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Posted on: July 2, 2014

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Finally back to the mat after a long hiatus of laziness. There was also that one time I sprained my ankle doing Shaun T’s T25 workout. I’ve since decided that was not for me because I didn’t have a suitable pair of shoes and my only pair of running shoes have been retired. Heh.

Yoga is the way for me. I chanced upon Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown video on Youtube and it was great. Easy enough for me to follow and yet tough enough to have me sweating at the end of the workout.

Been diligently exercising at least 3 times a week for 2 weeks now. Hope to keep this up! Go me!

Been super lazy over the weekend but still managed to finish my to do list on Sat. The first thing Mr Toh said when he came home was “Wah, laopo mopped the floor today? So clean!” or something like that.

Heh. Really love it when he appreciates the effort I put in. But also makes me wonder if the floor was really that dirty before for him to notice. O.O I just can’t win. *shakes head*

Slept till 3pm on both days, damn shiok. Woke up on Sunday and was reading this book on my Kindle for the whole day until I realised I finished it when Mr Toh came home. Wow. 1 book in 1 day. Been a while since I’ve done that.

Seriously. I love my Kindle! Can’t stop raving about it! After the latest update, even the font size can be controlled and the page will automatically adjust. I’ve learnt that can’t be done with PDF formats though. The sides will be cut off and I’d have to scroll the page from left to right, so idiotic.
Got to remember to use mobi format as it works great so far.

Am on a serious Game of Thrones withdrawal now as I’ve finished all 5 books and season 4 of the TV series.

Can’t wait for season 5! George, pls finish book 6 soon, we’re waiting with bated breath!


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