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Posted on: February 24, 2014

Met Mr Toh at Tanjong Pagar MRT last Monday for dinner. I wanted to try Men-Tei on my colleague’s recommendation.

We walked right past the restaurant as we were too busy talking but it was easy enough to find.

Mr Toh’s spicy miso ramen was not bad but my miso ramen was too salty. T_T The charsiew was tender enough but I didn’t like the egg, not flavorful enough.

Miso ramen.
 photo 20140217_190920.jpg

My colleague said their tonkotsu ramen is nicer though…will give that a try next time.

Mr Toh was off on Friday but had to go back to the shop early for stock take. So he asked me to wake him up and he will accompany me for breakfast before heading to the shop. Wee! Been so long since we’ve had breakfast together on a weekday~

Act fierce face. =P
 photo 20140221_071443.jpg

After my work, we met up with Jiahui and Chris for dinner for Jia’s advance bday celebration at Gyu-kaku!

Sooooo looking forward to it! Bought a small nice strawberry cake from Glace for Jia’s birthday~~ Luckily I reached slightly before her so I could put it with the restaurant first before she sees it.

My cutie hubby with the bib they provided. None of us used it actually though it was a nice gesture.
 photo 20140221_194026.jpg

We ate a lot…..partially because we were waiting for Christina who was held up at work. We were so full until we didn’t touch the cake, only brought it out to sing birthday song and take pictures. Rofl! I love the food at Gyu-kaku and their service too, with the exception of this Chinese lady who took our orders. Everyone else was pleasant enough.

Saturday, I was hard at work with the weekly household chores. Wanted to clear them all as I was going out on Sunday with Mummy.

Had lots of extra white chocolate chips so I made cookies!
Recipe from here!
I followed one of the tip in the comments and reduced the number of white chocolate chips by half. I also used butter as I did not have margarine at home.

Prep in progress~
 photo collage.jpg

Ta-daa! Finished product!
 photo IMG_20140222_164342.jpg

Color didn’t seem very nice. But feedback was pretty positive though I personally feel that the cookies weren’t chewy enough for a recipe that said irresistible chewy cookies!

From google, I learnt that a higher ratio of 2 parts brown sugar to 1 part white sugar would help make it more chewy.

Just found this recipe with higher rating and more reviews, shall try this again!

On Sunday, we went to my 姑婆’s home at Bt Timah with some of my other aunts and uncles. It was my first time there.

Elder females with 姑婆.
 photo 20140223_130800.jpg

Mummy & me with 姑婆. She’s already 89 this year~~ If my grandpa was still around, he’d be 90 this year. Wow.
 photo 20140223_131125.jpg

Saw pretty flowers outside their home~
 photo 20140223_132220.jpg

Is this a gorgeous shot or what!
 photo 20140223_132213.jpg

Mummy’s cousins were very nice and ordered Yum Cha delivery for us! Yummmsss~~ The owner of the house even gave us red packets even though it was no longer CNY.

When I rejected and told him I’m married, he just said it’s ok, just take it as it’s my first time there. So nice of him!

Went to visit 三舅 after that and headed to AMK hub after leaving there.

My shoulders were feeling really itchy and it was all red and slightly peeling….turns out they were sunburned! Wtf!!

I just sit on the lorry for a while only also can sunburn. Tsk tsk tsk…. Even my arms are darker. T_T Who ask me not to apply lotion before going out……..hais! Mr Toh says it’s because I’m too fair. Hmm. This is only my 2nd time getting sunburned. The 1st time was wayyyyyy back when I was 16 and at Escape Theme Park with my classmates. Lol.

Mr Toh bought Korean strawberries back!! Not a huge fan of strawberries because they’re all so sour. But he said these are very sweet. Well, they weren’t sour but not that sweet either though. But thanks laogong~ *muacks* They were delicious!~
 photo 20140223_205429.jpg

Finally managed to up my item level. Am at 486 now….still very low but so much better compared to last week. Tsk.

Gotta chiong dungeons for justice points to get better gear! 8 today and 8 tomorrow!! Ain’t nothing stopping me!! *ROAR*

On a serious note, Icy Vein’s guide for resto shaman is DAMN good!! I’m now almost always in top 4 of every raid I’ve been to even with my sucky equips since reading the guide. Awesome.


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