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Posted on: July 9, 2014

World Cup fever has somewhat died down for me because lesser matches are being played now. =X But am still glad Brazil and Netherlands were in the semi-finals.

Was raining heavily today morning when I reached Harbourfront. The thunder sounded so scary too, this long ass deep rumble that lasted for almost 40 seconds. O.O

Finished my breakfast in the office and suddenly remembered that I had not yet checked the results for this morning’s match between Brazil and Germany.

What I saw shocked me. I could not believe my eyes. Was it a publishing error? Was it a cruel joke?

But, no, what I saw was correct.

Germany 7 – Brazil 1.

Their worst defeat in their many years of footballing history.
Seriously?! Are you freaking kidding me?! Watched the highlights and the Brazilian defenders just looked like they wanna go home or be anywhere else but there. Kelong or what?! It’s a freaking joke. I know they’re down without Neymar but he’s not god, this shouldn’t be the result! Saw an article saying that they were missing the defensive stability of Silva too.
Are the rest of the Brazil team so lousy? Actually…..judging from what I saw when I watched Brazil vs Chile, they do not seem to be on top form and perhaps deserved this result.

I just read this article and thought maybe it’s not so bad that Brazil lost. I mean, it’s just a football game, but even if they win, nothing will be gained by their people.

So why root for a Brazilian loss? Because if they win, the cries of the poor and desperate in Brazil will be drowned out by the cheers of the soccer-crazed fans who could actually afford to get inside the stadium. If they lose, the silence of defeat might give those cries a chance to be heard across the country and the world.


It’s a good read.

Netherland’s game is tonight, against Argentina. I’m hoping for a Netherlands win and ultimately, a World Cup win for them. They’ve done well so far and it could be their year!


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