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Posted on: July 24, 2014

The sky on 19/07.

“Weather was so sunny and hot when I woke up but look at the sky now! 我的laundry怎么办!#woesofaweekendhousewife Ah, fuvk it lah, I’m going back to sleep. #perksofaweekendhousewife └(^o^)┘”
 photo IMG_20140719_122736.jpg
The sky turned dark very fast! Luckily it did not rain. If not, my laundry confirm won’t dry in time.

Been having supper almost every night for the past week with Mr Toh. O.O Really is fat die me. T_T The poor dear needs sustenance to get him through 11 working days with no day off. He’s finally having 2 days off today & tomorrow! Hurray!

We managed to visit Lola’s on 19/07 again, short waiting time, 10 mins only! However, they weren’t serving mains anymore at that late timing so we had their appetisers only.

Bangers & mash was good! Tasted exactly like Chippys which Mr Toh likes!
Fried chicken wings and cheese fries to add to the fats. T_T Both were pretty good too. =)
 photo IMG_20140719_223636.jpg

When we were finishing our meal, there was a sudden blackout. We couldn’t even pay our bill as their system was down. Some guests started singing a Happy Birthday song. LOL.
End up the staff had to ask us what we ordered and tally up the amount manually and we could only pay by cash. Luckily we had enough $ on us~ The staff were very apologetic though.

What we had for supper on 22/07. Wanted to eat 126 but it was closed! Dim gai!
Never mind lah, the cab uncle recommended us Swee Choon but they are closed too.
Never mind, Mr Toh thought of scissors cut curry rice!! Looks damn gross but damn nice.
Love the fried prawns, egg and the awesome sauces!! I thought the pork wasn’t very nice though, too tough, not melty enough.
 photo IMG_20140722_233022.jpg

I knew Mr Toh will want to eat supper again yesterday (23/7) as he is off today (24/7), so I suggested him Swee Choon! Been hearing lots of good things about it but we have never tried it before.

Cabbed over to pick up Mr Toh and was lucky to meet a really friendly and chatty cab driver!

Hmmm, first impression at Swee Choon was that they were quite efficient. Before we even stepped into their restaurant, the guy at the door had already arranged a table for us and told us the table number.

But their food came out sporadically. Some items came out very fast and some took quite long.

Mr Toh was hungry so he ordered a glutinous chicken rice and 炸酱面!
But……..the 炸酱面 wasn’t nice at all. Noodles were overcooked and the sauce wasn’t very nice.

He fed me a mouthful of the glutinous rice and I liked it! Very smooth. But he said that’s only because he picked the nicer inner part of the rice. The outside was dry & hard. T_T Think it wasn’t cooked evenly.

Xiao Long Bao! Not bad lah, very normal.
 photo IMG_20140723_230059.jpg

Beancurd roll in oyster sauce, pork ribs and prawn dumpling~ With the execption of the prawn dumpling, the other 2 items are delicious! Prawn dumpling was very average although the prawns were fresh. I liked the beancurd roll so much that I ordered a 2nd plate. YUM.
 photo IMG_20140723_231057.jpg

Guo tie….these were BAD. Skin was so thick and doughy I spit it out after 1 bite. Asked Mr Toh if I can throw that away because it’s not worth me wasting my stomach space and calories. =P
 photo IMG_20140723_233032.jpg

Golden beancurd. This was weird. I didn’t know if I liked it or not. The skin was crispy and it tasted sweet and salty at the same time. Very funny..lol. Quite nice though.
 photo IMG_20140723_233106.jpg

流沙包~~ This was OK, pretty good! Much better than 126 lousy buns.
 photo IMG_20140723_233004.jpg

Oozing goodness.
 photo IMG_20140723_233207.jpg

Mango pudding. Not bad. Quite nice too. Had a nice mango taste without it feeling artificial.
 photo IMG_20140723_232807.jpg

Overall, we felt that the place really disappointed us. Maybe we had too high expectations but we felt Swee Choon was grossly over rated. We still prefer 126 as they have much more variety and their fried items are damn yummy! Not forgetting the awesome chili sauce too!

126 Pau Tim Sum 搵到食
Boon Keng
1086 Serangoon Road
Singapore 328187

Neck’s been hurting like a bitch again so am leaving work earlier today to go down to Lee Thim Kay Medical Hall again, this time with Mr Toh. His thumb’s been hurting too. T_T Feeling old.

Gonna ask my boss to replace our office chairs. I always feel so stiff and tired after a day’s work and the chair make it worse.


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