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Over expectations

Posted on: March 6, 2014

So. I finally brought Mr Toh to try 49 Seats.

I think, one should never have too high expectations about anything, be it food or people.

We topped up $4.90 to add a soup and drink.

The soup was awesome but we had no idea what it was until we asked the staff. Mr Toh guessed it was potato soup but it was actually carrot soup!

The bread was crispy enough but tasteless. It was a good match to the soup though.
 photo 20140226_192834.jpg

Mr Toh’s smoked duck pasta. Ermmmms, the pasta was very salty. It overpowered the smoked duck so it tasted kinda bland.
 photo 20140226_195106.jpg

Actually, even before he ate it, Mr Toh HATED the food….because of the metal plates. Says it reminded him of army life. LOL. =X

My Tom Yum seafood pasta.
 photo 20140226_195150.jpg

Tasted it and my first thought was….”why so salty?”. But as I ate more, I was rather confused. I didn’t know if I liked it or not. ?.?
The seafood was fresh though.

Hmmm…..I think that there was nothing much to rave about actually. I don’t know why it’s so popular, almost every blog post about 49seats was raving about them…maybe it’s just us. *shrugs*

Only redeeming facts were that there was no GST and service charge plus the absolutely yummy carrot soup.

Selfie time!! I love my new specs from Furla.

Phone’s back camera.
 photo 20140228_075125.jpg

Phone’s front camera.
 photo 20140228_074913.jpg

Just look at the difference in quality. Tsk…

Brought Mummy to Nakhon for dinner on 01/03~~ The boss still so handsome and much fitter this time. Funny how he changes every time we go. LOL.

 photo 20140301_174740.jpg

Asked her to take photo but give me this face. Lol.
 photo 20140301_174412.jpg

We didn’t order much though. I did ask Mummy if she wanted to add a chicken dish but she was afraid it’d be too much. End up kinda not enough for her. LOL.

Also tabao-ed dinner for Mr Toh and his colleagues. Silly boy was so happy when I asked if he wanted anything from Nakhon. Hahaha~

Going on leave tomorrow~~ It’s a happy occasion!!


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