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Brazil vs Chile

Posted on: June 29, 2014

Stayed up last night to catch Brazil vs Chile on my laptop. 

Was really happy when Brazil scored but I thought that was more of a mistake on Chile’s part than Brazil’s prowess. As the match continued, I felt that Brazil was really lacking, that they didn’t seem to be on top of their game last night and Chile was good. Alexis Sanchez was good. Nice goal he scored there, thanks to Brazil’s defence sleeping. Zzz.

Hated that Hulk’s goal was disallowed but playbacks proved that Howard Webb made the right call. On a side note, Hulk’s name is really appropriate for him. I thought that was amusing.

Chile’s goalkeeper was pretty good last night, I felt. I also really liked Alexis Sanchez’s hairstyle. Haha. 

I do feel that Neymar was being targeted a lot by the opponents and that Howard Webb was trying so hard to show that he was not biased towards Brazil. 

Couldn’t take it anymore at the 75th min as I was soooo sleepy. It was 1-1 then and I hoped that Brazil would not let me down when I woke up the next day. First thing I did was to check the score and saw that Brazil had won thanks to a penalty shootout. Also thanks to the goalpost crossbars. LOL. Felt a mixture of relief and yet also, disappointment as I felt they weren’t playing very well. Why weren’t Kaka and Ronaldinho there??? 

But what do I know? Hope that Brazil can up their game in the next match. The world has high hopes for them

Read that Colombia defeated Uruguay and I must say that I’m surprised because I thought Uruguay would win. But that just proves how much I know. T_T 

Great goals from James Rodriguez who’s so young and really cute to boot. =P 

Alright, the Netherlands vs Mexico match has begun and I’m off to watch it. Van Persie is back! I hope Mexico’s goalkeeper will be off form tonight! I also hope I can last the whole match. 

Go Netherlands!!!!!!!!!!! 


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