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Sugar, yes please

Posted on: March 21, 2015

Listening to Maroon 5’s Sugar on repeat now. So catchy and addictive!

Been super long since I’ve updated here. I’m really getting lazier and lazier. T_T

Mr Toh got a new PC and monitor from the IT show yesterday and can I just say how jealous I am?!

ASUS ROG GR8 CPU ($1376) and a Dell 27″ monitor ($399). Pretty good deal for the CPU as the usual price was $1600. I am super tempted too but I know that I cannot waste $ like that as my lappie was still very new.

The CPU is super sleek and so gorgeous! And the monitor is soooo big! Even Mr Toh couldn’t get used to it after using a 17″ monitor for a few years. *JEALOUS*

After he finished setting up his computer, I get his hand me down! Decided to set up an external monitor for my laptop. Shiok enough for me~~ Screen is bigger for me to watch my shows! Mr Toh also gave me the keyboard that came free with his CPU and I love it. It’s a gaming keyboard though, how ironic that I am using it now when I’m not gaming. Maybe can consider going back to WoW. =P

When I met him at Suntec after my work, he had already bought the CPU and was about to decide whether to buy the monitor or not. In the end, he bought it and we went for our dinner, decided to try the Kimchi Korean Restaurant. We chose to try their BBQ too.

Mr Toh’s rice. Not that fantastic as the chicken in it weren’t very nice.

My love. =) I realise I really like his hair now. Gotta convince him to keep it at this length. =X

Marinated pork collar. We found it really salty.

Pork belly. Looks damn glorious but not that tasty after BBQ-ing.

My seafood tofu soup. I liked it a lot! There were plenty of ingredients and the seafood was really fresh.

Their ventilation wasn’t very good, I came out smelling like a BBQ pit, lol. Service was so so only as we were seated in the room and they completely forgot about us, Mr Toh had to walk out twice to get their attention. I’d probably come back only for the soup, not sure about Mr Toh though.

Earlier that day for lunch, Eric brought us to Hai Tien Lo for dim sum buffet! =D~

Giant dumpling, tried using my hand for scale but kinda fail. Lol.

I had 2 desserts. Fat die me~~~~ Both were pretty good!

I *think* we ordered too much for 5 ladies and 1 gentleman. Lol. So full after the meal, most of it were pretty good. Price is quite reasonable at $48++ per adult.

Cooked dinner for myself the previous night.

Egg in a cloud, baked garlic butter mushrooms and bacon. YUM.

Picture sent to our family group chat.

The 2 baobeis of the family. Super cute~!

Really pretty keychains sis bought from Boracay.

Feeling vain and confident that day so lai, selfies!

Stupid retainers. Wonder when I can stop wearing them during the day.

New Starbucks tumbler for work from their new Sakura collection. Loving the pretty colors!

Red packets. Not giving these away. These were given to us by our elders even though we’re married! All came with the same words, asking us to bring a baby back next year. Lol……..thankful for the sweet gestures. =)

Went to pray tai sui the other day and headed to Tampines after that to walk around. We had dinner at Chicken Up, but didn’t really like the food there.

Fried onion.

Chicken wings~ I find the size too big, very troublesome to eat and I was sick of it after 2 wings. Sauce wasn’t very nice also.

I loved their honey ginger tea though.

Presenting the most awesome dish of the night!!! Melon bingsu! So shiok, so refreshing and the ice cream was yummy! The melon was really sweet too.

Mr Toh loved it so much that this was all that was left.

CNY was very quiet this year, no travelling with his family so we all stayed in SG and the super long weekend was really shiok for me! Really needed it as I fell sick on CNY eve, damn it!

CNY deco at our corridor, a joint effort by us and our neighbours. Hehe, so awesome to have great neighbours!

Bought some plants this year for CNY~

Fridge fully stocked for our reunion dinner. Mr Toh’s colleagues and friends coming over on 2 separate days too so we bought a lot of food. Really regret our small fridge. T_T

Lots of CNY goodies~! Mr Toh bought the Kim Peng Hiang bak kwa this year, not so many people queueing for it and much nicer than Lim Chee Guan too.

All bought by Mr Toh. Charcoal pineapple tarts from sis.

Goodies are on our new coffee table from Gugu! We saw this table in her catalogue but she told us it was out of stock for very long already. But who knew, she called me a few days before CNY and said she tried her luck asking the supplier about the table and it was in stock! So she helped us order and will be delivering it to us! YAY!!! She is soooo awesome!!!

CNY eve yusheng at Grandpa’s house.

Day 1, we went to Grandpa’s house and followed Gugu to the other elders house too.

Someone so boyish! Wearing the top I got for him from ASOS. Though he said it was really uncomfortable to wear because it was very scratchy. T_T But he looked good in it!

Tried getting a cab but failed so we took the MRT instead.

Day 2, we went to his aunt’s place. SelfieS on the cab~~

Gorgeous blooms for Vday from Mr Toh.

Saw this on Sgag and thought it was really apt so I sent it to Mr Toh!

$1 coins always appear magically on my side table, placed there by Mr Toh who knows I like to save them and he’ll always keep them for me whenever he receives it. Small little things like this let me know he’s thinking of me. =)

Random lunch one weekend. Mentaiko pasta with luncheon meat and crab sticks.

G.E.M XXX Live with sis and Mr Toh.

No denying her powerful vocals but she was very ‘oily’. And she was also let down by the pathetic stage setup. Tsk. Whole thing felt very low budget.

Selfie with baby Audrey one random day. I LOVE her beautiful eyes and chubby cheeks!


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