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Kindle Paperwhite

Posted on: June 18, 2014

Met up with the family at Nex yesterday for sis-in-law’s birthday dinner at Fish & Co. Minus Mr Toh who was working. Had a yummy dinner! Met Mr Toh after that for him to eat as the poor thing didn’t have time for dinner.

Went to Vivo earlier that day during lunch to buy a present for her. We jointly decided to get a wireless headphone as she’s been exercising and to encourage her to keep up the good work!

Saw a few models at Best Denki and took a few pictures to show Huiyi and Mr Toh. Then I realised…..they were not wireless. Tsk. Am I blind or what??

Went to Challenger to take a look but they have only 1 model. One. Pathetic.

Went back to Best Denki wanting to ask their staff but couldn’t find anyone… *sigh* Ended up finding what I wanted myself. Yay!

Jabra Sport Wireless headset for $148.

Looks very chio! Hope she likes it!
Now Mr Toh is thinking of buying one too for using while cycling. I support!

Went to Soup Spoon to buy clam chowder for lunch with a side of Carl’s Jr criss cut fries. Yummy!

Attended a colleague’s wedding in JB on Sat (14/06). Congrats again to Gill & her hubby! Food was good though the journey to and fro was really tiring because of the damn long queues. Luckily we had Weiliang who fetched us. Thanks for bringing us to have the yummy kway chup too!

What to do at weddings?


Wearing the $9 necklace Mr Toh bought for me from Taka. Super pretty in real life, doesn’t look like $9 at all!

Photo koped from Annie~

留到以后 坐着摇椅 慢慢聊
你还依然 把我当成 手心里的宝

Watched Edge of Tomorrow last Tues (10/6) with Mr Toh after my Datsumo Labo appointment. It’s good! Thought it was quite funny and well written. The first 10 mins or so were quite boring but once the action started, I was super awake and was kept guessing why did he keep going back to the same day. Loved it!

As previously mentioned, Mr Toh had originally bought a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday last year but Japan Amazon cancelled his order.
Last Thurs (12/6), I saw it selling on Qoo! Mr Toh decided to get it for me~~ We ordered and paid for it on 12/06 and it was delivered to my office on Mon 16/06! I thought that was quite fast!

Yay to more comfortable reading! No more too bright screen and tiny ass font size. Also yay to no more lugging around heavy books even though I love the feel of real books.
The Kindle is a little smaller than what I expected cause I didn’t check the dimensions lah but I love that it’s so compact! It’s light too, only about 220grams.

Bought the cover together at $19.90. This was described as Peach Red but it looked pink in the photos so I gave it a gamble. It turned out to be a really gorgeous shade of pink! Maximum love pls!

Really loving my new gadget! I have about 60 books stored in it now and it doesn’t even take up 1GB of space! Awesome pls!!!
I would highly recommend it!!

Mr Toh bought it for me because he was thinking of my eyes. He kept saying how my eyesight is going to get worse from reading so much on my phone because of the bright screen and small font size.

Feeling very loved and blessed. Thank you to my dearest Mr Toh. I love you to the moon and back, even beyond! =*)


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