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World Cup 2014

Posted on: June 27, 2014

I’ve always been a fan of Netherlands, solely because of Rudd Van Nistelrooy. I loved him when he was in Man Utd! Though he’s no longer in the national team, my support still goes to them.

When I saw that their first match was against Spain, I was scared. After all, Spain was the reigning champions. I couldn’t stay up to watch the match but I checked the results immediately when I woke up.

I saw the score at 5-0 and I was shocked!! Saw the replay of the goals and I decided Robin Van Persie’s header was my favourite.
The result was an absolute surprise.
I asked Mr Toh to guess what the score was and he got it right on his 3rd guess. Lol.

That match also heralded Spain’s downfall. Though I loved their away jersey this World Cup, they were just disappointing in their matches.

Totally apt gif. HAHAHAHHAHHA.


Well, at least they salvaged a bit of face by beating Australia 3-0.

I was also ecstatic at the thought that Netherland’s manager Louis Van Gaal would be at Manchester United next season!! Can’t wait to see if he’d be as good there.

When I next saw that Netherlands was up against Australia, I thought that should be an easy match for them. They did win 3-2, such a narrow call. T_T

When they were going up against Chile, I hoped for a draw, at least, because I thought Chile was playing great football. Mr Toh, however, felt that Netherlands would win and they did! 2-0. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeee.

Now they’re through to the 2nd stage. Go go go!!


I’m guessing the final 4 could be Netherlands, Brazil, Germany and Argentina.

My guess is based on nothing but my biased views and pure guessing. HAHA!

It’s been a fantastic world cup so far. Really great matches and a whole lot of unpredicted surprises.

I mean, USA in top 16?! Spain out?! Wow…

Here’s hoping Netherlands make it all the way to their first World Cup!!!


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