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Lifepak / T25

Posted on: March 12, 2014

Been taking Lifepak for 2 weeks now…and I can significantly see an improvement! Taking it because of Mr Toh who recommended it to me.

 photo 20140312_082626.jpg

4 capsules. T_T I dreaded taking it initally because I hate to take pills. But surprisingly, I find them rather easy to swallow.

It’s only been a while but I no longer feel so lethargic during work, especially after lunch, even when I’ve eaten a heavy lunch of chicken rice.

I can’t wait to see more of its effects. Better skin, better hair pls! Pls also improve my dry cracked heels! Mr Toh said it was really effective for his mummy.

Met Mr Toh at Tampines yesterday after he reported back at camp. Went for dinner at Mos and their Red Grilled Chicken burger sucks……….the meat was so tough and tasteless. Regretted not ordering my usual fish burger! =(

Was sulking about it to Mr Toh and he asked what else I wanted to eat. Bought Paris Baguette royal pudding home to eat in the end! Love Mr Toh for always indulging me~~ Hehe.

Wanted to lose a little weight and tone my body and I found out about this T25 workout. Initially wanted to try the Insanity workout but I find it hard to squeeze 1 hr out every day. 25 minutes is much more manageable.

Been doing it for 2 days previously and my whole body was so sore, especially my calves! T_T But it’s a super good workout. It may only be 25 minutes, but it is insane how much I sweat after it! Damn shiok!
I hope to persevere and get a decent body before we go Phuket at the end of the month!!

Baked potato wedges for dinner on Sunday after my workout. Just need salt, pepper and minced garlic and bake for 30 minutes (turn over halfway at 20 mins).

And ta-daaaa~! Looks good right?~ Tastes pretty good too if I may say so myself. xD

 photo 20140309_200903.jpg


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