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Posted on: May 28, 2014

Mr Toh discovered this ice cream selling outside his shop that was quite yummy! But now we don’t know where to find it as the stall has moved away…don’t usually see it selling in stores.
 photo IMG_20140419_215423.jpg photo IMG_20140419_215356.jpg

Met Sis and bro-in-law for dinner on 26 April when Mr Toh was off. Headed to Suntec for pizza at Peperoni Pizzeria. Food was pretty good there, think we’ll be going back again. xD

On 30 Apr, I met Mr Toh after my work and we tried this new-ish bak kut teh store at Upper Serangoon Rd.

Hmmmm, their bak kut teh was nothing fantastic, the soup is so-so and the meat was quite tough.
 photo IMG_20140430_193209.jpg

But we loved their beancurd skin in claypot! Super yummy!
 photo IMG_20140430_193213.jpg

Mr Toh’s next favourite, their tofu with minced pork~
 photo IMG_20140430_193215.jpg

Mr Toh’s birthday cake from Flor Patisserie. Surprised him with it after midnight on 10 May~~!
The cake was moist enough but Mr Toh thought the mangoes were kinda sour..nothing really wowed him. *quest to find the best cake continues*
 photo IMG_20140510_160056.jpg

Mr Toh bought bouquets for the 3 mothers in his life~ 1 for his mother, 1 for my mother and 1 more for his step mom. So sweet of him. I told him to prepare one more bouquet for me next time. HAHA! Went to Dad’s house after Mr Toh’s work on 10 May to pass to ah yi~

Pretty flowers. It’s the same for all 3, no one can say my Mr Toh isn’t fair. Lol.
 photo IMG_20140510_232752.jpg

We then met his friends as they wanted to meet him for his birthday. Every year without fail. Only this year Andrew’s away in Malaysia.

Gerald came to fetch us, very nice of him~~~ and we headed to 126 for dim sum! But not the Geylang branch, that is too crowded and we don’t like the atmosphere. They brought us to the new one along Serangoon Road. Not crowded at all and the chili is on the table for you to take yourself. Awesome~~

Porridge, which is pretty good by itself.
 photo IMG_20140511_005432.jpg

But Beng said to add the chili and I thought that was really weird. I mean, chili and porridge?!

But omfg, with the chili, the porridge tastes even more awesome!!!
 photo IMG_20140511_005613.jpg

Ordered a lot of items, almost all were very nice, only their har gao (prawn dumpling) and liu sha bao wasn’t good.

 photo IMG_20140511_005734.jpg
 photo IMG_20140511_005429.jpg

Very cute mini liu sha bao, but the stuff inside wasn’t flowing enough.
 photo IMG_20140511_005738.jpg

Super duper full after that. Goodness.

Sunday was Mothers’ Day! We went to the zi char stall near Dad’s home~ Food was not bad as usual.

Mr Toh was off on Vesak Day and after praying at home, we headed to the temple at Bedok and Bugis~~ It was a very hot day so we headed home to rest after that. We also bought a small cake for Mummy’s birthday!

Lotus flowers that I folded~ So pretty~
 photo IMG_20140513_112222.jpg

Our Bangkok trip was fun and fruitful! Managed to visit a few temples that we’ve never went before but Mr Toh has always wanted to go. Thankful that this trip we have more people to share the transport cost with!

Selfies during road trip to Luang Phor Kun’s temple~~~ Good hair day, pardon the spam!

 photo IMG_20140518_092604.jpg

 photo IMG_20140518_092743.jpg

 photo IMG_20140518_092752.jpg

 photo IMG_20140518_092806.jpg

 photo IMG_20140518_092853.jpg

Bought a bit of clothes in Bangkok but we also bought these!

Bath towels, hand towels and floor towels. HAHAHA. They were cheap for the quality! Singapore’s towels are so expensive! I also usually don’t see anything that catches my eye in Singapore but I think grass is always greener on the other side. =X

These were the buys that prompted my sis to call me ‘Housewife’. LOL.
 photo IMG_20140522_143846.jpg
 photo IMG_20140522_143935.jpg
 photo IMG_20140522_143911.jpg

Airport OOTD~! All new from Bangkok because I had no more clothes to wear. LOL.

Love these 2 items! The skirt’s only 150 Baht from a shop in Pratunam market which we went early on the last day. Cheap and good quality!
 photo IMG_20140521_202051.jpg

Caught X-Men: Days OF Future Past with Mr Toh on Thursday!

The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. The beloved characters from the original “X-Men” film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from the past, “X-Men: First Class,” in order to change a major historical event and fight in an epic battle that could save our future.

It was good! Loved it!! It was a super happy ending for me. Hehe.

After our Bangkok trip, I came back to work on Friday and had to OT to clear my stuffs.

Boss gave me these as he was afraid I’d be hungry.

Appreciate his 心意 but 是想要热死我吗?Pu zhua until I siao. :X
 photo IMG_20140523_194145.jpg

Met Mr Toh at Farrer Park yesterday and we headed to Kovan for dinner. Wanted to eat at Lola’s but they were full. Tsk. So we headed to Ice Edge Cafe.

My sausage platter~ Not really enough to call it a platter I feel. Sausage is not bad.
 photo IMG_20140527_193922.jpg

Mr Toh’s pesto cream chicken. Not bad too, the pesto cream sauce is nicely done and not too overpowering.
 photo IMG_20140527_194455.jpg

Pizza we shared. Hmm. Crust was thin enough but not enough sauce and miserly ingredients as you can see. Mr Toh didn’t like it.
 photo IMG_20140527_195405.jpg

The best dish of the night, their calamari! Something unique as their calamari is coated with some kind of herb, I suspect it’s rosemary but I cannot be sure. I also like the sauce that came with it. A little spicy and tangy.
 photo IMG_20140527_193905.jpg


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