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Posted on: December 9, 2014

K. Cook Korean BBQ was OK. I thought the meats weren’t really that nice though their spread was quite good with a few cooked dishes too.

Charlene then brought us to try llaollao! My 1st try. Damn yums and addictive! I keep craving for it but get turned off by the super long queues. T_T

Caught Mockingjay on Monday 24/11.


With the Games now destroyed and in pieces, Katniss Everdeen, along with Gale, Finnick and Beetee, now end up in the so thought “destroyed” District 13. Under the leadership of President Coin and the advice of her friends, Katniss becomes the “Mockingjay” and the symbol of rebellion for the people.


Loved it as usual! Can’t wait for part 2!

Thurs night, Mr Toh was telling me about this Hong Kong female singer on 我是歌手 which he just started watching. He was saying she’s very good and was opening a 3 nights concert in Singapore, better than Jay Chou. I didn’t know who he was talking about at first, but then realised it was Gem. Told him that I knew about her long ago but never show him her videos before as I didn’t know if he’d like her singing.

Turns out he likes her a lot after watching the show but didn’t say anything to me at first because he was also thinking maybe I won’t like her. Haha stupid 2 of us! We couldn’t help it then and bought her concert tickets for Friday together with Huiyi who came home at the right time! =D

Later that night, I was asking Huiyi how she did the collage for my wedding love contract when Mr Toh suddenly asked in a very stern voice, “怎么你问她这个?”
I was like “Huh? I am helping Huimin with hers ma.”

He then gave a relieved sigh and said, “我以为你要做多一个给我。” LOL. So funny my Mr Toh. You think people eat too free ah, bo taiji do another one for what!

Sun 30/11
Had sisters meeting with Huimin at PS in the afternoon so I decided to check out Fitness First at The Cathay before that. I find it really small. Also, unfriendly receptionist, over friendly trainer. Not going back to that branch again. I also realised that so far, only the branch at 100am provides T-shirts and shorts.

Mon 01/12

Met Mr Toh for Rise of Legends at Nex!


In Qing dynasty Guangzhou, two gangs Black Tiger and Northern Sea are battling for power. Young martial arts practitioner Fei (Eddie Peng) joins Black Tiger and is adopted by the gang’s leader (Sammo Hung) as his fourth son. Meanwhile, Fei’s childhood friends Fiery (Jing Boran) and Chun (Wang Luodan) are leading a new group called The Orphans, who are trying to destroy the evil gangs once and for all. – See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/movies/story/eddie-peng-well-cast-rise-the-legend-20141126#sthash.vJDuiRnt.dpuf


Eddie Peng is freaking hot!! Well casted, I like! Lots of half naked shots of him showing his well defined muscles. He is SO my type! HAHA. Really awesome fight scenes though storyline is a bit weird cause he’s an undercover gangster but Wong Fei Hung is supposed to be this really righteous man. But still quite an enjoyable show.

We then met Daniel for supper at RK Eating House. Prata was cold. 😦 Next time will not go on a Monday.

Wed 3/12
Met Mr Toh at his shop and we went for movie again! Saw the trailer and thought it was quite funny. Women Who Flirt – 撒娇女人最好命


Most women know that flirting can sometimes be the most effective way to get what they want, especially when it comes to men. However, flirting is an art that takes talent, and isn’t so easy to come by for some… Zhang Hui (Zhou Xun) has a crush on her fellow classmate, Xiao Gong (Huang Xiaoming). However, family pressure to succeed forces him to focus more on his studies rather than relationships, delegating Zhang Hui to the role of “just – friends”. But Zhang Hui doesn’t give up that easily. After graduation she finds work in Shanghai in order to stay close to Xiao Gong. Matters are complicated, however, when Xiao Gong returns from a business trip to Taiwan with a new girlfriend, Bei Bei. Unable to admit defeat, Zhang Hui seeks the help from a college classmate and her group of friends that have mastered the art of flirting. Overnight, Zhang Hui’s appearance, demeanor, and silks of seduction improve dramatically. As Xiao Gong begins to take notice, their relationship begins to ..


Good show! Freaking funny. Super strong cast with superb acting! We are fans of Zhou Xun now. She is freaking awesome lah, as well as Huang Xiaoming and Sui Tang too! Maybe some people will find some parts lame but I thought the whole movie was pretty funny. We went to RK for supper again. Fat die meeee! But at least the prata this time was nice!

Thurs 4/12
Mr Toh was on reservist. Bought dinner back home for him and Mum because he was tired~

Fri 5/12
Company Xmas dinner at Pan Pacific, Edge. Food was pretty good! UOB card holders have 10% discount. Price/pax was $88++ if I remember correctly.

Sat 6/12
Gym time = me time. Went shopping at Tampines after that, needed to buy a new pair of heels but did not see any nice ones. 3 shopping malls and not 1 pair. Tsk. =X

Sun 7/12
Met Mr Toh after his work and he asked if I wanted to eat something that we’ve not eaten in a while so……it’s 126 time! Yums.

Mon 8/12
Mr Toh’s off day! Planned for Horrible Bosses at 9:30pm. He was meeting his brothers before that so I had some me time. Was having my dinner at Nex when he reached. We had some time before movie so we did a little shopping. With Mr Toh’s help, I managed to find a nice pair of nude wedges. Wee~~ So pathetic now that I do not have a single wearable pair of heels for functions. =X Bought this just in time for a wedding dinner this Friday. =D

Been busy doing my Christmas shopping online. Hiak hiak hiak.
This year, the trend is to say out your wishlist. Lol. But I bought their stuff before they said anything so…I hope everyone will like their gifts.


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