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Datsumo Labo

Posted on: April 17, 2014

I was getting fed up of shaving my underarms every few days and I don’t even wanna think of other hair removal methods like tweezing or epilating.

So, I made an appointment with Datsumo Labo @ POMO for 08/04, seeing how there’s a direct bus service from my office.

I forgot the name of the lady who attended to me…she was friendly enough but I felt she was hardselling a bit too much. That kinda turned me off, I told her I only wanted to give it a try first since this was my first experience. So I only signed up for 6 sessions of underarm. Total package costs $205, quite affordable especially after the 10% discount.

Their place was very simple, almost to the point of sparse but it was not a big issue. The procedure was simple enough, apply the gel, zap zap zap, place cooling pads and rest. Felt super awkward there airing my armpits. LOL. It wasn’t painful at all, just very warm. If it’s too warm, you can inform them and they can adjust the intensity.

It’s been 2 weeks since and I’ve seen slower growth of hair, so hopefully the results will be good at the end of 6 sessions!

So, although the place and people is pleasant enough, I don’t think I will be going back to them for other areas. I’ve more positive first hand accounts from Christina about Musee so my next option will be them for my legs, back and upper lip! Hope their pricing and service is better. =)



2 Responses to "Datsumo Labo"

hey babe, would like to know which place would u recommend for ipl 🙂

Hello~ Can’t really advise you as I’ve only been to Datsumo Labo so far for my underarms. I’ve had 2 appointments with them so far and I can already see the results. But Musee is cheaper if you are only doing underarms as they have an ongoing promo. If you are looking at treatments for more areas, maybe you can go to both places for consultation and to check on the pricing. Hope that helps!

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