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Posted on: August 17, 2014

Mr Toh asked me to take leave last Friday as he was off from Thurs to Sat and wanted me to accompany him. =) He decided to go to Batam! It was my first time there. After doing a bit of research, we decided to keep it simple and only go to Nagoya Hills Shopping Mall to walk walk see see.

Waiting for the LRT~

 photo IMG_20140815_111611.jpg

Bought tickets to Harbour Bay from Prima Ferries. The tickets were really expensive, $48 each for 2 way. Batam Fast has cheaper tickets but only 4 timings to Harbour Bay everyday and we had already missed the early timings. So we had no choice.

Went for lunch while waiting for the ferry. Tried out this new place, Chef’s Noodles at Harbourfront centre that serves Korean fusion noodles. Hmmmmmm, the food was so-so…though I suspected they served me beef noodles when I ordered pork noodles.

My noodles. The egg was quite nice though.
 photo IMG_20140815_123826.jpg

Ended up only eating the noodles and not even finishing it cause it was too dry. Mr Toh was very sweet to leave half his noodles for me. His noodles came with a lot of sauce so it tasted better than mine. But we’re not likely to return again.

The ferry was ok, quite big with 2 levels and clean. It wasn’t very crowded at that timing. The journey took 1 hour and we napped on the boat.

Selfies before napping.
 photo IMG_20140815_132458.jpg

This angle much better for Mr Toh.
 photo IMG_20140815_132526.jpg

Customs clearance was quite fast too. The customs officer was the nicest I’ve ever met and even engaged in small talk! Good on you Batam. =D

We walked out and was approached by a taxi driver. There was a price chart and I saw that a cab ride to Nagoya was Rp45,000. After confirming the price with him, we got in his car. We asked him if he knew where to exchange for the return ferry tickets and he drove us over, it’s actually very near but because it was drizzling, we really appreciated his help. So, when we reached our destination, Mr Toh paid him Rp50,000 and told him to keep the change. He seemed quite paiseh but yet happy. I love cab drivers like him! Not those that expects us to pay him more.

When we walked into the shopping mall, we were kinda disappointed…..because the stuff they sell wasn’t really to our liking. We then decided to walk around the outside shops. Saw a good deal for massage and the place seems really clean and professional from the outside. Decided to come back later. We then bought baby milk bottles from a shop selling baby & kids stuff for XM’s baby who’s due in Oct. The boss was very nice and asked his staff to give us a small brush for washing the teat. Usually, it was given only when you buy 2 bottles. We really liked the people at Batam. They were really quite nice and helpful. Take this taxi uncle we saw at the harbour when we were going home. He approached us for business but we declined as we were searching for the entrance to the ferry terminal and when he saw that we looked kinda lost, he pointed us in the right direction.

We were also looking for a tablet for Dad and we happened to see 1 that fits the specification Mr Toh was looking for. 8 inch screen with 3G and Wifi + a 16GB memory card at Rp2,137,500 which works out to about S$250. It’s also light enough. Good deal because you just try looking for an 8 inch tablet with 3G for that price in Singapore. Also bought a very cute Hello Kitty bowl for Jiaxi. So happy with our buys!

We had A&W for our late lunch but………it wasn’t nice leh. The root beer had a weird taste and the waffles wasn’t as nice as what we expected. Disappointing. The A&W at Bangkok was much better.

 photo IMG_20140815_151557.jpg

Walked around more to digest our food before going for our massage.

The place where we were lured by the cheap promotion price of Rp150,000 for 2 hours!

 photo IMG_20140815_161444.jpg

They had very nice decor.
 photo IMG_20140815_161454.jpg

Us while waiting for our turn. They had a lot of staff as well as customers, I saw that their shoe rack was almost full. But we didn’t have to wait long.
 photo IMG_20140815_161524.jpg

Can choose combi of 2 hrs tui na massage or 1.5hrs tui na massage + 0.5hrs of aroma body scrub or other combis of Bali massage. Works out to around $37 for the 2 of us, really worth it! We get to choose what aroma oil we prefer too.

Massage was ok, not as relaxing as I thought it’d be, but I’d never done tui na massage before so didn’t know what to expect actually. After the massage, she applied the oil. I was like, “Eh? Now then put the oil?” I thought usually it’d be applied during the massage. Scrub was weird…she wanted to scrub my boobs as well but I told her no, she laughed a little and asked if I was paiseh. I told her yes, lol. After that, we get to shower! Luckily, because, if not, it’d be so yucky.

After that, we went back to the shopping centre to buy kueh lapis! Mr Toh tested a few and we bought the one that tasted the best to him. It’s a very small stall right at the travellators to the 2nd level. It was pretty good, such that they only had a small original and some big prune ones left. Bought 1 big prune (Rp117,000) and 1 small original (Rp90,000) to share.

Headed to Dad’s place after that to distribute the gifts and the kueh lapis then headed home. It was pretty fun for my 1st time there. Next time, we’ll be more adventurous and try out other places. =)


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