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Posted on: July 16, 2014

Ordered ramen for lunch using foodpanda again~! They were very nice to contact me after my previous post because I had linked to the wrong link and after I rectified it, they gave me $10 voucher! How awesome is that?! Thank you again!

I saw that they had Men-Tei which I had previously ate at their restaurant with Mr Toh and Vivien was a fan so…ramen it is! Delivery was very fast too, it reached in less than an hour. Perhaps because the restaurant was very near our office.

Packed separately.
 photo IMG_20140715_125303.jpg

After all the awesome yummy soup is poured in. Delicious but still tastes better at the shop itself.
 photo IMG_20140715_125425.jpg

Felt like eating pasta yesterday when I reached home after work, so I cooked bacon aglio olio!
 photo IMG_20140715_202559.jpg

Mr Toh’s been very busy with his shop’s roadshow recently. The physical shop is undergoing renovations, hence they moved the shop out to do a roadshow instead. It sound hectic but the sales aren’t that good.

Went to find him for dinner after his work yesterday because he did not have time to eat.
And I was so ‘lucky’ to meet with LRT problem. T_T But luckily, I can still take the other side to Punggol MRT. Lol~~
Got shocked by Charlene at Heartland Mall when I was waiting for Mr Toh. Such a coincidence to see her! I was still thinking why this lady stand so close to me. Hahahaha~ Headed home after Mr Toh had a satisfying dinner of his favourite mee tai bak at Mee Sek food court.

New specs! This one is exclusively for office use.
 photo IMG_20140715_075056-1.jpg

Because my eyes get so tired after a long day facing the computer, Mr Toh made a pair of lower degree specs for me. =) This one, really is occupation hazard, so concerned about my eyes. Haha.

Cooked dinner for myself on Monday too. Garlic butter mushroom & soy baked salmon. =)

Dinner with my Kindle. (○’ω’○)
 photo IMG_20140714_211415.jpg

Wanted to add spaghetti too but decided not to at the last min as it seems a bit too much.

Spent the whole of Sunday doing housework~~~ Then headed to Grandpa’s house at night for his birthday. Love these gatherings because the buffet is damn nice. Haha. =X

Mr Toh couldn’t come because he had to work OT to pack up the shop before they close for renovation. *sayang*

Saturday was our pak tor day because Mr Toh had an off day! YAY!! ❤

We headed out to Tampines for lunch. Decided to have Suki-Ya.
Worst decision ever. The Tonyu Miso soup base was nice but their variety was very limited and the meat was not fresh. T_T

Mr Toh before we realised how bad the place was. Or maybe this was after. Just look at that expression. Hahaha!
 photo IMG_20140712_144742.jpg

 photo IMG_20140712_144724.jpg

All kinds of balls. These were ok. I mean, how hard is it to screw this up?
 photo IMG_20140712_144730.jpg

Mushroom, veggies and cheese tofu. Again, how hard to screw this up? It’s all ready made!
 photo IMG_20140712_144734.jpg

The meat. Unsatisfactory. >=(
 photo IMG_20140712_144738.jpg

On a side note, saw that Boston Seafood is opening next to Suki-Ya this Friday, next time I will patronise them to try their lobster roll!

Cabbed over to Elias Mall to buy LED light for our room. Stupid Philips LED lights spoilt after only half a year when the salesperson told us it could last for years. ZZZ. Not going back to Balestier to buy lights again.

Otw wefie~
 photo IMG_20140712_155744.jpg

Outside Elias Mall selfie while waiting for Mr Toh.
 photo IMG_20140712_160845.jpg

After buying the light, we had a drink at the coffeeshop and rested for awhile before heading home to keep the light and to rest for a while.

Selfie again. =X
 photo IMG_20140712_164711.jpg

Headed to Plaza Singapura to buy the Samsung S5 for Dad first, then we headed to UE Square for dinner.

Mr Toh was craving for Jap BBQ, specifically Gyu-Kaku. Of course I wasn’t going to say no!
We had no reservations so I was afraid we’d have to wait a long while. But we were lucky, no queue and space available!

 photo IMG_20140712_204716.jpg

Mr Toh playing a fool
 photo IMG_20140712_205025.jpg

Iberico platter. Awesome awesome awesome meats!!! More than made up for the afternoon’s disappoinment!! The best cut was the one on the top centre. Absolutely divine.
 photo IMG_20140712_211225.jpg

So awesome with the scallions that we asked for more.
 photo IMG_20140712_205512.jpg

 photo IMG_20140712_205517.jpg

Oh my goodness. We loved the mushrooms too! Very tasty!
 photo IMG_20140712_211221.jpg

Headed to Dad’s home after that to pass him the phone and Mr Toh was helping him transfer his data. We were there till 1am plus. I was a walking zombie after that…lol.


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