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Posted on: January 26, 2015

06 Jan 2015
Was on half day leave as I was headed to SPH to collect the movie tickets I won from Kiss92! Won 4 tickets for the movie Serena. Met Mr Toh after work to catch the show at Nex. Ummmmm I thought the show kinda sucked…didn’t really liked the directing, thought the pace was really slow.

07 Jan 2015
I was on leave today. It was my dad’s death anniversary so we were going to San Qing Gong to pray. We were done at about 12pm plus. Gave ZW the extra 2 tickets for Serena so he can catch it with Sis-in-law. He then sent mom back home first then sent us to Mt Alvernia as we were visiting Keavy sis who just had her baby, Jezelle! Bought flowers and a piglet toy for Jezelle, Mr Toh insisted on the piglet, says it’s his trademark. Lol. We didn’t manage to see the baby but she looks damn cute in her photos. So happy for them~~
We headed to Toa Payoh after that, Mr Toh needed to visit the Phillips Securities office. We had our lunch and headed to Ikea to double check on the Billy bookcases that we wanted to get for our study room. Went home after that to rest first then Dad came to fetch us and we headed to Ikea again to buy the bookcases. Cannot believe how heavy they are, thank goodness Dad was available to help us.

10 Jan 2015
Mr Toh was off on Saturday~ Happy day! We woke up quite early, about 10am plus and headed to the area around 姑姑’s shop for breakfast as Mr Toh had to buy something from the hardware store. We decided to have MCD’s breakfast! Headed home after that as we have a lot to do. Mr Toh started fixing the bookshelves while I helped a little. Mostly I was just passing him stuff that he needs or lazing around. It was fun. :X He finished assembling the 3 bookshelves by 4pm and we were starving so we went for a quick lunch and continued unpacking our display items / books to put on the shelves. Super happy with the way the study room looks like now, very neat and love how the Billy bookcases have a shallow depth~ Can never understand why normal bookcases need such a huge depth when books or files are so small. Was done for the day at 10pm plus and we went for prata and mutton curry at RK. Yums~!

13 Jan
Was too tired today plus I had a headache so I took a nap when I got home. After Mr Toh called me to say he will be having dinner after work with his colleagues, I decided to turn that nap into my bed time. Woke up at 3am with a painful, parched throat. Headed to the kitchen for water and meds. Mr Toh saw me and followed, then tucked me back into bed. He mentioned that he was home at 12 plus and I must have been very tired because when he came into the bedroom, I was snoring. Oh goodness. T.T He said he patted me and I stopped snoring but didn’t even move a muscle. He then kissed his oblivious wife goodnight and went to the study room. I must have been damn tired because I usually wake up when he comes into the room to kiss me goodnight. Lol.

Met Mr Toh at the LRT on 14 Jan to have his dinner after he got off work as the poor thing only had 1 meal the whole day and was starving. He ended up buying the food home so we can game while he eat. Have been playing Aura Kingdom together with his brothers. The characters are very cute, I suppose it’s kinda fun, I especially love playing games with Mr Toh. He will always do a lot of research into all aspects of the game then teach them to me. But I contributed this time too as I started playing earlier than him.

16 Jan
I had my final theory test today. Soooo kan cheong!! Been practising for weeks but still wasn’t very confident. I breezed past the e trials as I thought we could do all, but turns out I only had 2 tries. Passed the e trials with flying colors so I was slightly more relaxed after that. Soon, it was time for the actual test. Took my time doing the test and reviewed it 1 more time before I submitted it. And I passed! Woohoo! Not surprising actually as theory’s my strong suit. I am much more worried about the practical driving lessons. My palms sweat just thinking about driving a car on the road. T_T
Met Mr Toh at Nex after that and we caught Taken 3. No comments about the movie because I love Liam Neeson. Just thought they should have stopped after the 1st movie.

18 Jan
Met Mr Toh after his work and we headed to Cathay Cineleisure to watch Blackhat.
Hmmmmmmm, storyline’s pretty interesting but there were some slow parts and I almost fell asleep.

Yummy cheesecakes & ice chocolate at Starbucks before our movie.

23 Jan
Mr Toh was off today, we were planning to visit his grandfather at SGH who was admitted a day ago. Told him to meet me at Tanjong Pagar for dinner first, so I walked over after work. Called him when I reached and he told me he was at the toilet below my office! He had reached earlier but needed to go to the toilet first and he forgot we were supposed to meet at Tanjong Pagar. The blur dear didn’t even call me to let me know. T_T We had Gyoza King for dinner. $13.90 for their set meal that consists of 5 gyozas, 2 side dishes and a bowl of rice. I thought everything was delicious or maybe I was too hungry.

Glad to see that his grandfather was much better already and will be discharged the next day. =)

We headed back to Nex for a movie and we decided to catch the new Thai movie, I Fine … Thank You… Love You. So glad that we did! Very funny movie, great acting and I love the whole cast. A must watch!

Stayed at home the entire day on Saturday and did housework. T_T
Did not spend a single cent as I had breakfast & lunch at home.

My mushroom aglio olio spaghetti.

Went to meet Mr Toh after he got off work and we decided to head to Bedok 85 for dinner~ Amazingly, the cab driver did not know where Bedok 85 was and insisted on an address which we had to google for. *sigh*

Had a long wait for the bak chor mee, as usual. Mr Toh also ordered satay and BBQ stingray, pity they were not as yummy though. The bak chor mee was ok. Not as fantastic as what I remembered though.

Mr Toh was off again on 25 Jan and we had lunch at Itacho. Everything was delicious as usual. Love the new deep fried Inari item on their seasonal menu, so yummy even Mr Toh agreed!

We went shopping after that for new inner wear as CNY was approaching. Mr Toh is very particular about what he wears, there’s only 1 brand of underwear that he wears. As we were at Orchard, we started from Plaza Singapura and swept all the departmental stores for that particular brand in his size. Managed to find 10 of his size in the color he wanted. As for me, I got everything from Marks & Spencer, 4 bras, 10 panties and 4 sets of lounge wear for wearing at home! Someone is complaining how my home clothes look like shit. =X

We also went browsing for kitchen appliances at John Little.

PINK rice cooker! Tiger brand somemore, not bad! But the whole build was very plasticky.

Really pretty minty cookware!

We ended our shopping spree at Ngee Ann City’s Louis Vuitton boutique. We went in to ask for the price of their men wallets and was so pleased with the service provided to us that Mr Toh decided to buy it on the spot. He got the Slender wallet in Damier Graphite Canvas. I’m not a huge fan of LV but I love that design and how they have personalised initials hot stamping or embossing. It just adds class to the whole wallet. Service was really awesome too, we were served by Belle Tay and she was very friendly and professional at the same time. Actually, every service staff was really friendly and helpful, even the door man. Awesome shopping experience man!

We then headed to Changi Village for dinner as Mr Toh has been craving the ipoh hor fun for ages like a pregnant woman. =X We shared 3 plates of hor fun……full die me.

After dinner, we went to Ikea as we still had to buy the doors for the bookcase, without the doors, the shelves were getting really dusty and we couldn’t stand it anymore. Got home and Mr Toh started fixing them up and we brought out all our stuff that we had collected over the years for display. So awesome!

Was a really awesome weekend.


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