he’s done research on what supplements to take. Like so many things! We already know about folic acid, and he also read recommendations on benefits of fermented cod liver oil. He also found it selling on Amazon. We headed to Bugis Watsons to buy the folic acid and ended up buying a prenatal multi vit too. So touched to see him helping me do research on this. He’s not a romantic man but he shows me that he cares by doing practical and useful stuffs like this. =)
During dinner, he also grilled me on what I can’t eat making sure that I know. So long winded. =X

Dinner at this new-ish place, Taan at the shophouses behind Bugis Junction. Food was bad. Everything was bad, some inedible. Zzz.

8 April
Because all my clothes are kinda fitting, I asked Mr Toh for permission to buy a few dresses from Asos to make use of their 15% discount and he readily agreed.

See baby, only you have this privilege, usually your daddy will make noise. Only after making the payment did I realise I did not key in the discount code!!! *faint*
Mr Toh said I am the “best”. Hahaha. Suddenly apprehensive about pregnancy brain worsening. =X

Mr Toh asked me to drink more milk as he read that we will need more calcium and said he’ll buy for me later if he got time after his D&D. I didn’t want to trouble him so I headed to Giant Vivo to buy 1 carton myself~
I went to sleep first after I had dinner and did laundry. Woke up when he reached home.

He was telling me about his day when he started complaining about this colleague who often mooches cigarettes off him after work. I thought of a solution, don’t smoke after work lor! Say “我要赶回家陪老婆,掰掰“. But Mr Toh says that cigarette after work is one of the shiokest. Tsk.

But then he also said, “不要紧,我什么都没有,只有我老婆跟钱“. What sia….. Nonsense.

Then he rubbed my belly and smiled and said, “还有这个”. Awwwww. See baby, your daddy loves you and me.

11 April
扫墓 day! We still needed an extra offering box for the praying stuff for my dad so Mr Toh and I woke up at 6am plus knowing the shop opens at 5am during Qing Ming.

Went for breakfast after that and had vegetarian beehoon at this coffee shop near 姑姑’s shop. Auntie was very friendly, it brightened our morning. Mr Toh went to buy drinks, I asked for Milo, after a while, he came back and told me there’s soya milk, asked me if I wanted that instead, I said OK. 🙂
We then bought some pork ribs to cook soup too.

After 光明山, we headed back to Hougang Kang Kar mall with his family where they ate lunch while we had fruits. Mr Toh bought papaya for us to share. I was apprehensive but it turned out quite nice, soft soft one and not so pukey. :X

We went home shortly to rest before heading to Mandai to 扫墓 for my dad.

Headed to Arbite with my family for late lunch after that, I was starving!

Yummy meat platter~ Photo credits to Huiyi.

Went home for more rest! Set alarm for 8pm but end up oversleeping cause I was sooo tired. Mr Toh woke up by himself at 11pm because he was hungry and woke me up as he was worried I’d be hungry too. We headed to 2am dessert bar at Holland V for desserts! Didn’t realise their desserts are so ‘atas’. Mr Toh’s chocolate H2O was OK, but my churros with hot chocolate was yummy! So yummy that Mr Toh ordered more churros. 😀

Headed home feeling really satisfied.

17 April
Woke Mr Toh up when I woke up cause he has class today. We went for breakfast at Chinatown before he headed for his class. Love to have breakfast together with him and I really cherish this time spent together because it’s so rare!

Met him at Nex after work where we had Mos Burger for dinner. This guy wanted me to eat fish so he suggested Long John Silver, I was like, “I hate their fish.” So we had Mos instead. Service and cleanliness really lacking at this branch, so much so that Mr Toh went to leave feedback on their website. Silly guy said he’s trying to be more proactive, that he’s been emailing other people asking about the supplements that I should be taking hence he’s kinda getting the hang of it, even on things like leaving feedback. Lol.

Wanted to catch a movie but there wasn’t enough time since he’s meeting his colleagues for a meal to send off their intern.

He called me later to ask if I wanted to eat anything, told him no cause I wasn’t hungry. 10 mins after hanging up the phone, I was hungry. Grrr! Decided to sleep it off. Mr Toh came home shortly and gave me a good night kiss. Was really tired so I didn’t really wake up.

18 April
Accompanied Mr Toh to see a doctor at Kadaloor as he wasn’t feeling well and he got 2 days of MC. We had breakfast at the food court before walking home. My breakfast of chwee kueh sucks. =( The weather was so hot.

We napped for a while before I woke Mr Toh up to go for dinner.

Before heading out, I went to the toilet and discovered I was spotting, kind of a light brown discharge. :O Googled and seems it’s quite normal but I was still quite worried. We decided to settle dinner first. Hope it will stop soon. Anyway we are seeing Dr Sim on Wed. *cross fingers*

Decided on xiao long bao at Neil Road but sadly the standard has really dropped. The red bean pancake was still good though.

Hot & sour noodles, not bad.

Dumplings~ So-so lor.

Disappointing xiao long baos…

Yummy red bean pancake.

19 April (Sunday)
Woke up earlier to do some household chores before waking Mr Toh up. As he’s feeling better, he’s decided to go back to the shop to help out. We headed to Kovan for lunch first. Weather was super hot so we bought lor mee and had it inside his shop, take advantage of the air con! 😀 The new lor mee stall at Kovan Hawker was quite yummy.

Mr Toh stayed on to work while I went home. Finished up my household chores and napped before Mr Toh called at 7pm to say he’s getting off work. Apparently there wasn’t much of a crowd. Met him at Hougang and we bought fried beehoon and kai lan from 327 zi char stall to eat at Dad’s place. Not as nice as what I remembered. Stayed for a while more before we headed home.

20 April
Mr Toh’s off day! Told him I wanna eat soupy stuff like ramen and he googled for a new place for us to try.

We headed to 313 Somerset Chabuton. They were having 50% off the 2nd ramen if you liked their FB page. Gave Mr Toh some of my noodles as I didn’t have much of an appetite.

The ramen was not bad. We also ordered gyozas and ika karaage (fried squid). Gyozas were meh. The ika karaage was nice.

Was so tired when I got home and I told Mr Toh I wanna nap before bathing because I was so full and tired. And he let me nap for about an hour before I woke up myself and showered. =)

21 April (Tues)
Met Mr Toh at his shop after his work as we were heading to Dad’s house for dumplings! Was a special day as there was relatives visiting from China.

22 April Wed
I am on half day today~
Met Mr Toh at Novena for another of our favourite, Kazan ramen. Yummy! Walked over to Thomson Medical Centre in sweltering heat. T.T

Waited quite long for our appointment, about 45mins. But Dr Sim mentioned she couldn’t see the baby clearly as still very small. So she asked if we wanna wait for my bladder to be fuller, apparently can see clearer that way. I drank more water while waiting, wait about half an hour more until my bladder wanna burst but still cannot see very clearly hence Dr Sim asked if I wanna do a vaginal scan, I was OK with that so I went to empty my bladder first then more waiting while she sees other patients.
When it was our turn, Mr Toh was smoking so I did the scan alone 1st while Mr Toh came in later. Can see a tiny tiny heartbeat!
We decided to do the Oscar test, just in case. Price was $350 while the Harmony prenatal test was $1250. Very huge price difference. Told Dr Sim I was having brown discharge so she examined me and said everything seems fine, cervix is also OK, also said spotting is quite normal.
She asked me not to run or jump and avoid exercise for the time being and also prescribed hormone pills (安胎药). Am coming back in 3 weeks for follow up with her colleague Dr Yeap as she’s having some personal issues and will not be around from end April to early June.
Mr Toh thought she seemed distracted and not very 细心, maybe it was the Singtel outage thing plus her own personal issues. Spent $403 today including a blood test for when we come back for the Oscar test.
Meanwhile, we will continue to see the other gynaes I shortlisted in May.

We headed to Somerset for a movie~ Decided to watch the Robot Overlords. Eh….movie was interesting but somehow I don’t find it very nice.

We walked over to Centrepoint Orchard, I remembered there was a foodcourt there as I wanted to eat something cheap, didn’t wanna spend too much. But it was closed for renovation! Almost the whole shopping centre was undergoing renovations and there was nothing I wanna eat. Then it started raining heavily! Luckily I have my umbrella, we walked back to Orchard Gateway and used their linkway to walk to 313 Somerset that side. Walked over to Orchard Central but I really didn’t see anything I wanna eat.

Was so tired that I decided to eat at the next restaurant we see which turned out to be Maccha House. Bad choice.

Food was too salty and the dorayaki was undercooked, only had the flour taste although the mangoes were sweet. Headed home after that, *yawn*

26 April Sun
Mr Toh’s off day! Woke up earlier to do laundry and ironing. Told Mr Toh I’m Iron Woman today. LOL.

Headed to Nex for lunch and Avengers!

Felt like eating Fish & Co but what a bad decision. We waited half an hour for our food and if we didn’t ask, it seemed like our food was not gonna be served anytime soon. Prawns and scallops were really not fresh too. Seems like some of the food outlets at Nex really not up to standard.

Headed to NTUC to stock up on shampoo and body wash before we went to Dad’s house for dinner. 奶奶 (阿姨’s ex MIL) cooked for us. So nice of her. We watched Star Awards while eating, quite entertaining. Left for home shortly after that as I was tired already, no afternoon nap today. :X

27 April Mon
Mom cooked pumpkin rice, was yummy so I had 2 servings. Was feeling tired so I slept after dinner.
Woke up for a while when Mr Toh came home with my new specs and my good night kiss.

Woke up again at 1am to pee and was soooo hungry that I decided to make a cereal drink. Mr Toh followed me to the kitchen and started rearranging a kitchen shelf. Tsk, always like to do this kind of things at this kind of timing.

Some time later, I had a nightmare and apparently I kinda shouted and I remember I was shaking my leg, I then felt Mr Toh hugging me from the back and he asked me what was wrong, I said I had a nightmare and there was a frog on my leg. LOL. Mr Toh sayang-ed me and assured me there was no frog. I fell back asleep soon after.

So far, I think I am about 6 weeks along? Have not told a single soul except for the nurses and doctor at the clinics. Damn pantang. Though I suspect my mum suspects cause I was asking her once what kind of herbal soup she cooked.

Also, I woke up at 8am last Saturday to pee and then to eat something because I was so hungry. Very suspicious behavior as I usually wake up late during the weekends. Oh well. *shrugs*

For the past few weeks, I’ve been having this nauseous feeling on and off throughout the whole day. Also, sometimes I feel very hungry but after a while that feeling goes away. Kinda weird, like not much appetite.

Feeling tired very easily nowadays, have been napping more often at work during lunchtime. Been sleeping really early too but also kept waking up in the middle of the night to pee. ><

29/4 Wed
I woke up when Mr Toh came home after work and he had gone shopping at Watsons. Apparently there was a sale going on so he got me a bottle of folic acid for me to take interchangeably with the other prenatal vitamin. Also bought a digital thermometer which we did not have at home, just in case. Yay~ good job Mr Toh. *muacks*


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